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Sweet dare


Love is Fire, and Love is Dust
But the greatest, cleanest Love
Is Lust.

The beat of the engines was a subliminal vibration,- I could feel the sound through my cock, buried deep in Lotte's cunt. When I'd first skewered her to the mattress she had likened the feeling to a vibrator set on minimum.

After we'd enjoyed our first amazing fuck, we'd drifted off to sleep joined together, my detumescent cock still inside her, our cum sticky between our thighs.

Lotte mumbled something in her sleep,and I pulled my prick out of her gently, trying not to wake her,- I knew from experience that once awake she would be almost instantly horny, and I was completely shagged out.

Lotte had come three times the previous evening.

I had only managed twice but in mitigation, I was feeling the weight of my 51 years.- I'd guessed that Lotte was in her early thirties

.She was an inventive (and vocal ) lover. Beautiful curves;taut breasts, nipples to die for, and an amazing pussy- she could use the muscles of her slit so that it felt like a hand sliding up my prick..

"H'lo" Lotte mumbled, "What's the time?"

I looked at my watch. "7.40. Breakfast in 20 minutes".

"Let's fuck instead", Lotte whispered.

I mentally bowed to the inevitable- I was going to get fucked when Lotte woke up fully,- she was insatiable. If her reaction to my advances was typical, she must have had sex a thousand times since losing her cherry, and with Lotte it was definitely a case of 'practice makes perfect'.

We were in a double cabin on a car ferry to Santander. I'd met her the evening before,-she played the piano in one of the bars.

When I entered the bar she was playing a Bill Evans number,- 'Put out the Stars'.

The playing was accomplished, but what really got me was that she was performing the vocal version, which I'd never before heard live.Her voice raised the hairs on the nape of my neck. and I decided that I'd like to get as close as I could to the stage, buy her a drink during her break, and see what developed.

I'd established eye contact with her between tunes, and gestured to my wineglass. When she'd finished her set, she came over and sat down next to me.

"I enjoyed your playing" I said,- " You don't often hear Bill Evans tribute sets,- I particularly liked 'Put Out the Stars'. Can I get you a drink?"

"Thank you, kind sir", She smiled, "I'll have a white wine, please. I'm finished for this evening"

I brought two glasses to the table, Lotte was stunning, she had long dark hair, green eyes,and beautiful full breasts.

"You look like one of my favourite singers" I said, " Julie London".

"Well, you can cry me a river" she sang softtly.

God! she even sounded like her!

"That's the one", I said,"Would you spend the night with me?

"I don't know that one". She smiled at me.

I said," - It wasn''t a song title, it was a question.".

" I hardly know you" she said,"but hey, why not? I'm Lotte, by the way".

"I'm Tim ,I love your voice", I said. "I was wondering as I listened to you, what you sounded like when you came."

She blushed, and whispered "Why don't we find out".

My cock stiffened, and my heart thumped in my chest.

We touched glasses and drank our wine, then talked for a few minutes about our favourite pianists.It transpired that we both liked Dick Hyman.

She moved closer to me, and I felt her knee rubbing against mine. She reached out and took my hand, scratching the palm.My cock twitched, and I pulled her hand down under the table, rubbing it against the developing hard-on.

She let go of my hand and grasped my nob through my trousers,

"Are you alone"? she asked.

"Yes" I replied. "I'm meeting a friend in Spain,- we're taking a look at a
small flying school, with a view to investing in it"..

Her hand was busy under the table. She had undone my zip and her hand pushed down the waistband of my pants.Her warm hand grasped my cock, wanking me slowly pulling ,my foreskin right down, exposing my throbbing cockhead,which was oozing precum.

I moved my hand to her upper thigh, pushing her dress up. She stroked me a little faster. and rubbed my glans, smearing my juices over my cockhead.

I leaned towards her and we kissed. Her lips were soft and I felt her tongue slip between my teeth.

Lotte gave a little gasp as my questing fingers slipped under the gusset of her panties and eased between her hot, wet lips.She opened her knees wider. and as I started to finger-fuck her hot cunt she closed her eyes and made little thrusts against my fingers, giving a quiet moan of pleasure.

I could feel her slit tighten on my fingers, and a wave of lust suffused me,-I wanted to bundle her into bed her and fuck her brains out..

" "We'd be a lot more comfortable lying down" I husked. "Come to my cabin?".

"Oh! God! Yes!" she gasped,and we tucked ourselves in, finished our drinks and made our way to my cabin.In the corridor, with Lotte's hands and fingers teasing my nipples I dropped my keycard, and almost kicked it under the door in my impatience to get my hands on Lotte's body, and she didn't help by holding my erect cock in plain view and wanking me. Luckily no one was in the corridor!

Finally I swiped the card and we entered the cabin. .Inside, with the door locked, we undressed frantically.-I peeled the dress off her,(peach-coloured bra and panties joining the dress around her feet.

Then she undressed me, yanking my shirt off, and unzipping and pulling down my trousers and pants.Her lips and teeth were on my nipples, which drove me mad with lust, and I thrust two fingers into her beautful cunt, sliding them in and out.

I went down on her, slit, sticking my tongue deep She was sopping wet,and beads of juice spangled her slit. I licked her clean then guided my tongue on to her swollen clit.

Lotte was writhing, tweaking her tits and fingering herself.I knelt over her hips, my cock resting between her cunt-lips..

"Oh! Put it in me, darling" she gasped."Don't bother with foreplay, just fuck me hard!" She bucked her hips, and my prick,which had been rubbing her lips,,slid in about 2 inches."Oh!, Put it all in!", she gasped.

I did my best, but had to stop at my balls..

Lotte was ramming her mound against my cock, her fingers playing with her clit. I leaned forward and took a breast into my mouth, running my tongue 'round her stiff nipple. She screamed softly and put her hand behind my head, pulling my mouth tight onto her gorgeous tit.

We were in seventh heaven, our fucking was noisy, and anyone passing in the corridor would have been in no doubt about our activities, but sod it! I was on the downward slope to cumming, holding on in the hope that we could achieve a mutual climax.

I couldn't hold it back any longer."I'm cumming!" I gasped,"Oh! Fuck, here it comes!"

My prick spasmed and I shot my hot cum deep inside Lotte, as she arched her back and screamed "Push! Fill me up! Oh! Fuck me hard!"

My cock squished in her slit as I rammed into her, She climaxed twice more, and then we lay on the bed,playing with each other's naughty bits.Lotte spooned against me my semi-erect nob nestling in her arse crack. My arms were around her. my hands cupping her tits,

She started to move her bottom against my prick, sliding slightly further towards my stiffening cock, until her slit swalllowed my shaft. We lay there enjoying the sensation of total fullness,

After half an hour's rest, we adjourned to the shower where Lotte stood with her back to me, while I pushed my cock between her legs and she wanked me whilst I gave her tits and clit some attention.

I was soon throbbing with lust for her cunt, and bent her over so that her soapy slit was raised and ready for me.

"You feel so fucking good!" I gasped, as I rammed my hot meat into her.
"I want to shag you all day!"

"Well, we've got three hours till we dock" said Lotte, "and I'm on the ship until next Sunday, when are you coming back?"

"I'll make sure that you're on board, I'll phone you to make sure."

"I'll look forward to it" Lotte said," but enough talking, Just shag my brains out".

I did my best to comply with her wishes,- as I rammed her and pulled almost out, the head of my cock slid out of her slit and pushed against her arsehole.

Lotte hissed "Yes!,Oh! Yes!" and grabbed my cock, guiding my glans against her lovely puckered hole. "I love it up my arse !"Aroused by this unexpected development, I eased my prick slowly into her hole, which stretched deliciously, holding my cock tightly.I was in her up to my balls,Her tight hole was paradise.

I was on my way to shooting my load, and gasped "Here it comes!.

"Yes!" she screamed and screwed her arse against my thrusts. Our mutual climax was tumultuous, and I rutted her hard and fast,-we cried out in unison as we came, and I had to sit down in the shower whilst Lotte sat on my prick, doing her magic trick with her cunt muscles milking me of the last drops of cum.

We slept together that night, and managed another very enjoyable fuck before I disembarked,and arranged to meet when the ferry next called at Santander.
Poster: tim