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Sweet dare


Mandy’s Version of Meeting New Neighbors
Enough of you wrote to Lee saying you wanted to read or hear what I thought about what’s happened over the past couple of weekends. I’m not the writer that Lee is, but he has promised to help edit this before sending it in for posting.

Jack, my husband is sterile due to an injury to his testicles and groin. The doctors said he was lucky to have kept his testicles as they almost had to remove them, but fortunately, they were able to save them. However, the accident left him sterile and we both want kids. We’ve talked about our various options – adoptions, artificial insemination from a sperm bank or impregnation by another man. Although we have plenty of money, neither of us wanted to adopt as we both wanted me to experience being pregnant and giving birth. That left us with artificial insemination from an anonymous donor or having sex with another man.

Jack confessed that he thought seeing me with another man was one of his fantasies as he said just thinking about it was a turn on. When he first told me, I wasn’t sure how I felt, but the more I thought about it and the more we talked about it, the more turned on I got about the idea. I was also terrified of having sex with someone else. Jack was my first and only partner.

We finally decided that is what we would do to have a baby, but neither of us had a clue how we would go about making it happen.

The Jack sold a bundle of phone-tablets apps for a huge sum of money (8 figures) and we bought a new house in a nice neighborhood on the outskirts of town. The neighborhood looked quiet and well kept, but the place to move to where Jack could work from home.

Moving into a new house is overwhelming and exhausting. When Lee and P showed up to welcome us and ask if they could help, we were over joyed. Let me give my description of them.

Lee is just over 6 foot tall and looked to be in his mid to late 40s. Only a touch of grey in his hair and neatly trimmed beard. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, but I could tell he was muscled and kept in shape. I was absolutely shocked when I found out he was 65 years old. He kind of looked like one of those rugged hunks that starred in a western or outdoor type movie. He definitely had the looks that could make a women get wet and I did.

What can I say about P. She is the tiniest thing at 5 foot and very slender. I doubt if she weighed more than 80 pounds. Her strawberry blonde hair is long hanging nearly to her butt. Speaking of butt, hers is as tight of little butt as I’ve ever seen in a grown woman, not that I’ve seen that many. Her boobs are bigger than mine, I suspect a mid to large C cup, but her tiny slender frame makes them look absolutely huge. Her eyes seem light blue at times and light green at other times. Her smile is the cutest smile and facially, I would say she is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I could tell that Jack really liked the way she looked by the bulge in his shorts. I know men always grade women on a scale of 1 to 10 and after conferring with Jack, P is definitely a 20. When I heard she was 66, I didn’t believe it, until she showed me her driver’s license. I didn’t think any woman could look that good at that age without having any cosmetic surgery.

It was fantastic when P invited us to dinner as I was dreading having to find dishes and worry about trying to fix a meal. It also felt good to sit and relax and the glass of wine Lee gave me was delicious. They are real easy people to get to know and they make you feel comfortable and right at home.

The steaks that Lee grilled melted in your mouth and I told him he had to teach Jack how to grill like that. The rest of meal was simple and tasted great, especially after a long day of moving in.

When Lee offered a swim to help relax, it sounded good, but I wasn’t sure where our swimsuits were packed. Lee offered to lend us suits, but P’s would be far too small for me and Lee’s too big for Jack. When P suggested skinny dipping, I about choked. Jack and I had skinny dipped a couple of times, but always in private. Other than my doctor, Jack was the only man who ever saw me naked. In fact, he was the only other man to even see my boobs. I thought to myself that there was no way I could strip in front of another couple, especially ones we just met.

Jack was all for it and we talked and he finally convinced me to strip and jump in, but inside, I was dying a thousand deaths. I knew I wasn’t a raving beauty, especially compared to P and was afraid that Lee would not find my body appealing. Then the realization hit me that I had just agreed with my husband to strip naked in front of another couple. To say I was in sudden panic is an understatement. I was afraid, embarrassed, and wanted to run home and hide, but I could tell how much Jack wanted this, and since I’m a pleaser, I took a deep breath and then pulled my t-shirt up and over my head. The moment my shirt cleared my head, I automatically put my arm up to cover my bra. I looked over at Jack, hoping for a sympathetic way out, and his smile told me I had to continue. I unfastened my shorts and pushed them down and off. I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest as I stood in just my bra and panties in front of another man.

By now, Jack was down to his underpants and getting obviously erect, which told me he was truly enjoying my humiliation and embarrassment. He stepped towards me to take off my bra. I panicked and knew that I had no choice, so I reached behind, undid the clasp and tossed it to the side. Then the unthinkable happened. Jack was behind me and whispered in my ear that I needed to relax, enjoy and take off my panties, so I did.

I wanted to run into the house and hide and yet part of me deep down inside was telling me how exciting this was. So, there I stood, stark naked in front of another couple whom I had just met the day before. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this. I turned just in time to see Jack slide his shorts down, revealing his delicious cock which was quickly getting big and hard. I don’t know why, but reached over, gave his cock a quick jerk with my hand and then I dove into the pool, which seemed the best place to somewhat hide.

Once in the water, I began to relax, figuring that Lee couldn’t see as much of me. We swam, played and splashed. Several times I caught Lee accidentally on purpose brushing up against my boobs. I figured that two could play that game and on one occasion when I saw him about to make his move in my direction, I reached down and let me hand brush over his cock. It sent electric shocks into my pussy as I touched another man’s cock.

I noticed that Jack that was playing the same ‘brush up against’ game with P and at first, I was jealous and then for some reason I still don’t understand, it began to turn me on.

A short time late, I backed into Lee while we were playing with a volleyball in the pool. I was shocked at first as Lee grabbed me by my hips and pulled back against his hard cock and then he rubbed it up and down between the checks my butt. It was only for a brief moment before Jack noticed, but it was enough to make wish for more, which I found to be self-embarrassed by.

After that, the water started to feel chilly, so I decided to get out and dry off. Everyone else got out also and without thinking, I took Jack’s now flaccid cock and sucked it a few times until it got hard again. I figured that he also needed to be a source attention in hopes it would take away from me being naked.

We all laid out in some chairs until the sun dried us off. I hatred to get naked to begin with in front of others and now I regretted having to say that we needed to get back home and find our sheets, make our bed and crash. After getting dressed, Lee and P asked if they could come over and help the next day and we said sure. P invited us back to their house for dinner on Sunday, again saving us from trying to cook while in the midst of unpacking.

After our short walk home, I asked Jack how he felt about my being naked in front of another man. His face turned red from embarrassment and then told me that it really turned him on to see another man staring at my body. He asked me how I felt and I told him mortified at first and then it made me feel sexy. He asked if I would do it again and I said yeah, I probably would, given the chance and if it was okay with him. He smiled, took me in his arms and kissed me. I could feel his hard cock through both of our shorts, but we were both exhausted, so we found the sheets, showered and collapsed for the night.

If you want me to share how I felt about the next day when Lee gave me my first full body massage, write to him and tell him so he can tell me. All I can say now is that a whole new world was opened up to that weekend.
Poster: Mandy - via Lee J