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Sweet dare


CollegeSexDiaries #01, Zelda's First Fuckover
The following is a TRUE STORY about an amazing college fling I had — I recently helped a lovely young woman, Zelda, discover her sexual maturity: i.e., lose her virginity. Other than the names have been changed and the exact locations disguised — everything described herein is true and correct and happened the summer of 2015 in western Massachusetts.


I think the term, “losing one’s virginity” is a bit old fashioned and has negative connotations of very traditional gender roles. It implies the male “taking” the female — that’s no what happened in this story at all. Rather the young woman at the center of this story selected me as the person to help her discovery her maturity — to be her first sexual partner and to teach her about sexual intercourse via direct encounters. In the summer of 2015 I was a rising sophomore at a prestigious college, Amherst. I was 19 and on the men's varsity cross-country squad – thus I was in amazing shape – a long distance runner with tremendous endurance in my “lower unit” muscles: legs and gluts (butt) as well as cardiovascular. I was a biology major and planed to attend medical school.

I had just taken a year of human sexuality — a popular biology survey course that covered current sexual practices, STDs, birth control methods, genetics and pregnancy, the philosophy of sex, and trends in medical research. It was a fascinating course. In particular I was very interested in “natural family planning” — a method of birth control typically used by Catholics for religious reasons — a method that was 100% natural yet required a scientific inquiry into a women’s ovulation cycles: having the male and female simply avoid having PiV (penis-in-vagina) intercourse during fertile times, otherwise in non-fertile times of the woman’s cycle, the male is free to ejaculate into the woman’s vagina without fear of pregnancy. The female professor mentioned that many doctors actually use this NFP method as it allows for 100% natural sexual acts — no condoms, no pills, no IUDs — and is the pure biological reality

For Zelda was about 105 lbs. and long dirty blond hair with green eyes — of Scandinavian descent. Zelda was slender, about 5'6" and ran cross-country for her high school. Zelda had very small “bee sting” type breasts and never wore a bra – her nipples announcing themselves by poking through her shirt fabric – I found her very attractive due to her purity (no fake tits) and her lack of makeup and bra – the sexiness of a youth having just completed puberty was thrillingly attractive – a ripeness.

Zelda was “my type” due to her slender athletic body: the 100%, all-natural granola type sexiness. I’ve never cared for women with big breasts or “pearl necklace” type sex acts – I love petite women and their pussies – licking, touching and penetrating them. An observation from my limited variety of sexual partners, I have found that women with small breasts tend to focus their sexual energies exclusively on their female genitals – it’s their main gift to a male in lovemaking – and thus are more “pussy” focused.

Zelda was a rising high school senior; she just turned 18 and was enrolled for a summer session at my college – a highly competitive institution in New England: western Massachusetts. Zelda took two undergraduate classes – English and Art — and planned to apply for admission. I met her in my dorm – all the high school students stayed together on the first two floors – separated by sex with a RA to make sure no mischief occurred creating legal liability for the college’s endowment – other than openly using drugs and getting drunk, the high school students were free to do as they pleased for the summer session.

Zelda and I met in the stairwell at my dorm and I asked her to lunch at the cafeteria -- nothing special -- as she didn't know anyone, and seemed eager to hang out. We hit it off, and she seemed eager to have further contact. After a few days, I took her on a date -- to an art museum in a nearby town – we drove my mom’s old car: a 15-year old blue Mercedes sedan that I kept waxed and clean. After we toured the collection and had lunch, we walked around the sculpture gardens -- about 20 acres. We found a spot on the grass – far from the museum -- and just sat down and chatted away. The conversations did turn more intimate in terms of emotional sharing. Zelda seemed to be very attracted to me -- in part because I was older and had already gained admission to this highly competitive college. I sensed she was looking for a fling -- something to tell her friends about when she returned home for senior year. I started by saying, "I realize I'm a few years older than you, me in college and you still in high school, but I find you very, very attractive..." I wanted to be clear that if we hooked up, it would be her choice -- an act of charity on my part to get involved with an inexperienced high school student whom would leave in a few weeks -- I didn't want to set unrealistic expectations. She consented by moving closer to me, and looking me in the eye, smiling.


I began to kiss her -- sitting upright on the grass -- and I felt her eager tongue communicate that she was ready for a sexual encounter. My hands caressed her long hair, and I pulled her close to me. Having a bit of experience in sexual acts, I wanted whatever was going to happen between us to be slow and unhurried. So we kissed for a good ten minutes, my hands started to brush against her small breasts and I drew her even closer to me – her chest pressing against mine. I started to fondle her ass checks and continued to play with her long blond hair – pulling it a bit in pinches – combined with a massage of her scalp.

After a while, we lay down, side-to-side facing each other, then side-to-side, spooning. The park was very big, and we were under a tree all alone -- the light filtering in and out on a Sunday afternoon. Nobody was nearby, we felt comfortable. In time, I slipped my right hand into her pants, and boldly moved my hand under her underwear after some light massage of her bellybutton. She offered no resistance, and continued to French kiss me with passion. I was excited to have my hand on her sex.

My palm pressed against her mons pubis, the ridge of tissue above the vulva – and I just held my hand there without moving – my fingers pressing against pubic hair and slit could feel the nice little hillock – the “camel toe” -- and started to lightly massage my palm into her mons pubis with increased pressure in rhythmic pulses all the while rubbing her pubic hairs lightly with my fingertips -- stimulating her whole genital region indirectly yet never opening her vaginal lips or touching her clitoris directly.

In no time, I could sense the heat rising in her pussy via the moist pubic hair and her vaginal secretions my fingers – her vagina was aroused, enlarged, and lubricated by her vaginal secretions – she was “ready for penetration” in terms of physiology. She was squirming – highly sexually charged. I pressed behind her, spooning, kissing her neck from behind while I would press my palm of my hand onto her mons pubis: the ridge of tissue above her vaginal opening, while my fingers dangled upon her labia

Zelda's breathing increased, and she started to tremble, and yet I did not penetrate her vaginal canal just yet with my fingers, I prefer to do that when would be nude -- where I can have better access. I was just testing the waters, and clearly she was highly aroused and ready for sexual intercourse. I was kissing the nape of her neck, my left hand wrapped around her body, cupping her breast, another slid into her underwear cupping her mons — I would make light circles brushing the pubic hair varied with squeezing, palm to fingers, of her entire genitals. We continued on like this for about 10 more minutes, writhing on the grass, me pushing my uber erect penis into her ass crack -- we were both fully clothed -- and she made no attempt to retreat. I begin dry-humping her, slowly thrusting my rock hard 7" penis, which when pressed against my body is like a zucchini reaching from just above my anus to my belly-button. I pressed it into her ass crack where it fit nicely, allowing our bodies to be pushed together, head to toe: my balls pushing touching up against her perineum, my cock filling up her ass crack, my glans pushing against her lower spine — I could feel her tail bone with the tip of my penis. It was really hot foreplay, I was loving it, and so was she — yet I didn’t want to do anything further in public, I had no desire to make a spectacle of ourselves, and thus never penetrated her vagina with my fingers in an effort to massage her vulva into orgasm, I just teased her pussy and got her really hot. With my hand still in her wet panties, and my middle finger touching her inner vaginal lips — at the opening of the vaginal canal I so desired to explore — I asked, “Do you think we should go back to the dorm now? Do you wish to make love with me? I’d like that immensely…”

Ridding back to campus about 3pm, we stopped at a Walgreens for some condoms and Astroglide — I smiled as the cashier rang it up — it was very cheerful banter to know your getting ready to have sex with a fit teenage girl this very afternoon — it wasn’t like we were drunks trying to bang each other before we sobered up: funneling around. We were both athletes in tune with our bodies: we both wanted to fuck each other: I planned to fuck here for hours this afternoon, show here that long distance runner’s stamina.


We got back to my dorm room with the condoms and immediately we stripped naked while standing up — just after I locked the door — I vividly remember my rock hard cock had oozed pre-cum all over my underwear — the clear, oily fluid that seeps from Cowper’s gland to prepare the man for sex was all over the bulbous tip of my penis, making my glans very shinny — sometimes my cock gets so hard, if ejaculation does not occur rapidly in foreplay, a sort of “blue balls” pain ensues in my genitals from the sheer pressure of the blood in the erectile tissue — and that circumstance was exactly what was happening with my cock as I had been 100% erect for over an hour without any ejactulatory “satisfaction” — a very real biological urge to cum — kissing Zelda, pressing my phallus against her ass, and during the drive home — thoughts of sex — all the while, my penis had never left my underwear.

Thus the prolonged pressure of the erection itself (the blood engorged erectile tissues) started to bruise my penis causing a mild pain, but nothing too bad — such pains acts to delay the ejaculation especially when I use a condom — making me last longer when I would expect to “blow the load” in a few strokes. When I am having sex with a girlfriend — i.e., expecting to fuck/cum at will — I solve this problem of the biological instinct to cum quickly and to avoid a blue-balls type “uber erection” by simply masturbating before an anticipating sex session — counterintuitive, but it works well. Thus when kissing begins after dinner, I am not instantly rock hard, seeking to ejaculate as I had cum a few hours previous.

Thus by masturbating before a planned sex session allows me to be a better lover, to think of my female partner’s needs rather then being driven to ejaculate as the number one goal — the reproductive urge — or trying to fight human nature. Masturbating by hand takes me just a few minutes — I often do it in a public bathrooms with the aid of viewing Internet pornography — my iPhone in one hand, a but of spit for lube and my right hand massaging my penis. I frequently masturbate in the Amherst College library — all I need is a quite stall for a few minutes — if any person enters I immediately go flaccid — it’s not about exhibitionism or kinks, but rather about ridding myself of the biological sexual drive by yielding to it — such helps me stay focused on my classwork.

For example, if my mind turns to fucking a girl while reviewing organic chemistry — it’s time to take a visit to the 3rd floor bathroom — problem solved. The point being in this first sexual session with Zelda — totally unplanned — my cock was unbelievable hard and sore — the large amount of pre-cum oozing from my glans’s pee hole showed the biological reality — my reproductive system was expecting penis stimulation that would result in orgasm and ejaculation for way too long — yet I still had a ways to go before cumming was a reality.

Zelda and I were now nude in my dorm, quite a turn of events form the morning, and standing pressed against each other kissing, I asked, “Zelda, have you had vaginal sex before with the lads in high school, or just done oral? I know that stats for 18 year old girls, and it’s 50%-50%?” She replied that she’s never had sexual intercourse — just done oral sex — and I again asked, “Are you sure you want to have sex with me? Are you ready for this?” I really didn’t want to push her, but sensed that she was really keen to proceed — she had already fucked me in her imagination the day we first met. I was happy to oblige her desire, and I was full of sexual energy but I really wanted to make this an amazing experience for her — so glad her virginity was being offered to me in the daylight with full consent — quite a responsibility. I thought for a moment what her parents were doing at this instant — as I, a stranger, was about to become the closest person to her on Earth — to forever exist in her memory: her first adult sexual experience. Certainly the blowjobs she had given to the high school lads had created an adult desire, for she never drew away from my erotic “dry humping” in the grass — in which she became quite aware of my cock and its need to penetrate her bottom.

I played her down on the bed, kissing her, and rubbing my cock on her belly — I started to finger her mons as before, but quickly proceeded to place my middle finger into her wet vaginal opening — it slid in. I then kissed her breasts — taking her aerials into my mouth briefly — I love small breasts, and love tonguing the erectile tissue of hard nipples. She being on my bed on her back, I moved down and had her spears her legs so I could really see her genitals: a slender teen, she had a ungroomed blond pubes — very light in color and shinning — I told her how beautiful her pussy was — something I learned in sex tips — women always want to know that they have beautiful vulvas (i.e., genitals) when a man is first making a visual inspection. I held her legs spread — “Gorgeous genitals with the blond hair, just like me!” and nothing smelled amiss. Some women do have a foul vaginal odor, but Zelda definitely had a scent from her vaginal secretions, but nothing unpleasant — just a female in heat type odor — and I commented on it too, “you smell great — like honey,” putting her at ease for what I was about to do — eat her out while fingering her G-spot — aiming for a mixed orgasm via simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation — I had read many sex books being a bio major and really interested the physiology of sex: the science of eroticism. As they say, “the brain is the biggest sex organ.” My academic interest in sex (in addition to real life experiences of penis-in-vagina sexual intercourse) helped prepare me for this unexpected situation: a 18 year old virgin, had opened her pussy to me — it was inches away — eager for a first fuck. What to do? What was the sex session plan of attack? Definitely, I wanted to giver her a five start experience — something to tell her friends back home what she accomplished of the summer break: “I went to Dartmouth summer school and I fucked this really hot varsity cross-country runner; he’s a sophomore in college. We fucked every day, in every way — it was amazing — felt so good!” I put on some classical music via Bluetooth— Bach keyboard solo works — very soothing and would mask her sex sounds — I didn’t want people listening against the dorm door (or rather for her to know this always occurs when students fuck in a little dorm room with paper thin walls.) I live on the third floor, and left the window blinds open — anyone with binoculars in the treetops could have seen us, and we’d have welcome they are to it! Men fuck women in college dorms — duh!

The way I looked at it, I was to be Zelda’s sex coach for the next two weeks — she wanted this experience— and what Zelda would learn from me would shape her sexual experiences with other men! Yet she was just 18, and I was chosen as the first one to make love with her — to open her up erotically — a great honor that I took seriously. I started to lick her labia — her outer and inner vaginal lips — my nose pushed against her pubes. Studying bio always made me connect sex with reproduction — for everything in sex is geared towards conception — for example, the pre-cum that had been oozing out of my cock for the last hour… that clear oily fluid’s utility is immense: it alters the pH balance of the male’s urethra so that the acidity of urine traces are removed —so when a man ejaculates through the urethra in the penis, the sperm is not placed in an acidic environment — likewise a female’s “wetness” in her vagina during sexual arousal is actually her vaginal canal’s pH being adjusted to receive the male’s ejaculation – keeping the sperm healthy.

Anyhow, I was rhythmically tonguing her vaginal lips a set number of times, and then sticking my tongue as deep as I could manage into her vaginal canal — during this oral sex, with both hands I grabbed her ass checks firmly, massaging her glut muscles hard as I ate her little teen pussy. She began to moan and writhe in pleasure. I then inserted a finger into her vagina and quickly found the rough spot on the top of her wall — her G-spot. I began to simultaneously lick her clit and massage her G-spot with a finger — being careful to monitor her movements and moans — I did not want to over stimulate her, just keep her on a steady inclined plane of sexual stimulation. After just a few minutes of this sexual projects — tongue to clit and finger to G-spot, her ass lifted into the air, and she convulsed into a sexual ecstasy — a powerful orgasm tore through her body that lasted so very long, I began to worry she was dying — the vaginal canal spasms extended into her glut muscles — she shock all over -- and she made shallow breaths— and a flush of vaginal fluid was released – not squirting, just more vaginal fluids.


I prepared to penetrate her — skipping the expected offer of a blow job — by tearing open the first condom packet, and rolling a bright red condom over my penis down to my balls — a nice tight fit — I always believe that never can one have enough lubrication in penis-in-vagina sex, and thus I squirted a few two teaspoons of lubricant onto my latex-covered red dong, and another squirt directly on her labia — drenching her vaginal lips. I let the moment of truth build up slowly, carefully placing my 7” dong against her vagina in the missionary position – looking into her eyes. My penis is fairly long, but thin, and sometimes I can hit a women’s cervx causing pain. I asked, “Are you ready? Let’s take this nice and slow. No rush. I’ll just easy in there — tell me if it hurts…” and I pushed about 1/4 the way in — and took a few shallow in/outs – looking into her eyes. Zelda was still lying on her back, enjoying the moment. I placed her hands upon my ass checks so she could help control my thrusting. Feeling the warm, well-lubricated vaginal canal with the tip of my penis was fantastic — I was inside her, I was taken her for the first time. I would make it a great experience.

Keeping contact with her eyes – my face about 12” above hers – in the missionary position as if I was doing pushups -- I started to thrust slowly, a deeper — now getting half my 7” inside her without any resistance — her extreme arousal had caused her vaginal canal to expand in size, and within a few minutes with the help the lubrication, I was balls deep within her, all my 7” buried inside, feeling the warmth of her wet vagina with my penis was amazing — the lubrication created was frictionless in/out. I started to do 10 quick deep thrusts – a rhythm I had learned in sex books – and then hold my penis still while pushed all the way into her vaginal canal. After a few such cycles, when I pushed into her vagina really hard – I touched up against her cervix with my glans (penis tip) which was engulfed in blood and not soft, but hard. This caused her immediate pain – and she yelped in pain. Knowing the problem form experience, I said, “Sorry, I’ll take in easy – my penis is long enough that it’s hit your cervix – the gateway to your uterus. Let’s switch positions to rear entry in which your vagina will be natural extended.” I helped position her in doggie style – she on all fours and me pulling in behind, kneeling. This is my favorite position – I tend to only orgasm in this sex position as it allows me intense visual stimulation – seeing my penis thrusting in/out of the female’s vagina with my hands on the her hip bones – moreover, it allows me space for vigorous fucking – thrusting of the hips – without making me feel like I’m doing a hundred pushups – being a runner, my hips/legs are strong yet not so much in the upper body. Luckily, sex is about the “lower body” as it were!

Being my dick has been solidly erect for what seems like hours from the French kissing at the art museum – I decide it’s time for me to cum – at least so I can concentrate more on her first penetrative sex experience in the next round. So I start fucking her at a nice clip – being careful not to thrust hard, just deep – she was taking my cock 100% to the balls – but I just refrained from pushing that extra bit in which I can jam it in even further. I quickly reached a “plateau state” in which my testicles tightened, and I was going strong, in/out, in/out, in/out, in/out, in/out, in/out, etc. I really like getting to a “plateau state” – I can feel the orgasm building within me – and I have no desire to slow down and to lengthen the time of the lovemaking session. My goal is my own orgasm – and my hands are holding her hip bones and I look down at our my dirty blond pubes and dick stuck into her slit – vaginal fluid and lube has oozed out along the base of my latex-covered red dick to my balls – I can feel the fluids being pulled by gravity along the folds of my scrotcal sac – whiel this fuck action goes on – and even the drips off the base of my scrotum to my inner thighs. It’s so fucked amazing to be having sex like this – that’s what I was thinking. I wasn’t able to gaze into Zelda’s eyes anymore – I was just pounding her pussy – but that was the center of her being at this point in time – her warmth – her expanded canal having just orgasmed herself. “I’m going to cum soon.” I announced.

It took another two minutes – higher and higher I traveled on this mountainous sexual plateau – my heart beat increasing -- the orgasm sensed – the pumping faster and harder. Then I go over the edge – the pleasure fills my brain from all directions – in about two seconds, I am in full ecstasy – “I’m cumming now…” as the waves of the orgasm hit – I thrust deeply for about ten seconds – as my ejaculation takes over and I squirt – one, two, three, four contractions – into the red latex condom. I squeezed Zelda’s ass to emphasis the moment of ejaculation – “That was fantastic. Wow. Amazing. Thanks for letting me share that with you.” Properly speaking, being a bio major I inform you my dear readers that the male’s orgasm is quite separate from the male’s ejaculation – although people consider them to be synonymous. A male’s orgasm always precedes his ejaculation – typically by a few seconds – the orgasm triggering waves of pleasure but also causing a primal instinct to take hold – the deep thrusting of the penis into the vaginal canal as far as one can push in – so that the ejaculation of seminal fluid, i.e., several squirts of the “seed of life” (the greek meaning of semen) is deposited at the cervix with the sperm swimming into the uterus. Of course, the latex condom stopped this natural process – yet the instinct remained.

I held my penis in her for about 30 seconds while my brain chemistry descends from the heights of orgasm – my penis slowly goes flaccid and I can feel the seminal fluid at the reservoir tip of the condom – my warm cum load. I withdraw from her, took off the red latex condom – she looked with interest -- pore the contents of my ejaculation on my palm – one of my biggest cum loads ever – and showed it to her – “Wow look at what you made me do. That was amazing. Incredible. You were fantastic.” We took a bathroom break, got cleaned up, and had some Gatorade – just laid in my single bed together for about 30 minutes.


She was clearly up for some more action – she started to caress with her hands, my semi-erect penis. After the release of the orgasm, I was much freer now to have sexual intercourse without the pent up pressure of the orgasm trying to get out – the biological reality of sex – to ejaculate into the women’s vagina. That done, we could now have a more pleasant round 2. As I didn’t want to overdo things, this being 18 y.o. Zelda’s first time with penetrative sex (though she’s sucked cock on a few occasions and been fingered to orgasm) I let her take the lead. We were both lying on our backs – a bit sweaty – pheromones hanging in the air – she starts massaging my penis and kissing my neck.

Quickly, I am rock hard again. She moves down and said smiling, “I’m going to give you the ‘buttery fly flick.’” I had no idea what Zelda was talking about – I assume it was some special blowjob technique she’d read about in Cosmo (laughter) – 10 new ways to give . I was relaxed and eager to receive this pleasure. Zelda sat Indian style, her muscle legs folded, and I lying on my back. We positioned ourselves so that my testicles were pushed against her bellybutton, my thighs wrapped around her torso, my butt checks positioned between her calf muscles and inner thighs – a position of receiving a blowjob I have never experienced. This allowed Zelda easy access to my erection and testicles – my scrotum sac being quite loose now (expanded in length meaning orgasm is far off).

Zelda started to caress my penis with her hands and making certain rhythmic tongue flicks upwards on my glan’s frenulum (the ridge of the underside of the penis tip). Thus was awesome. I had never experienced it. After a bit, she took my testicles into her mouth, one by one, as she continued to caress my shaft – but not touching the glans. Not being the most experienced at blowjobs but quite willing to learn, I suggested a bit of lubricant might be in order – and a squirt of AstroGlide made skin-to-skin contact with my shaft much more pleasing. Generally, I prefer PIVing to blowjobs (PIV = penis in vagina) but Zelda was taking me into new heights. I was loving this blowjob – not only the attention to my glans, but also to the shaft and testicles – and watching all this was amazing – her blond hair framing the scene – my penis in her mouth, her smiling and being so willing. No alcohol make the inhibitions, just sexual desire and a genuine desire to please one’s partner – to create a deep erotic connection.

After a few minutes Zelda said, “Most guys would have cum by now, are you enjoying this? Do you want to try something else?”

I said, “This is fantastic, just know that I came about 30 minutes ago, so it’s going to take much more action to get me off the second time. Just keep going. You’re doing great.”

I was loving her blowjob — the intimacy she was giving me via tonguing my penis — although after a few minutes the blowjob started to get too tickly for my taste as she really tongued my frenulum hard and quick — the frenulum being the most sensitive underside of the glans (penis head) and started to suck on the glans itself like a lollypop— her lips locked to the ridge that connects my penis shaft to the glans and giving quite a bit of suction— being so very erect, my glans had expanded to about 4mm larger than my penal shaft — the edge of the glans is a little cliff of ultra sensitive purple flesh. By alternating liking and sucking — she sent my glans’s nerve endings into ecstasy — tonguing the skin surface but also from the suction she excited the rots of the nerve endings inside the glans itself — it was really intense and at moments I started to draw away per over stimulation — twitching my body — although she likely mis-read this as my being in pleasure.

The larger issue is that I hate being still when I’m so highly aroused — I’ve experimented with “tantric sex” and “hands free” masterbation and I hated them both — like having watching a film in slow motion — you’ll be there all day and nothing really happens. I like being an active sex partner physically — I love to thrust my hips and to have my heart race, but I didn’t want to push deep into her mouth and to gag her — to alter the rules of the sex game she was teaching me, but at the same time, I sensed Zelda’s neck was was getting tired being bent over working on my penis while win the Indian position hunched over my cock, and she was clearly nervous at her inability to bring me to orgasm quickly — she was quite eager for me to cum in her mouth – quite a honor and I imagined it with my penis in her mouth – yet I’m sure the high school boys she had been with, that the “butterfly flick” was a one-act play ending with with them jizzing in her mouth after a few minutes with gusto, yet she did not comprehend the length of stimulation required for a 2nd act — to give me a second orgasm per the “blue balls” situation. Girls don’t typically bring a man to orgasm orally and then yearn to do the entire drill again!

So I politely suggested, “Zelda, what about some more penetration? Is that OK to fuck some more? I tend to last forever being a long distance runner and while I love your ‘butter fleck,’ I tend to cum only when thrusting my hips — during vaginal penetration — are you up for some more or are you sore form that in/out we just did?” She was relieved to change the pace, and I took control again: laying Zelda on her back.

I wanted to prepare Zelda’s pussy to receive me again, and so I pushed her legs way back – her ankles on either side of her head – her pussy exposed – and began to aggressive tongue her vaginal canal – tasting her, getting her ready. I was taking a much more masculine role – moving her body around with my strength and she assenting. She was in my control, willingly. Her breathing increased, and she began to moan at this intensity of stimulation from my tongue. After a few minutes, I moved to her clitoris and gave it a brief workout, at which time she said, “I want you inside.” I didn’t need to be told twice! I grabbed another red latex condom, sheathed my shaft, and plunged in while she was still in this erotic and submissive position – I was careful not to thrust deeply as this position shortens the vaginal canal – I again assumed the pushup position – supporting my torso with my arms – and thrusting down into her. I alternated looking into her eyes and down at my penis buried in her slit. She started to moan.

I decided that this second sex session would be more aggressive – more animalistic. We were both athletes – and I wanted Zelda to experience the physical workout that a sex session could be – to get the heart racing and sweat. I flipped her over – having her lay face down on the bed – I positioned a pillow under her belly button – raising her ass in the air. I then did her in the “down doggie” fast and hard. I love this position as it allows me to thrust hard, and I enjoy seeing my penis buried in her ass. I can also see the rosebud of her anus, but need my hands to support. I pile drive her for five minutes – yet with the condom I am not quite ready to cum – I am tired and need a shift.

I move her to the edge of the bed, and we both stand on the floor and I do her doggie – she using the bed for support – her stomach lying on the bed. I am grabbing her hip bones again and thrusting wildly into her – I moan as well. I stop for a moment and squirt a bit of lube, and bury my thumb in her asshole – I can feel my penis through the rectum walls – feel my head going in and out of her vagina. I use the other hand to wrap around and massage her clitoris – giving her anal, vaginal, and clitoral stimulation – I’m going fast and trying to get to the plateau so I can cum again.

Well on my way to orgasm, Zelda cums again – the flush of fluid and spasms over take her – I feel the contractions through her rectum, with my penis, and the two fingers I have jerking her clitoris off as if it was a penis – working the shaft up and down – never directly lifting her hood. After a few minutes of this hard action – my deep thrusts – I get to the sexual plateau and have a few wonderful minutes going deeper into exhaustion yet I can sense the coming orgasm. After a total of fifteen minutes of penetration in this standing doggie position, I cum again – grunting loudly and pulling her hips into me – pushing my cock deep.

“Wow. Incredible. You were amazing – that was just the best ever.” I complement her, withdraw my penis slowly – grabbing the red latex condom at the base – and then take it off – not nearly as much of a cum load this second time, but the orgasm was every bit a strong.

I am spent – we lay down in sweat and just cuddle, falling asleep in each other’s arms.
Poster: Cyprian