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Sweet dare


I Wanted Too Watch
This is a story about the first time watching my wife have sex with another man. I had always fantasized about watching my wife with another man. Then thoughts of jealousy would enter my head and what might happen afterwards. My wife and I have a great sex life, but I still wasn't sure I could go through with it when it came right down too it. I knew my wife had been with others before me and I was also sure she'd had been with guys who had bigger cocks then me. I guess I was curious as too how she responds too a bigger cock inside her. I do know she likes a certain size cock because I asked her once. I asked her if she could have the perfect cock for her, how big would it be? She didn't hesitate her answer, 8 and a half inches and as thick as her wrist, with a big head. I'm like damn, why did you marry me? Once she told me that, I just said I'd like too watch you with another guy. At first she was shocked and asked why? I just said it turns me on thinking about it.
So one night during sex I brought up the idea and she didn't say no too the idea, but she was hesitant about it and said I had too be sure it's what I wanted. She also said it's just sex, nothing else and that I have too remember that. I said well if we're going too do this it has too be with someone we don't know. So we looked online and joined a group for like minded couples like us. We made a profile and put in it what we were looking for. We live in a very small town so keeping this private was a must.
After about two weeks someone contacted us or I guess I should say my wife. His name was Daniel and he lived about three hours from us, which was perfect. I let my wife have her space so she could chat with him and get too know him a little. He wanted a few pictures and my wife asked if that was okay and I said sure. He said he had a few pictures, however some were of the XXX nature. Next thing I know my wife is looking at a picture of his dick. She said what do you think? Is his big enough? He said he was 7 inches and thick. I think my wife was getting wet looking at his pics. After the picture swap it seemed both were pleased with what they saw and Daniel asked could he call. I told my wife that would be fine. When he called I talked too him for a few minutes and he seemed like a nice guy. I handed the phone to Shauna and left the room for a bit. After about 30 minutes my wife asked me too come into the living room. She said Daniel wanted too have phone sex with her and was that okay? I said yeah I guess. So then things get quiet, Shauna is listening on the phone. I hear my wife start too moan and her hands begin to roam her body. She starts caressing her chest and pinching her nipples. Then she slides her hand down into her panties and begins playing with her pussy and moaning. I watch her pleasure herself for several minutes. My wife then motions for me to drop my pants and my cock is already hard. She spreads her legs for me, she wants me inside her. As I slide inside her she is dripping wet. I slowly start fucking her and she is telling Daniel I'm inside her. She moans for me to fuck her pussy. As I'm sliding in and out of her wet pussy she tells Daniel she can't wait too feel his cock inside her. I'm so turned on and my cock starts throbbing inside my wife until I cum deep inside her pussy. She is moaning louder and cums right after me all the while telling Daniel to stroke his cock and make himself cum. After this night we all made plans too meet in his town. The day finally came for us too meet and I have too say I was having second thoughts. We didn't talk much during the 3 hour drive to his town. We met in the Colton's parking lot. We told him we'd get a room at the hotel next door. Daniel said he'd be back in about 30 minutes. After he left I had changed my mind and my wife was mad at me after carrying this, this far. Then I was mad at her for not backing out. I finally said fuck it then. Then she said I'm not doing it and I said yes you are!! So we go get the room and she is still saying, she's not doing it. I said yeah your going too get that big cock you came for alright. When Daniel arrives I let him in the room and Shauna say's she's going too freshen up. It gives me time too talk too Daniel and too just chill out a bit. Finally my wife comes out and comes over to set in my lap. Daniel is in a chair across from us. I don't believe any of us knew what we needed too do or say. Daniel is just kind of watching us and checking out my wife. So I start rubbing Shauna's back and she responds by leaning back into me a little. I can tell she's nervous, but so am I. Daniel is still focused on Shauna. She slowly starts too warm up too my touch and leans back into me and kisses me. I reach around too cup her tits in my hands as she moans slightly. Daniel seems too be enjoying the show for the moment. As I'm teasing my wife trying too warm her up for Daniel, Shauna turns to me and looks for assurance from me that it's okay. So I kind of give her a push toward Daniel.
I watch her walk over to him. He is still in his chair laid back. Shauna, still standing, leans over and begins kissing Daniel. He reaches up too feel her chest and she moans as he touches her for the first time. I watch closely and my cock is stiffening and it is dripping. My wife undoes the buttons on her blouse revealing her sexy black bra and her big tits for Daniel too see. He seems too like what he sees. Once the kissing stops Shauna goes straight for his pants. She slowly undoes his belt and unbuttons his pants. Shauna then begins to rub his cock through his pants. I hear her moan when she feels his cock. Slowly she has him raise up and she slides his pants off along with his underwear. Then next thing I know his cock is in her mouth and she is sucking his cock like she'd been cock hungry for years. She was making loud slurping noises and he was moaning how good it was. Daniel's eye's were closed tight and he was running his hands through her hair. His moaning grew louder and I'm sure he was about too cum until my wife let his cock go from her wet mouth. She stood Daniel up and once again dropped to her knees and was sucking his cock again. She told him not too cum as she sucked his cock. Once she assumed he was ready she led him to the bed. I saw his cock as he walked with my wife. As he said 7 inches and thick. Once to the bed my wife eases out of her pants and has Daniel lay on the bed. She lays beside him and plays with his cock. Finally Daniel rolls over on top of Shauna....he then kisses his way down to her very wet pussy. I watch him kiss her pussy and my wife is loving it. Daniel long strokes her with his tongue. He is licking from the top to the bottom of her pussy. She finally pulls his face into her pussy making him suck and lick her swollen clit. Suddenly my wife moans loud and cums all over Daniel's face. After she comes down from her orgasm, Daniel makes his way back up and starts to move his cock to the lips of my wife's pussy. She is already moaning as she feels him enter between her legs. I watch as he puts his cock up to the lips of her pussy. Daniel begins to slide inside her. My wife's head goes back and she arches her back as his cock slides inside her. She motions for me to come over to the bed. I walk over to the bed and she wants me to lay my head beside hers. She said I want you to watch him fuck me baby. So I look down and I see his cock stretching my wife's pussy open as he begins to fuck her. My wife is moaning about how good he feels in her pussy as he fucks her deeper and deeper. Oh it's good baby, his cock feels so good in my pussy, oh fuck me Daniel, give it to me, give that big cock. My wife screamed and moaned over and over until she cum again and again on Daniel's big cock. Daniel fucked my wife good and he moaned he couldn't hold back any longer. My wife told him to pull out she wanted to watch him cum. Once he pulled out he cum all over her stomach while she moaned for him to give her his cum. After it was over Daniel left and my wife rode my cock until I filled her hot pussy full of my cum. Daniel turned out too be a nice guy. He eventually moved about six hours from us. We made a trip to Dallas to meet with him again a few months after the first time.
Poster: Rick