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Sweet dare


had to bust a nut and roomate saw me
I once went to a temporary out of town job and my regular screw was at home. Well this very attractive younger woman was my roomie in hotel. Well after a week I was awaking with raging erections everyday. Her being a early bird jumped out of bed every morning and ran got all ready and brewed some coffee and then I would roll out of bed and get quick shower and get ready before heading out. She wore a tee shirt and panties to sleep in an me used to sleeping nude to be nice I wore boxers. Well one morning she got ready and I'm there in the bed with the most rigid cock I've ever had. I'm not shy or modest but didn't really want to just walk around swinging a hard one all over in front of co worker since she may not like it. Well I waited as late as I could and got up and started to bathroom as she went to make coffee well I got up grabbed clothes and walking to bathroom she walks out of kitchenette and my cock just popped right out still hard and she looked right at it and when she did it got harder. So all day I was horny and each time I thought about it I started getting erect. So that evening I decided to mention it. Hey look I'm sorry my penis popped out in front of you today but I'm used to having a friend to call and we get together its been a little while now. She said well you just need to pop one off huh. I said yea I do bad or else you'll be seeing that everyday and i don't want to offend you or piss you off. So tell me did you since you saw it did it raise any curiosity in you. She said yea I just wonder was it full hard it was kinda big. I said well not full hard but over half. Well I have got to cum so would you like to do anything to help me out she said well we don't know each other that good yet so ill have to think about it. So I said well I have to do something now,so will it bother you if I just hell if I go jack off or something. She said oh no go ahead. So if I do that do I need to go in there or would you rather watch. She looked at me with surprise and said well I don't really need to watch tonite but that's something I've never seen that's interesting. So I said well I'm getting hard just thinking about it as I pointed out that my cock was poking out my boxers. So I go to the bathroom and I'm rubbing it up getting very hard but I did leave the door open a couple of inches. So I take off all my clothes in nude. And I'm hard andvim stroking my cock nice and slow and thinking of the girl in the other room and her nice perfect breast and her nipples all hard and shining through her shirt and ass cheeks showing and how hot she was and knowing she could hear me and had the possibility of her walking in on me. So I get full hard and I'm thinking how hot her tits are and she yells something out to me so being in the zone dreaming this chick decided she did want to watch so I open the door and stoking in full stroke walk out and say so you do want to watch huh. As I walk over stroking my cock that is now so hard its throbbing and precum oozing out and me just stroking it up. She says well I didn't really want to watch I just wanted to see if you wanted my magazine it has some sexy pictures in it. I said well you've seen a guy jack off now huh. She said well no because your still all hard and I haven't seen you cum. So I speed it up a little. And walk back to bathroom door and just jacked off until I was about to shoot and I came all in the toilet. Well as I'm at the door I see her start rubbing herself and so I walk back out swinging my cock all in front of her and saying hmmm that's it girl let me watch you now and she opened her eyes and she stared at my cock. And she rubbed her pussy and said are you going to do it again. I said sure ill do it if you let me watch you. She said no I don't do that ill watch but don't enjoy being watched. So I said well at least I can sleep naked now. So we watched a show then went to sleep. So next morning I wake up covers pulled to my ankles my cock was throbbing hard and she was in the bathroom. I walked around to the kitchenette and noticed the door to bathroom open by a few inches. So I walk to the door cock still rock hard. I looked in and could see her figure in the shower through the opaque shower curtain. She was playing with herself so of course I start myself I'm watching and stroking and i get a little lost and she came and steped out of the shower and saw me. And said yea stroke it come on jack off for me cum cum for me cum on me ohh cum she then walked over to me and she touched herself and said don't touch me ok. I said ok so her naked watching me after she came. And she rubbed her pussy all wet and hot and she dropped so that when I came she said cumbfor me cum cumbon my tits. So just then I shoot this huge load all over her tits. Hmmm she said that was nice now I've watch a man jack I hop in shower and got ready. After that morning she didn't ever have sex with me but she did enjoy teasing me and she watched me one or two more times. She once put on a cinemax porn on just to see me get hard and she would wonder around in a towel half on and once I just stood up pulled my pants down and jacked off in her face. That she enjoyed but didn't want me to know that she did. But she knew watching movies would do that to me. So I'm sure it was planned.
Poster: pete