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Sweet dare


New Neighbors, 2nd Weekend, Sunday
Sunday morning, P and I packed up the food, ice chest with beer and soda, and everything else we needed for our picnic to the mountains and then we picked Jack and Mandy up and hit road. Jack rode up front with me as I drove and the two wives rode in the back.

I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and Jack was dressed the same. P was wearing a sky-blue halter top and shorts that really made her look much, much younger than her real age. Mandy was wearing a t-shirt with no bra and shorts.

The drive to our spot took just over 2 hours, with the last 30 minutes on a rarely traveled dirt road. It was obvious that no one had driven on the road for some time, which meant we probably wouldn’t see anyone else, which was great for our plans.

When we parked, Jack asked how I ever found this place and I told him I found it years ago while hunting and then said that P and I try to come at least once a summer when possible, which isn’t always the case. As a photographer, many of my summer weekends were busy with weddings and other jobs. However, this year I scaled back the photography business and was enjoying semi-retirement. P still has a very lucrative career during the week, which she could easily retire from but doesn’t want to as she loves her job and the money is great. She’s worked there for nearly 40 years and runs the place for the owner. Jack works from home on his computer programs and aps and Mandy is a happy housewife.

It was already getting pretty warm, so I led everyone down to the stream and our favorite swimming hole. Almost immediately, we all stripped and jumped in and let me tell you, that mountain water was pretty chilly at first. The cold water caused both girl’s aureoles to crinkle and their nipples to stick out hard and big. It was erotic to watch the transformations, but the initial chill of the water was enough to prevent me from getting an erection.

The hot summer sun was warming up the deeper pool, but it was still chilly to the girls, so we all climbed out on the opposite side of the stream and I led them to our secluded meadow. As we emerged from the trees, we saw several deer grazing on the far side of the meadow, but as soon as they saw us, they ran. Mandy said it was the first time she had ever seen deer in the wild. Then she turned red and admitted that it was the first time she had ever been naked in the outdoors, other than our swimming pool. P asked her how it felt and she said it felt great to feel the sun and breeze on her entire body. Then she looked around as if to see if there anyone else around and said it was also very erotic knowing they could be caught by others. P asked if that thought excited her and Mandy admitted it did, so P said that they should come with us the next time we traveled to one of our favorite beaches and she said that sounded like fun. Just the that talk was enough to make Jack get erect, and noticing his erection, P said that he must like the idea also and he said he would love to show Mandy off at a beach in front of others, and Mandy blushed and giggled.

We found a spot with some nice soft grass and laid down, allowing the sun to warm our bodies. I glanced over at Mandy and was fascinated to watch her boobs rise and fall with her breathing. I found it a turn on and I grew hard.

After about half an hour, everyone was getting hungry so we made our way back to our vehicle and was glad no one else was around. We stayed naked as we laid out the meal and enjoyed some food, fun, cold beer and naked fellowship. During lunch, Mandy asked us about the beach and P said there was one in California, one in Mexico, and one in Argentina, not far from Buenos Aires, all of which were clothing optional. Mandy asked if we went often and I said we’ve been going to at least one every year. She added that we generally go to Argentina during our winter and their summer. From that point on, both Mandy and Jack were a thousand questions about the nude beaches and what it’s like being naked in front of others and seeing others.

P told them that the first time, she was scared and nervous and only took her top off at first. She said the first few times guys walked by, she was embarrassed with they looked and she wanted to cover her boobs with her arms. Once she got used to having her boobs on display, she finally worked up the nerve to take her bottoms off also. She admitted that the first few times guys walked by and looked at her completely naked that she was shocked at how turned on she was. She said it was exciting to get so much attention.

After lunch, we headed back across the stream to the meadow this time carrying some sheets to lay on and some sunscreen. Once there and situated, P asked Jack if he would put some sunscreen on her back and he gladly obliged. Mandy looked at me, tossed the tube of sunscreen and told me to go for it.

The girls were lying parallel to each other and Jack knelt on the far side of P and knelt on the far side of Mandy so that both of us guys could see each other. I watched Jack begin spreading sunscreen on P’s back and then to her cute little butt and down her legs. As he lotioned her legs, she parted them so he could reach the insides as well.

At the same time, I spread lotion on Mandy’s back and then across her butt. It’s not a big butt, but it is bigger than P’s tiny butt. Regardless, it was sexy rubbing lotion all over the butt of another man’s wife while he watched. I know I was enjoying watching Jack’s hands roam all over P’s butt and legs. I couldn’t help but think back to the last weekend when I got to put oil all over Mandy’s body and massage her while Jack watched. Now I got to watch another man spread lotion all over my wife’s body and it was very stimulating.

Their backsides were done and time to turn over. Mandy rolled over and smiled up to be and told me to make sure I protected everywhere. P looked up at Jack and just said ditto.

As exciting as it was to feel Mandy’s boobs, thighs and pubic area again, I was fixated on watching Jack do the same to my wife. He started with her arms and then shoulders and then he moved to her boobs. Before he put the sunscreen on her boobs, Jack leaned down and kissed and then sucked on each nipple, bringing an audible moan from P. She has always had very sensitive boobs and nipples, so much so that I’ve been able to bring her to orgasm at times just by working her boobs and nipples. Then he put some sunscreen on her boobs and spread it around, taking extra time feeling her boobs and working the lotion in.

From her boobs, he moved down her still flat tummy to her neatly trimmed strawberry blonde bush. He spread lotion around both sides of her hair and then spread her legs, moved between them and started at her toes and worked his way up her legs. I watched with intent as his hands slid up her thighs towards her private place. Jack knew he could not penetrate her, even with a finger, but he did take the opportunity before covering everything with lotion, to lick her pussy and suck on her clit. Almost instantly, her back arched and she let out a guttural groan as her orgasm nearly lifted her off the ground.

Mandy tapped me and said not to forget about her and pointed to her pussy, so I moved between her legs, leaned down and stuck my tongue as far into her pussy as possible. After tasting her nectar, I moved up to her clit where I sucked and gently nibbled on her sensitive bud until she too exploded with an orgasm.

After both wives had their moments of ecstasy and were covered with sunscreen, we all relaxed and lay in the sun. It didn’t take too long before we were getting rather warm, so Jack and I went to the stream to cool off in the deeper pool. A few minutes later, the girls showed up and just stood at the edge of the stream and watched us in the water.

That was when we heard several whistles. Looking up towards our SUV, we saw two young couples standing there watching us. Mandy began to cover herself instantly, but P just stood there and then yelled across to them to take off their clothes and join us. They looked at each other and walked down to the edge of the water and began taking their clothes off. Before long, there were six naked people in the pool with P and Mandy watching from the edge. By now Mandy realized they had already seen her, so she was standing naked, next to P and watching.

One of the couples were both short, around 5’5” and slightly heavy set. She had shoulder length brown hair, B-cup boobs and clean shaved pussy. He had brown hair and a smaller than average cock that quickly grew to about 5 inches.

The other couple were great looking. She was about 5’8”, long blonde hair braided in a ponytail that trailed down to the top of her butt crack. She was slender with C-cup boobs and neatly trimmed blonde bush. Her slender frame accentuated her boobs and long legs. He was over 6’, around my height and obviously an active and well-toned young man. He hung about 6 inches before his erection, which was grew rapidly as they stripped.

The two young couples didn’t stay in the water very long before they got out, dried off and got dressed. They apologized for barging in and then explained that the taller guy knew of this place and decided they would stop for a quick dip to cool off before getting back on the highway as they were driving further west.

After they left, P asked Mandy how she felt about being seen naked by complete strangers. She said she was embarrassed at first and then got really turned on seeing the guys staring at her nude body. She also admitted to being turned on by seeing the muscular guy naked and watching his cock get erect. P told her that she was ready to tackle the beach and that when we get back home, we’ll have to plan a trip.

Before leaving, we went back up to the car where I bent Mandy over and took her from behind, and yes, her pussy was dripping wet. P took Jack’s cock in her mouth and sucked his balls dry. Sadly, the day was getting late so we all got dressed and headed home. Part way on the trip, the girls rode topless, only putting their tops on as we reached the city.

After unpacking, we had another beer, the girls had a glass of wine, and we started planning a trip to the resort in Mexico. We found a date that worked and then Jack went online and made reservations for the flight and resort, for the end of the summer. Before leaving for their house, Mandy thanked us for such a wonderful day and said she was really looking forward to our trip. She also admitted that she really enjoyed being naked outdoors and looked forward to doing it again some time.

Mandy has asked if you would like to hear from her about the past two weekends as it’s all been new to her. She said to let her know if you wanted to read her rendition and feelings about everything that has happened over the past couple of weekends as it’s all been new to her.
Poster: Lee J