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Sweet dare


Spring break with the frat bros...
These are the same frat bros I met and we've partied quite a bit since that one night and now we all go to New Orleans...
I packed really light for the trip and we all check into our rooms it's 4 guys to a room...
So we go out and as I was getting dressed they said theirs women that walk around naked so I changed into my bikini and I put my shoes on... once I walked outside someone pulled off my top and showed my boobs to the crowd and guys started to put beers around my neck and started to feel them... we started drinking going place to place and I kept my bikini top on with my boobs out for everyone to see... every time I put them away one of my frat boys would untie my bikini and so I just gave it to him and he put it on... hours pass and I'm drunk and it's starting to get dark out while I'm dancing with some guy and I'm grinding on him and my frat boys call me over and I tell the guys I'll come back... he kisses me and rubs my pussy and he felt how wet I was... I didn't realize that while we were dancing he untied my bottoms and I was dancing naked... so I walked up to my friends and they told me to bend over and 3 guys takes turns on me while the guy I was dancing with was watching... when they were done I walked back to that guy I was dancing with and he asked me if they were my friends or bfs and I said just friends... he then walked me into a crowd and I got on my knees giving him a bjs and put a condom on him and then he bent me over and started to fuck me my head was bumping into other people as I was moaning and a guy turned around and my head almost bumped into his croch so he pulled out his cock and I was giving him a bj as I feel the other guy cum and pulls out and starts to finger me... then he starts fucking me again as the guy getting the bjs pulls out and cums all over my face I'm licking it up and using my finger to put it in my mouth as I feel him cum inside my pussy without a condom and a new guys puts his cock in my face and I began to give him a bj this goes on for a bit while I catch my breath gag a couple times... I couldn't believe his stamina and how much he could cum because I've already swallowed 4 different guys cum when I stood up for a break and kissed him realizing it was different guys fucking me cuming inside me and other guys lining up to fuck me... I realized one of the guys that fucked me that everyone was cheering on was some old guy with grey hair... I realized I had to slow down and find my friends... I'm still walking around naked while guys are touching my body and spanking my butt... I couldn't find them so I just decided to keep having some fun so some drunk guy was talking to me and he got me a drink as we walked around he would stop and suck on my nipples and finger me... after awhile I bend over a bench and he started to fuck me grabbing me by the hips and he cam really fast so I said who's next keep fucking me and make me cum...
After that it must have been 10 guys that just fucked me hard and one after one harder and harder because I was moaning and had a few orgassims... I was actually sweating and trying to catch my breath when they were done because I just sat on that bench and passed out... I woke up later on the floor with some random guy fucking me I started to moan and let him finish... I walked back to the hotel naked and covered in cum and I used a towel to clean on as I see all my frat boys are at the pool area... they said something and I said sure... and I realized they said are you ready for your punshiment they bent me over the short fence between the side road and the pool and tied my wrists to my ankles and started to take turns fucking me as other guys walked up and idk how many guys fucked me like that but it kept going taking turns from in my pussy and anal and back again... that night I got my first golden shower and I was so tired I actually fell asleep while other guys kept fucking me and when they untied me I couldn't walk and I just slept their naked covered in pee and cum... I woke up in the morning and jumped in the pool to clean off and walked up to the room in a towel...
Poster: Holly