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Sweet dare


Unusual Photoshoot
A few years after I was established as a photographer, I was hired to take promotional shots of a men’s sports team. P was off that day so she served as my assistant. Note this was the time before digital cameras, so had to use film and several different cameras. While I was shooting with one camera, P was rewinding the film in the last one I used and then loaded it back up for the next time. I shot a number of action shots and poses out on the sports field. Then they headed to the locker room to shower and I started to say my goodbye when they invited me to take photos in the locker room. I mentioned that my assistant was a woman and they said to bring her along. I asked what they wanted shot and they said everything and then said that the more personal ones would be for their private use only. I told them that as long as I got paid, the photos were theirs to do with a they pleased.

P and I grabbed out bags of equipment and we followed the team into the locker room. As requested, I began shooting as these athletes began to strip and head to the showers. Once most of the team was in the shower, I followed with P right behind me. I knew she had to be enjoying the show.

Several minutes later, several of the team members began teasing P and inviting her to join them in the shower. She was embarrassed and flattered.

At the time, P was about 28 years old and looked like she was 16, standing all of 5’ and weighing almost 80 pounds. Her long strawberry blonde hair hung down to her waist and her emerald green eyes were sparkling with all the naked men in front of her. I could see that she was trying to be coy and ignore their comments. It dawned on me that I had only introduced her to the team as my assistant for the day, not as my wife.

I needed to change cameras because I ran out of film in the one I was using and handed it back to P. She was fixated on the men in the shower, who were still trying to get what they thought was an innocent teenager into the shower with them. When she handed me the next camera, she had that look of asking what to do and I whispered to her that as soon as she emptied and loaded the camera I just handed her, it was totally up to her what she wanted to do. She smiled and lipped ‘thank you’ and then set to rewinding the film and reloading the camera.

When the camera was ready to go, she placed within reach of me, whispered that she loved me and took a step towards the showers. The athletes were really hooting it up and begging her to join them. She looked back, smiled and then stepped into the showers, still fully clothed.

The men made she was fully soaked and then about 6 of them worked together to take her clothes off of her. Since she was so tiny compared to them, two of the men lifted up to their level. The others took off her shirt, then her bra, then her slacks and then her panties.

They continued to hold her up in a prone position with her legs spread and passed her around to the rest of the team. All of the men took turns holding her up, fondling her C-cup boobs and feeling her pussy.

Then the captain of the team moved in between her legs while others held her up. He inserted his big hard cock into her and began to pump away. As she was being taken by one man, others were busy feeling and sucking on her tits and groping her butt.

When the captain finished, the next guy moved in and took over. One by one, the rest of the team began taking their turns entering her. After about 6-8 cocks, she yelled that she wasn’t sure she could take anymore so told the rest of the team that they each had 1 minute just they could have it in her before she had to leave.

An hour later, all 48 athletes and 8 coaches had a turn putting their cocks in my wife’s pussy. I continued to snap away and had to reload my own camera since my assistant was otherwise occupied.

Please don’t ask for photos because all of my clients sign a contact which contains a privacy clause and another clause that says they own the rights to the photos.

By the time we got home, P was so sore that she wouldn’t let me tough her for several days, but we she did, all we talked about was her and the team in the showers. She came and came and came and so did I that night.
Poster: Lee j