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Fling at work
Continued fun post-conference....
At work dare And Doreen notice
nightclub 3
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Fun at the Conference
Rick and Molly continued
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Having fun on the floor

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Sweet dare


Party Every Weekend
When I was 21, after work me and a buddy would get a case of beer and play nickle dime poker in his single wide mobile home he shared with a live in girlfriend. My brother had told me my buddy's girl would do anybody. Since I had only had sex once before and scared of diseases and pregnancy, I stayed clear of her.

One weekend a skinny hot blonde showed up. She was in her mid twenties. I pretty much ignored her for two reasons. One I thought she was out of my league. And Secondly I was told by my buddy that she just got released from jail for marijuana and needed a place to crash. Usually I crash on a couch in the living room and since he had two couches which faced each other on opposite walls, it was fine with me.

The party winds down and I get a blanket for me and one for her. I explained I usually take off my jeans but I would leave them on partly because I was to damn tired to take them off. I was trying to be a gentleman. My buddy and his girl (who was also bi) went into the bedroom and shut the door. It wasn't long before there were very loud moaning from the bedroom. This was unusual.. So I smiled at the blonde across from me and said "I wonder if that is an invitation." She asked if I wanted to go in and I just shook my head no. I really was too tired and drunk. I told her she could but she didn't want to saying she was shy. So we listened for like an hour of her repeated orgasms, with him smacking her ass etc. We would chuckle and share what positions we thought they were in.

After the moaning stopped, I explained I needed to crash because I was still drunk and exhausted with work and the party. She said goodnight.

I woke up and realized it was morning, I knew my pants had been unbuckled and zipped down in my sleep and the blonde had just placed my morning wood in her mouth. I looked around and it had to be very early and my buddy and his girl was still sleeping in the other room. When she took my 6.5" cock all the way into her mouth, the sensation got me and I sat up a little. She got startled and looked at me with her hand holding my cock up to the side of her head like she was caught.

"I didn't mean to stop you." I whispered and she smiled and then continued on her discovery of my cock. She was good. She rolled her tongue around my shaft and took me in very slow and very fast. She would lick the shaft up and down and look at me as if to ask if it was going to make me cum. She would blow or breath heavily out her nose on my cock when licking me up and down. It was killing me because I didn't want to cum and here she was forcing me to - I didn't want to end the most fabulous blow job and prettiest thing of my life.

Being a gentleman I told her when I couldn't take it any longer and she took me in shallow and rolled her tongue all over the head of my cock. That was it. I filled her mouth with at least three or four large squirts of cum and she swallowed it all as it arrived. Absolutely amazing how much I had cummed and that she didn't waste a drop.

Disoriented, I kinda laid there in disbelief. She took my paints all the way off letting me know she wasn't done. She then took her pants off and got on top of me. I was hard in no time with her using her hand to put me inside her. I was bewildered... I wasn't asked.. I didn't have a condom and she just wanted it.

It wasn't long before she was riding my hard cock and playing with her clit. It seemed the blow job had invigorated her to want hers even more. She didn't pump in and out but rather rubbed my cock back and forth while playing with her clit. I reached for her breasts and exposed them. Wonderful perfect small nipples perked out of a perfect c cup. I was mesmerized by them when she crouched down from a massive orgasm in her hand. I felt my cock being squeezed with each wave of her body and all I could think to do was push deep inside. It lasted a long while as she kept "riding" the orgasm and moving her hand for more.

When she had finished she got up and I sat upright on my couch. She took her wet fingers and put them in my mouth while straddling me. Holy moses that tasted so sweet!! I was still hard and the taste and smell of her pussy on her hand just sent me into primal man mode..

I scooched forward on the couch and stood up with her on me. Walked across the room and planted her on it. I spread her legs and licked her up as best I could but she was still sensitive and raising my head up she whispered a simple "Fuck me."

Without thinking I pushed her legs up and entered her with my knees on the floor and her spread open on the couch. I took it hard and deep and really wasn't thinking but pounding it in. She laid back and moaned softly with each push. She orgasmed again and placed her hand down to stop me from being so hard with my entry. I took my time going in and out and timing each stroke like she had done with her hand. It was magic.

When she had finished with wave after wave, I announced I was going to cum and she patted her navel saying in her heavy breathing "here". I pulled out and came all over her pelvis and belly.

When we got dressed, she said she had to go. I offered to give her a ride. She said that would be nice. In the car I told her it was my second time. Again very shy she just said thanks, it had been a long time and directed me to drop her off near her house.

I never got her name. I never saw her again. I have wondered if she was a fallen angel. And I'll never forget it.
Poster: Descreetangel