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Sweet dare


Drunk at a bar...
Say friday I was bummed my plans were cancelled so I decided to go to a bar... I wanted to feel better by guys buying me drinks, talking to me andof course flirting with me... so I wore a really short dress without any panties and no bra... it seemed like every guys was talking to me and buying me drinks and I had so much fun dancing with them...

After I was drunk I started to tease them by bending over so they could see I'm not wearing any parties and few guys kept fingering me while we were dancing... they kept wanting to take me home and I said no not yet... after I was drunk enough I just really wanted sex...

So I told the guy I was with if he wanted to fuck me in the restroom... we walked in the men's room and I took off my dress and gave it to him and I opened the handicap stall and bent over as I grabbed the rails... I felt him start to finger me in my pussy and tells me how wet I was then starts to finger my butt and puts two fingers in my but and two fingers inside my pussy...

I start to moan a little and then he gets really close and shoves his cock deep inside me all at once... and he grabs me by my hips and starts to fuck me hard and fast... by this time I'm moaning I feel I'm getting close to cumming and I feel him cum deep inside me... I just stay like that and I tell him he better finish me off... and then he steps back and then I feel him walk forward again and he just shoves his rock hard cock deeper than before and I moaned loud...

By the time he finishes again I had an orgasim and I hear a bunch of guys talking about me and when I look back it was a different guy... I saw the stall door was open and another guy was walking up with a hard cock and I turned back around and bent over... I feel this guy spit on my ass and he spanked me hard and then he slowly shoves his cock up my as as I'm moaning until he's as deep as he could go... and this went on with 4-5 different guys filling me full of their cum... I loved it ... and by the time the last guy was done I was sweating leaking cum and looked around for my dress I couldn't find it in the restroom...

I opened the door only in my heels to see some guys outside the door with my dress and they said I have to come out to get it... I told them I can't just give it to me... this went on for a short time so I just walked over to them in the hall to put my dress on but they said I have to give them a bj or I can't have it back... they were being playful and I went along with it ... I looked around and just got on my knees and started to give them a bj... they told me to close my eyes and they'll put my dress on me so I did and after I walked back to the bar and sat down I realized my bare ass is sitting on the stool so I felt around and realized they cut the back part of my dress to show my ass... and I don't remember who told me my nipples are showing but they cut holes in the breast area to show my nipples...

I left the bar with them and when we got to their car they ripped my dress off my body and tossed it on the ground... I got in the back seat and they told me I had to ride his friend the whole way to the house so I happily opened my legs and started to ride him as they drove around... we finally pulled up to their house and the two other guys bent me over the hood of the car and fucked me before I was allowed to go inside... so far, so good, I was horny.

Once we were inside they kept fucking me in different ways and positions and when they were finally done they drove me to my apartment and let me out of the car two blocks away for me to walk back naked covered and ozzing cum... I walked into my apartment around 4-5 am with my hair messed up smeared makeup and feeling tired from all the sex... and when I turned the light on my brother wakes up and looks at me and I screamed because I didn't know he came over... he's just looking at me in shock seeing what I look like and wondering why the hell I came home naked covered in cum...
Poster: Holly