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Sweet dare


after dinner surprise
I have been married for over 25 years and my wife occasionally spends the weekends with our grown children taking care of the grandkids. Since we only have two vehicles it is pretty easy for our neighbor to know when she is gone for the weekend. Jim and I talk a lot and his sexy little girlfriend, Karen, comes out and talks too. They had mentioned several times that they would like for us or me to come over and they would grill out and we could get to know each other better. I always said, "That sounds like a good idea, we should do that." I never really expected it to happen. Now Karen is a sexy little thing, and in warm weather she often came out wearing a little halter top or bikini top. She does not have huge breasts, but they are very attractive and fit her physique well. Thankfully she rarely wears a bra, and I am sure she has noticed me looking. A few times she has come out to talk wearing a light colored T-shirt and that is always a treat. To get on with the story, last May my wife was spending the weekend with the grandkids and Jim saw me out in the driveway changing the turn-signal bulb on my truck. He walked over and we talked for a little while and Karen came over too. This was another one of those eye treats, where she had on a white T-shirt and short-shorts! I couldn't help but notice and had a hard time not staring. She saw me looking and just smiled. After the three of us had talked for a little while she said, "Jim, we have talked and talked about asking Bob over for dinner, let's do it tonight." He said he was good with that and then she asked me if I was free that evening. I was, so she told me to walk over about 6:00 or so, and then she said, "Don't bring anything this is our treat."
So a little before 6:00 I put on a clean shirt, walked over and knocked on the back door. They invited me in, and had just taken the chicken and steaks off the grill. They had grilled some onions and peppers too along with the meat and it all smelled great. Karen had made some home-made bread that morning. All in all it was a wonderful meal. When we finished we moved into the living room to get comfortable and talk. I had noticed that Karen had on a halter dress (and yes I noticed she did not have on a bra!) Since she was my neighbor's girlfriend I did not comment on her dress even though I had never seen her wear one in the 3 years I had seen her at Jim's. We sat in the living room just sharing idle chit chat and honestly I don't remember anything we talked about. Somewhere around 15-20 minutes into the conversation Karen got up and walked over toward the television. She had her back to me and was looking down at the floor like she was trying to find something. The conversation stopped as we watched what she was doing. She still had her back to me, and bent over from the waist like she was trying to touch her toes. As she bent over I quickly realized she did not have any panties on under her dress. I could her beautiful ass. After a few wonderful seconds of admiration I realized I was staring at Jim's girlfriend and turned my head. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her stand back up and turn around. She called my name and looked me squarely in the eye and asked, "Did you like what you saw?" What went through my head was, "Yes it was marvelous, wonderful, stupendous, and I want to see much more." I could not say that though, and what I did try to say just got all tangled up between trying to be a polite neighbor and being honest. I am not sure I ever got a coherent word out. Karen laughed and said, "Bob, don't be embarrassed by looking at me. I know you enjoy seeing me, and I LOVE showing off. As I matter of fact, showing off my body gets me very aroused." She looked over at Jim and he gave a slight nod. Karen walked to within six feet of where I was sitting and again turned her back to me. She reached back over her shoulders and began pulling the back of her dress up. I sat there with a stupid grin on my face expecting to get another view of her sweet ass. The dress came up to the bottom of her ass, then up showing about half of it, then further up to her waist and it just kept going up. She eventually pulled it over her head and shook out her long hair and let it fall down her back. I sat there with my mouth hanging open because she was completely naked! I was loving what I was seeing and this time I didn't have to turn my head because I knew she was intentionally showing me her bare back. Then she turned around, one arm covering her boobs, the other hand covering her pussy. Still, she looked marvelous. "Bob" she said, "I have dreamed about showing you my body and Jim and I have talked about it for a long time. Tonight we finally decided to take the plunge. If you are offended, just let us know and we'll smile and act like this never happened." I just kept looking at her with a goofy grin on my face. She said, "Well, I'll take that as a yes, that you are not offended. As I said earlier I love showing off my body to those who appreciate it, and I can tell you do appreciate it." At that point she lowered her arm that was covering her boobs, and dropped her other hand to her side. She was about six feet away from me, completely naked and not the least bit embarrassed. She moved one leg out to the side and I could see just a touch of her pink pussy. The look on her face and in her eyes told me that she was really enjoying this, and more than just a little bit aroused. "Since we have come this far" she said, "I need to tell you a few of our ground rules. Please put your hand on the arm of your chair." I put my hand down palm up, and she came closer and closer. Then she put one leg up over the arm of the chair and eased her pussy down on my hand. I still had the goofy grin on my face and was wondering when I would wake up from this crazy dream. So here I am, sitting in my neighbor's house with his girlfriend totally naked, and sitting on my hand! She said, "With my permission you can touch what you are touching now, Jim is OK with that. With your permission, I can touch you." She looks at me and I nod my head yes. She puts her hand in my lap and of course my cock is rock hard and she can feel it through my loose shorts. "Jim!" She squealed, "He is rock hard already!" I am somewhat embarrassed about this because I have never had my erection discussed with another man prior to this but I am OK with it. She begins to slide her pussy back and forth on my hand and I can feel that she is getting wetter. She is a little distracted, and I am enjoying her nearness. "Where were we? Oh, yes. With my permission you can touch me, with your permission I can touch you, and...with my permission you can put your tongue where your hand is, likewise, with your permission I can put my tongue where my hand is." She still hand her hand on my hard cock. It was almost like she had forgotten about it, because her movements on my hand had her fairly distracted by now, and my hand and fingers were getting wetter. Then she reached inside the elastic waistband of my shorts and under the underwear and wrapped her hand around my bare cock! I had a surge of excitement because it had been lots of years since anyone other than my wife had shown they had any kind of attraction to me. "Now" she said, "Now that you know what we can do, here is what we can't do. You can't put what I have in my hand (and she gave my cock a nice squeeze and a tug) where your hand is" (and she slid her pussy up and down my hand again.) "That belongs to Jim and to Jim alone." I hated for her to get up off my hand and hated even more for her to remove her hand from my shorts, but knew it was coming. She walked over to Jim and asked him, "Are you still OK with giving him a show?" Jim said, "Hell yes!" So Karen pulls his T-shirt off, unbuttons his shorts and starts pulling down his zipper. At this point I am really beginning to wonder if I am awake or dreaming. I had seen my share of porn and watched a few hours of Chaturbate and other web cams, but I had never seen two people have sex while I was in the room with them. There was a tiny part of me that thought this was none of my business, but 98% plus was so turned-on I didn't even want to blink. Karen pulled his shorts off and I vaguely noticed he had been going commando but I didn't care. Jim was sitting directly across from me so when she pulled his shorts down I saw his hard cock spring back up and stand at attention. Nowhere in my life had I ever looked at another man's cock and thought, "Wow that looks good, I'd like to see it closer or touch it." On the few occasions when I had seen another man naked I actually had the opposite reaction. Yet on that night, seeing him naked and hard, seeing her naked and knowing she was already turned on, and knowing they had said they were about to "give me a show" overall I was very aroused too. Suddenly I remembered she had been sitting on my hand. I put my hand to my nose and could smell her scent. More out of habit than thought I licked my two fingers that had been slightly inside of her. She saw me do it, and squealed, "Bob you just tasted my juice! For that, after the show I am going to give you the blowjob of your life!" Jim winked at me with a grin, knowing how good she was at that. Jim leaned back in his chair, Karen turned her back to him and I got the full view of her beautiful body, her boobs and her pussy as she leaned forward and took his cock into her. She is shorter than he is so I could see the pleasure on his face as he went up inside of her. I could see her face as she took him in. They began moving together, slowly at first then started gaining a little speed. From the look on her face I thought she was getting near to cumming when she said asked, "Bob would you do me a favor?" I thought, "What? She wants a favor when she is right in the middle of this?" I mumbled, "OK". She said. "Would you rub my clit while we are doing this?" I stammered out, "What?" While I had fanaticized about many things, this scenario had never been a serious part of my sexual dreams. But, as I quickly thought about it, it sounded pretty good. Jim chimed in and said, "Yeah, man help her out." So, being the good neighbor that I am I gladly obliged her. I went over beside the chair and knelt down not only to be in a good position to touch her, but also to have a clear vision of what I was touching. I had never seen what a pussy looked like with a cock sliding in and out of it. I have to say it was quite a pleasant experience, seeing her body respond to his and to my touch. I kept my fingers high and my hand turned upward, just to be sure I didn't touch his shaft or balls. Both of them began to breathe faster and I was a little sad to think this would soon be over because I was really getting into it. And wouldn't you know it, she said something else to me. Now, by this time the front of my shorts was fairly wet with my pre-cum and I was about aroused as I had ever been. She said, "Bob, would you lick my clit while he makes love to me?" Had anybody asked me an hour ago if I could ever imagine myself licking a woman's clit while a cock was going in and out of her pussy I would have called them crazy! But at that moment it sounded extremely erotic and I was all for it. They stopped their movements while I stayed on my knees and moved between their legs. I could clearly see his shaft and balls but up above that I could see her hard little clit just calling my tongue to it. I leaned over and gave it a soft slow lick from down to up. She moaned with pleasure and said, "Yes, just like that!" As I kept gently licking they slowly began making love again. I had to time my licks with his thrusts trying to keep from getting hit in the chin with his balls. Again, a tiny part of me wondered what the hell I was doing being this close to a man's cock, but I kept concentrating on this beautiful pussy I was licking and remembering the promised blow job. As expected they began moving faster and faster both of them breathing hard as was I. As we all three got caught up in what was going on, I realized I really didn't care that my chin was occasionally touching his balls, and I am pretty sure I even licked his shaft a few times too. At that point I was so ready I think if Karen had said, "Bob,cum!" I would have squirted my shorts full. Again, I thought this event was about over and even though it was the most erotic thing that ever happened to me I was ready for them to cum so I could too. However, it wasn't over yet. Karen had one more surprise for me. Just as I thought she was cumming, she suddenly pulled her body up off of Jim's cock and it flipped back down right into my mouth. I was so surprised my chin dropped and I took his whole cock in my mouth! While it is not an experience I want to repeat I have to admit it did taste just like pussy (mainly because it was covered with her juices). Truthfully we didn't stay like that but for just a few seconds, and at that moment it was a little awkward. Since I knew what it felt like to get a blow job as I was moving backward I did give him a good suck as I pulled off. While I cannot imagine flat out sucking a cock, having one come straight out of a pussy wasn't that bad.
Back to the story, Karen grinned at me knowing she had given me a new experience I never would have tried any other way. Then she lowered herself back onto Jim's cock and in less than 30 seconds they both had very intense orgasms. As soon as they both quit spasming she eased off of him, and said "I'll be right back." She didn't take long at all to clean up and came right back to me. She said, "Thank you for your help and for being such a good sport! By the way, there is only one person that I know that give better oral sex, and I am living with him. OK, now off with your shirt and shorts." By this time I was way past any embarrassment of being naked in front of her or Jim (especially since they were both still naked too!) She pulled my T-shirt over my head and quickly took down my shorts and underwear. As I stepped out of them she took my hard cock in one hand and with the other cupped my balls. I hated to do it, but I had to tell her that no matter what she did I was going to cum very quickly. She smiled real big and asked, "So you really enjoyed the show, huh?" and gave my cock a gentle squeeze. My breath came in sharply as I croaked out "yes" and was trying to hold back my orgasm. Karen said, "Well then, are you ready for me to fulfill that promise I made earlier?" And just as she said that she went to her knees and had her lips about one inch from the end of my throbbing cock. I know it probably sounded silly to both of them, but I moaned "Oh yeah, I can't wait any longer." She said "Good" as her lips slid all the way down my shaft but it sounded like GOOO. She obviously knew how to give a man pleasure and I wish I could have experienced about an hour of it as she sucked, kissed, and licked my cock. It didn't last nearly as long as I wanted, but I promise it was one of the best orgasms of my life. She never slowed down, never acted like my cum was anything but wonderful. She drank down every drop and it felt like I was shooting a gallon, shot after shot after shot. She kept on until she had drained every drop out me and licked me clean! It was so intense that it took all my effort not to just fall down into the floor afterward. She was right, it was absolutely the best blow-job I have ever ever had!
Poster: Robert (Bob)