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Sweet dare


Triplets Poker Night
A few years ago, we had a new neighbor join our monthly poker night. Four or five of us guys get together once a month at one of our homes for a night of poker, beer and food. Sometimes a wife will hang around to act as hostess, and sometimes we are left on our own and all the wives go out and spend our money.

Our new poker buddy, I’ll call him Blue, for personal reasons, is married to one of three identical triplets. Describe one, you described all three. They stand about 5’ 8”, blonde hair, blue eyes, and figures of 34-20-34, with c-cup boobs and the longest sexiest legs leading up a really tight butt. In addition to their great bodies and pretty faces, they have a voice that makes a man hard just listening to them

On this one particular poker night with just four of us, Blue said that one of his sister-in-laws, Tina, had volunteered to act as hostess. Tina was known to be the wilder one of the triplets, where Blue’s wife Tiff is the more conservative one of the three.

When we arrived at Blue’s house, Tina greeted us at the door and escorted us to the poker room. She was dressed in a short skirt and halter top and about 4 inch heels that accentuated her already shapely legs. To say she looked terrific and sexy is an understatement.

Tina made sure we all had our beer and snacks. Several of the guys had not had time to get dinner, so we agreed to order pizza and had Tina call it in. Then Mike teased Tina about doing a pizza dare and answering the door naked. Of course, all of us guys laughed and said that would be great. Blue said that if any of the sisters would dare do something like that, it would be Tina and she agreed.

When the doorbell rang, we all turned to see how Tina would answer the door and we were all pleased when she emerged from the kitchen naked and went to the door. She opened the door wide so the pizza delivery guy could get a good look at her. She paid him, let him fondle her boobs and then turned to serve the pizza. We really didn’t have room on the poker table, so Tina surprised us when she called for Tina to bring in some TV-trays.

To our surprise, another identical sister emerged from the kitchen with several TV-trays. Blue turned to the first Tina and asked if she was Tess, and all she did was smile, as the two naked sisters served the pizza on paper plates. Blue mentioned what a delight it was, but then made a comment to us guys that his wife, Tiff, would never be that daring, although he would love it if she was.

That was all that the girls needed to hear and a third one emerged from the kitchen. I have to say that they were identical in every way visible. Their hair was the same length and styled the same. They had identical v-trimmed pubic patches pointing down to their pussies. They even had the same small dark birthmark on their right boob.

The three sisters stood side-by-side and smiled at us horny guys. One of them spoke to Blue asking if this is what he wants his wife to do and all Blue could do is shake his head up and down. Then one of them told him that he had all evening to figure out which one was his wife. If he was wrong, there would be a penalty to pay.

After standing there on display for about 15 seconds, the three naked sisters gathered their pizza and disappeared into the kitchen. The rest of the night, the three sisters continued to bring us cold beer and more snacks. They spent the rest of the evening dresses in identical outfits – very short skirts, no panties, a semi-transparent top with no bra. We could see their nipples but no detail. It was extremely erotic and sexy.

Every time one of them would come out, she would ask Blue which sister she was. No matter what he answered, she would only smile and return to the kitchen. Blue would always turn to us and admit he had no idea which sister was which, but agreed with the rest of us that this was the best poker night since he joined the group.

At 2am, we were starting to break up and getting ready to head for home. The three sisters came out from the kitchen and gave Blue 15 seconds to identify his wife. If he was wrong, each of us guys would get a minute to do whatever we wanted to each sister. Blue started to protest, but was quickly silenced when all three told him that he had been pushing her to be more daring so now it was up to him.

I could see the uncertainty on his face and the anticipation on the faces of the other guys. At the end of his 15 seconds, Blue pointed to one of the sisters and said that was his wife Tiff. The responded by saying that she was Tess. Blue wanted to know which was which Tiff and they just laughed, ran to the kitchen saying they would be right back.

The three sisters returned from the kitchen as quickly as they had disappeared and it was obvious that they did it so no one had any idea of who was who. Since there were three sisters and three of us guys, other than Blue, each sister picked one of us three.

They all took off their tops and knelt down in front of us and undid our pants and pulled them down. They each wrapped their hands our already erect cocks and then began to lick and suck on them. After a few moments. They stood up, slid out of their skirts and then told us we had one minute to do whatever we wanted to them.

I wasted no time in cupping the boobs of the sister I had. I bent down and briefly sucked on her nipples and heard her moan. I stood, and slid my hand down to her pussy and inserted a finger, feeling her wetness. As I did, the sister leaned up to me and whispered that she was really Tiff, Blue’s wife and she wanted my cock in her now.

Who am I to resist such an offer, so I bent her over and took her from behind, sliding my cock into her wet and willing pussy. I knew I didn’t have much time left so I started to slide in and out to make the most of the experience. The thought of me being the one to do Blue’s wife, and to do it in front of him, was exciting and I could feel the excitement building in my balls.

When the minute was over, I wanted to continue, but pulled out. As I did, I said that in a few more moments I would have filled her pussy with my cum. One of the other guys said he was close also, and Blue just blurted out to go ahead and finish, so we did. I re-entered her and continued for about another 30 seconds before I started to unload my balls into Tiff. One of the other guys was also cumming in one of the sisters.

When we had all emptied ourselves, the sisters turned and licked our cocks clean. Then they licked each other clean and disappeared to clean up. When they left, Blue looked at us and said he guess he deserved that from the way he had been pushing her to be more daring.

A few moments later, the girls returned, dressed identical. Blue asked who was who and Tiff gave him a big hug and kiss. He asked her which one of us guys had she done and she only smiled and said that none of them were telling.

As us guys were leaving, Tiff gave me a quick wink and smile. Us guys are already looking forward to our next poker game at Blue’s house.
Poster: Lee J