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Sweet dare


My best friend
My best friend

We have been best friends for years and very close. We had talked before whilst out having a drink about women in general and what types of women we both went for. He preferred slim women with average breasts whilst I have always loved women with curves and big breasts. My girlfriend is more than my ideal woman with killer curves and fantastic big boobs. One particularly drunken night I joked that it was time for me to go home and play with Jane's big tits. He replied by saying "wish I could come with you". Whilst I was slightly shocked by his reply I was also turned on by it as I've always enjoyed the kinky side of sex and enjoyed sex for fun. I have always wanted a threesome too, both with another woman and also another man, so the thought of him coming back to ours to surprise tracy was a turn on. I just laughed and said "yeah! And I can see Jane being up for us two playing with her. Sorry bud but I don't think she'd do it". He actually had a look of sadness on his face when he said" no worries I was just joking". We both walked the short distance home from the pub and walked down our roads to our homes. I entered our door to find that everyone was in bed, so I locked the door and went upstairs. As I got undressed and into bed I saw Jane was naked in bed. I slowly moved behind her and put my arm around her as I so often do to hold one of her beautiful breasts while I snuggle up to her sexy arse. This time as I did this I felt that I was already semi hard pressing against her beautiful arse cheeks. It was then that I realised I was already horny and it was probably because of talking to John earlier about him coming back with me. I suddenly got very hard thinking about it again and now I also had Janes smooth soft breast in my hand and my hard cock against her warm arse cheeks. It was very sexy. I just lay next to her for a little while slowly feeling her breast and pushing my cock between her arse cheeks. Ofcourse it didn't take long for Jane to feel me doing this and she responded by pushing her arse back against my hips and a little moan of joy. She was still not fully awake and had her eyes still shut. I continued to softly squeeze her tit and slide my cock between her cheeks. I was laying there enjoying the feeling of Jane against my body but I was also thinking of John being with us. I was imagining him actually behind Jane and not me and I was imagining Jane pushing back on him. It made me really horny and I had the sudden urge to fuck Jane. I started to kiss her neck and she moaned again. I then put my hand between her arse cheeks to grab my cock, as I did this she must have realised what I wanted because she lift her leg slightly to give me more access to her pussy. I grabbed my hard and by now throbbing cock and I guided it towards her pussy. I could feel with the tip of my dick that Jane was now wet and as the tip of my dick glided between her pussy lips until it felt her wet pussy hole and then entered her I was still thinking of John doing this to her and me watching them. Jane felt my cock go in and she pushed her arse back against me again. Because she was so wet, my cock just slid right in up to my balls. I nearly came instantly with the feeling of Janes pussy and the image of John fucking her from behind. I stopped to gather myself and then started to slowly fuck her. As I fucked her I could feel her getting wetter and starting to get in the mood. She still had her eyes shut and that was good as it allowed me to concentrate on my thoughts of John fucking her. I could see her starting to enjoy the fuck and I was getting really turned on thinking of watching her fucking John. I squeezed her big tit slightly harder as I pulled her back on me. I started to fuck her slightly harder and faster as I got more and more turned on with my thoughts. Eventually I was squeezing Janes tit hard and fucking her hard from behind. She was now wide awake but still looking away from me and still hadn't said a word to me other than moans of joy and quite a few soft "oh fuck, mmm fuck yeah". She was now very wet and the sounds of her wet pussy as my cock fucked her was amazing. I was so turned on and by now so wanting to join in with the sex talk and say"yes! John fuck her good and make her cum!" But I had to shout this in my mind as I didn't want Jane to hear my thoughts. I took my hand off her breast and moved it down to her arse where I pushed her by her arse cheek on to her front. I then rolled on top of her and between her legs. I put my hands under her hips and pulled them up slightly so her sexy arse was sticking up. I squeezed her arse cheeks playfully and gave them a slight slap. Her arse clenched at the feeling of the slap but then immediately relaxed open again to continue the fucking. I grabbed my dick and again guided towards her pussy. I was back in feeling all her lovely juices around my cock and hearing her sexy juices as I fucked her. This time I was going to fuck her good and make us both cum. I grabbed her arse and pulled her back as I fucked her hard and fast. Jane was moaning with nearly every thrust. She was also pushing back as I thrust and getting very wet. I imagined John behind her and fucking her doggy style. I was getting very turned on with my thoughts and I wanted to imagine John fucking Jane and watching as they both cum together. I continued to fuck Jane whilst imaging them two. I could feel Jane cumming and I knew she was close to orgasming because of how wet she was and also hearing her swear and moan. I kept fucking her fast and I felt her start to push back as she was cumming then just as I was imaging John fucking her Jane moaned "oh fuck yeah. I'm cumming! Don't stop! Don't stop! Keep fucking me!" Well! After hearing that, feeling her so wet and thinking of John fucking her I just couldn't stop myself. I kept fucking Jane as fast as I could while she moaned and orgasmed on my cock but just as she let out a big deep moan of"ohhhh!!! Fuck me yeah!!!! Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!!!" I too cum hard inside her pussy. My cock was rock hard and throbbing like crazy as I felt it shoot my cum deep inside her. I just held her against me with my cock inside her as I got my breath back. I pulled my cock out which was bright red and hot. As soon as my cock came out all my cum started to drip out of Janes pussy. I just knelt behind her and watched her arse in the air as my cum dripped out of her red swollen pussy lips. I then rubbed her pussy using my cum as lube. She was too sensitive at first as I rubbed her lit but the feeling was too nice and she soon started to moan again. She quickly started to cum again as I rubbed her clit and then she let out another deep moan as she again orgasmed from my rubbing her clit. We both then just slumped on the bed snuggled up and feel asleep.
Poster: Funlovers90