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Sweet dare


Mandy's Massage
Mandy – Day 2
Thank you so very much to all of you who wrote such kind words about my first post about meeting Lee and P. Many asked me to tell them about the next day and the massage, so here it is.

When I went to bed last night, my head was spinning with everything that happened. Moving into a new house, unpacking, meeting Lee and P and then being naked in front of another man other than Jack for the very first time and even touching and being touched. It all seemed so surreal. Deep down, I guess many women fantasize about another man, but that’s all it ever is, just a fantasy and one that is generally held private and not shared. Yes, I had such a fantasy but never never never thought it was anything more than a fantasy or anything I would ever do.

On Sunday morning, I awoke with stiff sore muscles and a very wet pussy. I cleaned up, got dressed and ready to start unpacking boxes. Jack, who rarely urged me to do anything risqué, asked if I would just wear a tank top with no bra. I thought about it, but was still too embarrassed to go braless in tank top, knowing our new neighbors were coming over to help.

About an hour later, Lee and P showed up to help. Jack and I noticed that Lee must have had the same ideas as Jack had, since P was wearing a tank top and no bra. P and I spent most of the day getting the kitchen ready and set up. She was a huge help. Lee helped Jack set up his home office.

At lunch, we ordered pizza and when Jack had me alone for a moment, he mentioned P wasn’t wearing a bra and again urged me to take mine off. I asked if that is what he really wanted and his smile was answer enough, so I took off my bra to please him.

By late afternoon, we were all exhausted, and I don’t know about anyone else but my body ached from head to toe. Lee and P told us they would get supper and to come over in about an hour and we did. They had run out for food and it was great to be able to sit and relax and eat.

My body ached so much that I joked about not being able to get out of the chair. P told me that Lee was a licensed masseuse and offered his services. I had never been to a masseuse and other than the occasional back and shoulder rubs I got from Jack, I had never had a massage, but I ached so bad that it sounded inviting.

Lee pulled out a portable massage table and set it in the middle of the room. He dimmed the lights, put on some soft soothing music, lit some scented candles and then told me to strip and lay face down on the table. He told Jack to put a sheet over me and to let them know what I was ready.

At this point, I didn’t have the strength or energy to resist, so after Lee and P left the room, I stripped naked and climbed onto the table and Jack covered my butt with the sheet. When Lee and P came back in, Lee explained that he likes to take his shirt off so he doesn’t get oil on it. It sounded innocent enough.

Lee stood in front of me and began massaging my shoulders and back. He kept explaining every time he found a knotted-up muscle that he needed to work out the knot. At first it was painful, but it didn’t take long for me to feel the knots disappear. As he worked his way down from my shoulders to my back, I began to relax and feel better.

As Lee massaged down my back, it felt so good. As his hands reached my lower back and the top of my butt, his touched changed from relaxing to relaxing and erotic. I began to wonder just how far he would touch. I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time, but then disappointment set in when Lee moved to the other end of the table and began working on my feet and legs. When he started working up my legs, I got tense and nervous, but then as he worked out the soreness in my calves, I just relaxed and enjoyed.

I tried not to think about what Lee was doing, as his hands began working up my thighs, but it felt so good, I just laid there and relaxed as best as I could. I began to have visions in my mind of watching Lee’s hand work up to my pussy and start probing my depths. Jack tells me that I started moaning, the pleasurable type moans, as Lee’s hands really did work up my inner thighs.

When his fingers first touched the lips of my pussy, I felt electric shocks of excitement. I opened my eyes just for a moment and saw Jack with a big lustful grin on his face as he watched Lee touch me. I closed my eyes and went with the flow as Lee hands along the inside of my thighs. By that time, I was as wet as can be. I almost orgasmed his fingers touch my lips, but his touch was brief, as he moved up to my butt and began massaging it.

I think I was in a kind of sexual stupor when I heard Lee ask me to roll over onto my back. I didn’t even think about covering up and as I turned over and laid there in full view and exposure to a man I only met the day before.

Lee worked my arms, which I thought was weird at first, but soon realized how much better my arms felt when he was done. Have you ever heard of having your head and face massaged? I hadn’t, but Lee moved from my arms to my temples and gently worked them in circles. From the temples, he worked around my ears to my cheeks and jaws. I’m not kidding when I say that I could feel my sinuses opening up allowing me to breathe better.

My neck was tight and sore, but his skilled fingers worked on the muscles in my neck and I could actually feel them loosen up. From my neck, Lee moved to my shoulders and then my boobs. Jack told me after that I started my pleasure moans as Lee’s hands roamed, fondled, massaged or whatever on them. All I know is that having another man cup and feel my bare boobs was far more erotic than I could ever have imagined and it did feel great.

I didn’t want him to move away from my boobs, but he did, down my tummy to just about my mound. That was really erotic as his fingers traced just over the edge of my mound.

Then Lee again moved to the foot of the table. Without saying a word, he gently held my ankles and spread my legs. My eyes were still closed and I was imagining all kinds of things, including see Lee’s cock the day before. I could feel my wetness dripping down the crack of my butt, but at this point, I didn’t care if Lee noticed or not.

He started at the feet, and after getting over my ticklishness, I was amazed at how good it felt to have my feet really massaged. As he worked up my legs, I just relaxed and let my mind wander with the many erotic thoughts and images that were filling my consciousness.

The closer Lee’s hands came to my pussy, the more turned on I was getting and the wetter I was getting. Then his thumbs brushed over my lips and wow did that feel great. Jack said I was moaning louder, but I’m amazed that he noticed because I found out that he was busy fondling P’s boobs at the time.

When Lee’s fingers touched my clit, it felt like my whole body was hit with an electric charge and I couldn’t help by jump. I instinctively opened my eyes and looked down at Lee. His face turned red and he began to apologize, but I told him it was okay and that it felt good and he could keep doing it if he wanted. I was shocked by the words that came out of my mouth, but they were my words.

I closed my eyes and relaxed and then I felt a hot breath on my pussy moments before a tongue licked up the outside of my lips. Was I really letting a relative strange man whom I just met lick my pussy? Shockingly yes and it felt absolutely great. At that point, I lost all sense of modesty and restraint. I reached down, grabbed Lee by his hair and pulled his face against my pussy. He responded by sticking his hot tongue in my very very wet pussy.

When Lee began licking and sucking on my clit, it was like someone kept touching an electric current to it and in almost no time, I felt the room spin, my ears rang and every muscle in my body tensed as I had one of the most intense big o’s I ever had. Lee kept licking my pussy until I had another big o.

At this point, I didn’t want more, but I needed more. I needed something more than a tongue inside me. I glanced at Jack and he was busy licking P’s pussy, so I sat up, looked at Lee, told him how wonderful the massage was. I scooted down towards his end of the table, reached out grabbed his rock hard cock and pulled him to me. I guided his cock into me and he instantly took over sliding it in and out of my pussy. I quickly had another big o.

I had never even seen another man naked before yesterday and had never been seen naked by another man before yesterday and her I was pulling this man’s cock into my pussy. It’s hard to explain how erotic, sexy, forbidden and great it felt to have another man’s cock inside me for the very first time.

I was looking straight into Lee’s eyes and again, a voice from within told Lee to fill my pussy with his seed. No, that’s wrong. I didn’t tell Lee to fill me, I begged him to fill me. I wanted to feel his cock swell and then that warm, full and satisfied feeling a woman gets when a man cums inside her. Lee asked about the danger of pregnancy and I told him it wasn’t a problem and give me every drop her had. That must have been all it took as I felt his cock get even bigger and then I felt the tell-tale warmth filling my insides. Our eyes were locked on each other as he kept pumping his hot seed deep into me. Then I wrapped my legs around him as I didn’t want him to pull out just yet. I wanted to feel him inside as long as possible and I wanted to keep his seed inside me as long as possible.

I looked over at Jack and he and P were just sitting there, her hand around his hard cock and his hand on her boob and they were both smiling at us. Jack winked and nodded his affirmation, so I felt I could tell Lee something private.

With his cock still inside me, I told Lee that Jack was sterile due to an injury years earlier and that we both wanted a baby of our own, so I was hoping that Lee’s seed could make our dream come true. He smiled and told me he was honored. Jack thanked him and then asked if he would mind trying again to help out and Lee quickly said he would love to.

Eventually, I couldn’t hold Lee inside me any longer and I had to release my leglock on him. I took my hand and cupped it over my pussy, trying to keep this seed inside as long as possible. After a rest another drink, Lee and I had sex again and again I loved the feel of his cock and the feeling I had when he shot his load up inside me. After relaxing for a bit, we all went skinny dipping for a bit and then dried off in the summer heat.

Three days ago, having another man try to impregnate me was only a fantasy that Jack and I talked about, but neither of us thought it would ever become a reality. If someone told me I would be naked in front of another couple and then let another man fuck me, I would have vehemently denied it. Now, I looked forward to it happening again.

When Jack and I got home, we talked about what happened. He was excited for me and kept reassuring me that I did the right thing and that he was hoping that I would get pregnant. He held me, caressed me and we ended up having sex for the first time in our new house. As we drifted off to sleep, I told Jack that I liked our new neighbors and he said he did also.

Talk about fantasies becoming real, WOW! Never did I expect to be naked in front of another man, and yet it happened. Never did I expect to see another naked man and yet it happened. Never did I expect another man to touch my boobs, butt or pussy (I have a female OBGYN), and yet it happened. I never expected to touch another man’s cock and yet it happened. I never ever expected to have sex with another man and yet it happened. What just happened this weekend far exceeded anything I ever fantasized about and again I went to bed with my mind reeling with new emotions, excitement and more. That night, I had the most erotic dreams I’ve ever had.

If you want to hear my version of my first ever naked picnic, please write to Lee’s email, and again thank you for all of your kind words.
Poster: Mandy via Lee J