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Sweet dare


My wife and my Room mate, years ago
This is my first time sharing anything that my wife and I have ever done, so forgive any errors. This was quite a few years ago and is one of our earlier experiences with anything dirty. My wife Alison is gorgeous, love of my life obviously, and an absolute stunner. Curvy and all natural with some rather massive breasts, she's quite tall at just a hair under six feet, and is by far the sexiest thing walking.

At the time, my wife and I had just recently gotten engaged and had a pretty big place of our own. My friend Wayne, who I'd known for quite a few years, couldn't afford his place and moved in with us for the time being. It worked out really well, his living there helped us cover the bills and still save for our wedding.

After he had been living with us for a few months, he brings something up. He says that his ex Jennifer needed a place to stay for a weekend, and asked if she could crash on our couch. Wayne talked to myself and Alison about it, and we agreed because it wasn't a big deal.

That was when he brought out the next part of his idea. He said that Jennifer cheated on him and that's why they split up, which I already knew, and he was hoping to make her jealous. With that in mind, he asked Alison if she could pretend to be his wife for the night, just to piss Jennifer off. He says that's pretty much the whole reason he wanted her to stay, was to rub it in her face that she dumped him. Alison agreed pretty fast and I was indifferent, so they talked a bit about ways they could drive Jennifer crazy.

The following night Jennifer shows up, and Wayne introduces Alison as his wife. At this point Wayne kissed Alison on the lips, which was a bit of a surprise to me, and Jennifer looked a little shocked too. Wayne then introduced me as his roommate and we hung out in the kitchen while Wayne made some snacks for us all.

Things were pretty normal, we hung out together and talked in the kitchen, had some beers and Wayne fixed popcorn and nachos for us to split while we watched a movie. The entire time we were in the kitchen, Wayne acted like a husband to my wife. He called her pet names and touched her occasionally, and peppered her with kisses quite often. It was bizarre to see, but I didn't mind it nearly as much as I expected, and it was actually rather hot.

As we got ready to watch the movie, my wife said she was going to get changed into something more comfortable. This normally meant her sleep attire, which is often a simple shirt and pair of shorts. Nobody thought anything of it, and a minute later she returned while we were laying out the food on the table and settling in to watch a dvd.

She came in, not wearing her normal sleepwear, but instead was wearing nothing but a rather small sleep shirt and her panties. The shirt barely came down to her belly button, and she walked in the room and locked eyes with me as she went straight for Wayne, and gave him a pretty solid kiss. It was the first kiss I'd watched them have where they used their tongues, and after what felt like quite a while they broke it off, and again my wife stared right at me. At this point I had to shift in my seat because of my erection, as it was disturbingly hot seeing my wife act like this.

Alison just smiled at me, and then she and Wayne cuddled up together, with her wiggling into his lap as he sat down and leaned against the arm of our loveseat, with myself and Jennifer on our couch sitting next to each other.

We started the movie, and Wayne and Alison were making noises occasionally and had their hands all over each other. Not even a quarter of the way into the movie, my wife said that they were going to bed early, and both of them got up, with Alison leading the way. Wayne rather proudly walked by, an obvious and rather massive erection in his pants.

This left me and Jennifer, both shocked at what happened, though I was far more turned on than she was. Barely a minute later, and we could hear moans coming from Wayne's bedroom.

I wondered if they were really doing something, or if they were just doing this to mess with Jennifer. I was perversely enjoying it either way, and Jennifer was clearly not too happy about the situation. We sat together on the couch and awkwardly watched the movie, listening to the sounds of sex coming from just down the hall.

Another half an hour or so later, with moans and sounds still coming from his room, Jennifer said she was tired and wasn't too into the movie and said she just wanted to get some sleep. I didn't object since I wasn't really paying much attention to the movie either, and we shut things down and I went to my room, masturbated, and tried to think of other things.

After about an hour, my wife crept into my room, wearing her same sleep shirt from before. Her panties were gone though, and she had a massive grin on her face.

"Did you really?" was all I managed to ask her. She nodded her head and her grin got wider. She said something about knowing that I'd like it, and then walked out. Watching her bare ass walk out the door, knowing what she had done and was going to do again, was insanely hot. I was hard as can be and masturbated again to what was happening between them.

Jennifer was sour the entire morning and left the following afternoon, saying that she didn't need to stay another night. As soon as she was gone, Alison and I went back to our room and had sex, and she told me every detail about what happened between her and Wayne. She said that she could feel him hard as they cuddled on the loveseat, and that she could tell I loved seeing it by the way I stared and kept adjusting my cock. She said as soon as they got to his room, he was yanking her top off and threw her to the bed, and that he said he had wanted to fuck her for months. My wife and I had sex while she made comments about him, talking about the difference in size and that he was rougher, she said their first fuck was a quick and passionate thing and neither of them thought to use a condom, and I came rather quickly.


And that's the end of this particular chapter of my story. Apologies for anything I forgot or left out, any questions or anything just hit me up I suppose.
Poster: Newguy