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Sweet dare


My best friend 2
My best friend 2

This weekend turned out to be very sexy. It wasn't too long ago that I had been for a drink with my best friend John and then came home and had amazing sex with Jane whilst imagining John and her fucking. If you want to know what happened please read my other story called my best friend.
Anyway this weekend something happened that was amazing. It started on Saturday morning when I decided to do some painting in the house. Jane had been asking me to do it for awhile so I said I'd do it. I called my friend John to see if he'd come round and help me as I was going to be painting several rooms in the house. He agreed to come round and help so we agreed to start as soon as possible.
He only lives around the corner so was at my house in no time. We both started to get the rooms ready to paint by moving furniture. As we did this Jane said she was going to go shopping and would be back in a little while. Me and John got started with the painting and where making good progress. I had started in the living room while John had started on the landing upstairs. After round two hours we were starting to get hot and sweaty as it was a warm day. We had both decided to take off our tops and we're both wearing shorts. Jane came back from the shops and went into the kitchen with her shopping. She shouted from the kitchen "does anyone want a cold drink?" We both replied "yes please!" Jane brought me a glass of ice cold coke. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and then asked "where's John?" She had another glass of coke for him so I told her he was upstairs painting the landing. She went upstairs to give him his drink. I continued to paint in the hallway downstairs after having a drink of my cold coke. It was only after a little while that I noticed Jane hadn't come back downstairs. I stopped painting and stood at the bottom of the stairs. I couldn't see or hear John painting either. Just as I was about to shout up to see what they were doing Jane came to the top of the stairs and looked down to me. She had a big smile on her face and looked flushed. She said I'm just getting a shower if that's ok. I was a little confused as I was trying to take in her behaviour and I replied "yes of course". Jane then disappeared from the top of the stairs and John then appeared with his paint brush as he started to paint the wall. He too looked flushed. I turned and started to paint again but I was now wondering if something had happened between John and Jane as she took him his drink. I suddenly got turned on by the thought but I kept on painting as I wondered. I could hear Jane in the shower and see John painting. After a little while the shower went off and I heard Jane walking into our room. I then started to realise that John was upstairs while she was getting a shower and after wondering if something had happened I was now wondering if John could or had seen Jane out of the shower and going into our room. Then I realised that he must have seen her as she had to walk directly in his view to go from the shower to our room. I was now wondering what she was wearing as she walked to our room. Was she in her towel? Was she in her pjs? I even thought what if she walked naked to our room. I was getting really horny thinking of John being upstairs and Jane being naked and so close to him. Before I realised it I had been thinking about them two for at least 10 minutes. I looked up the stairs again to see John but again I couldn't see him. I looked up and my heart started to race. My mind was working overtime thinking of John seeing Jane naked. I decided to slowly go up stairs and see what was happening. I had just stepped on the first step when I heard the unmistakable sound of Jane softly moaning like she does during sex. I stopped and stood still whilst listening. Then again! Another little moan. I quietly walked up the stairs but this time quicker. As I got to the turn in the stairs I was now looking directly at our room. OMG! What I saw was amazing. I could see one of Janes legs sticking out of our bedroom door. I could see her towel just covering her thigh. As I took the last few steps I saw her leg move and heard another moan. I walked up to our bedroom door and looked in. OMG! There was John stood in front of Jane. Jane had a towel wrapped around her waist which had a big gap between her legs. Her big breasts were totally exposed. John was kissing her passionately but he also had one hand holding one of Janes breasts and his other hand was in the gap of the towel feeling Janes pussy. It seemed like ages as I stood there watching them but it was only seconds. John noticed me first and immediately stopped. He said"shit! I'm so sorry mate I'm so sorry I just couldn't help it." Jane looked both afraid and turned on. She also apologised to me. Then we all just stood there wondering what was going to happen. Little did they know I had thought of them playing together and that it turned me on. I just looked at Jane and smiled. I think she knew straight away because she knows I have a kinky side to me with sex and we had already talked in the past about a threesome fantasy but never continued with it. As I smiled at her the look of fear went from her face and the look of horniness grew. I looked at John and smiled at him, I then said to him" do you remember that night in the pub when you said you wished you could come home with me to play with Janes big tits, well it looks like nows that time". John just smiled back and said "I have thought about that night for ages and I've imagined it happened". I leant forward to Jane and kissed her. I took Johns hand and placed it on Janes breast. I then said" ok, go on show me what you've imagined." Immediately John started to kiss Jane again. His hand was squeezing her breast. Jane put her head back against the wall and squatted slightly, this opened up the gap in her towel more which caught Johns attention. His other hand quickly resumed its place in her towel feeling her pussy. I stood next to them for a couple of minutes just watching them. Then I wanted to see Janes pussy being felt so I leant forward and pulled the towel down to the floor. Jane looked at me out of the side of her eye as she continued to kiss John. I could see a smile on her face. They kissed passionately and I could see Janes hips rocking slowly as Johns hand rubbed her wet pussy. Every now and then Janes would pause kissing to let out a little moan of pleasure. John was still in his clothes but clearly erect. Jane swiftly unzipped and pulled down his pants. His hard cock stretching his underpants, Janes hand slipped into the top of his underpants to clasp around his hard cock. I could see her stroking it in his pants. John was clearly enjoying this as he too slowly rocked his hips with every stroke of Janes hand. John was now sucking on Janes big breasts, which she loves. They looked at each other for a second then Jane pulled his cock over the top of his pants and then pulled them around his thighs. His hard cock and balls were now exposed for Jane to see and play with. Again they looked at each other for a second but this time Jane smiled at John and said "come on then " without wasting another second John started to kiss Jane and this time he moved closer so that his hard cock was now between Janes legs. Jane reacted to this by gently lowering her hips so that his hard cock was now pushing against her wet pussy. I just watched as they kissed and both John and Janes hips slowly rocked in time now. Every rock was now letting his hard cock rub against her wet pussy lips. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the thrust. Jane was moaning more and more as the feeling of his hard cock against her made her ache to feel his hard cock enter her. I leant forward and kissed Janes passionately as John kept rubbing against her. I then stood behind John and put my arms around them both, I grabbed Janes sexy arse and I pulled her right up to John. His cock slid right down her pussy lips and he entered her with ease due to her sweet juices. Jane gasped as she didn't expect me to do it, John groaned"oh shit! Fucking hell! " I then slapped Janes arse cheek and stood back from them. I just stood next to them again and the look of joy in Janes face was amazing. She was totally enjoying the feeling of his cock inside her. She was feeling so nervous but also so horny. John looked at me almost as if asking for permission. So I said to him "ok mate now it's time for you to fuck her good and make her cum" he just smiled and grabbed Janes arse cheeks and thrust deep inside her, this was met with a squeal of both joy and pain from Jane and almost in retaliation she put her hands on his chest and pushed him back hard. This action made his dick slip out of her pussy and in doing so gave her a lovely feeling in her pussy. She told him to remove his pants properly as she said "I'm going to suck that dick now". Whilst John was removing his pants I walked around the far side of the bed and sat on the end to ensure I had a good view of what was going to happen. Jane dropped to her knees, she clasped johns cock and started to lick and suck his hard cock. Her hand cupped his balls and she softly jiggled them as if to tease him. Her mouth was firmly around the shaft of johns cock and was obviously giving him extreme pleasure. She sucked his hard cock slowly with taking it deep in her mouth and would then switch to fast short sucks. Her lips were wet with saliva johns cock was also covered in her saliva. Jane sucked him for about 10 minutes making johns cock extremely hard. She then slowly stood up in front of him. Johns hands held Janes big breasts as they kissed again. Jane then lay on the bed and held out her hand towards John. She took his hand and gently pulled him on to the bed next to her. They started to kiss again and John positioned himself between Janes legs as he lay on top of her. John started to kiss Jane on the neck which made her very horny as she loves this. After a little while of kissing her neck his lips moved down her chest and started to give her beautiful breasts and by now hard nipples. He gently sucked her hard nipples and then sucked on her breasts. Taking his time to give each breast the attention he thought would make Jane horny. It was working as I could see Janes hips rocking as he sucked her tits. I could see her arse cheeks squeezing together in joy of the feeling of johns tongue and mouth on her soft breasts. Then John knelt up between Janes legs and holding his hard cock he started to rub the tip of his cock on Janes wet clit. I was sat just behind him and could see clearly as he slid his cock backwards and forwards along Janes pussy lips. He would slide his cock right down to the opening of her pussy then push it back up to her clit but when he got to her clit he would do small strokes on her clit to tease her. I could see Janes pussy getting wetter and shiny with every time johns cock slid up her pussy. John stopped teasing her pussy with his cock and put his hands on Janes hips. He pulled her hips up lifting her arse slightly off the bed. He then moved in closer between her legs. I now couldn't see Janes pussy or johns cock but in a moment of pure joy for all three of us I knew his cock had just entered Jane because she let out a gasp of excitement and then a dirty big smile came across her face. John to let out a deep moan and said "mmmm yeah! Oh my god that feels good" I was sat behind him with my cock hard too and I admit that the minute I heard Janes moan and then saw her smile I was extremely turned on. My cock was now throbbing as I watched my beautiful lady enjoying johns cock. John was now slowly thrusting his cock deep in to Janes pussy. Janes legs had flopped open to give him totally access to her. She was offering herself completely to him as the feeling of his cock was making her feel completely sexy and amazing. John leant forward and softly grabbed Janes tits. He was holding them as he slowly fucked her. I moved up the bed and sat by Janes head. I leant over her face and looked deep in to her eyes. I saw total enjoyment looking back at me. I kissed her passionately as John kept fucking her. We kissed for several minutes as they were fucking. I could feel Jane getting more turned on and cumming as John was fucking her as she would stop kissing me to let out a little gasp or moan from time to time. I stopped kissing her to allow her to concentrate on fucking. As I pulled my head away from her she said softly. I love you babe, you are the most amazing person to let us enjoy this". I smiled back at her and told her I loved her too. She then turned her head and faced John who was still fucking her nice and slow. Jane then said to John "cmon then if we're fucking doing this let's fucking do it." I was surprised at this because I've never heard Jane talk like that and I guessed she'd found some deep desires and was letting them out. John took no time in upping the speed of his thrusts and the intensity of them. He pulled Janes hips right on to him and pushed his cock right inside Jane. She moaned "oh fuck yeah! Oh fuck that's it cmon fuck me john. Let's see what you can do. Jane squeezed her breasts together and teased her own nipples with her fingers as John kept fucking her. John was sweating and fucking as good as he could. He was thrusting fast and deep for a while and then he would slow a little and do longer thrusts taking his cock almost all the way out before pushing it back all the way in. Jane was getting incredibly turned on and was completely soaking wet. I could hear all her juices as johns cock pushed its way back in. Jane put her hands around johns arse cheeks and pulled him in hard. She was thrusting back against johns thrusts and the two were now absolutely oblivious to anything other than each other. Jane dug her nails into johns arse cheeks and he yelped a little in surprise but it seemed to increase his enjoyment as he let out what could only be described as a sexual groan. John now started to duck Jane hard and fast. Jane was swearing and moaning with every deep thrust. Johns balls were slapping against Janes hot pussy as his cock went deep inside. John kept fucking Jane hard and Jane kept cumming. I sat and watched the most sexy thing I've ever seen in my life as I watched my lady fucking and cumming. Jane said to John "please keep fucking me im going to fucking cum " johns reply was"shit! Ok Good I'm going to cum too". John kicked it up another gear and was now fucking Jane for all he was worth. His cock was rock hard and throbbing as he was desperately trying not to cum in her before she had cum herself. Jane was now moaning over and over again "oh fuck yeah" but just as her voice sounded like she couldn't take anymore she changed her moan to "oh my god fuck yeah! Oh fuck I'm cumming! Fuck " her body writhed on the bed as her orgasm rolled over her body. Her pussy felt like it had exploded with joy. John immediately followed her with a deep moan of "oh fuck me yeah babe! And then he shot his hot cum inside her. They both just slumped on to the bed next to each other and stared at the ceiling whilst breathing heavily. I went around the bed and stood by Janes head. She grabbed my hard cock and started to wank me. As she wanted me she was asking me "did you like that baby?" "Did you like watching us fuck?" It wasn't long before I wanted to cum after watching them and hearing her talk dirty. She wanked my cock hard and then emptied my hot cum all over her beautiful big tits. I then lay on the bed next to her and the three of us all just lay there totally happy and relaxed.
Poster: Funlovers90