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Inspired by Post "Crossed the Line" update 2
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P's First Group Photo Shoot
Our new life continued
Party gets wife fucked.
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Wife pays for a tow...
A little get away fun. Final!!
I never that I would.

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Sweet dare


The air rushing past the fuselage made a muted thunder, the lights were dim.

We were two hours into the flight, Greece to Gatwick. There were lots of spare seats, I had the choice of a block of three, and decided to sit in the window seat.

In the seat in front of mine sat Hilary, an attractive 60 yr. old widow, who'd been staying in the same hotel. I'd met her only the evening before, at a fish restaurant in the harbour. We were flying home the next day.

We'd got on like the proverbial house on fire,and discovered lots of shared interests, music, theatre etc.During the taxi ride back to the hotel,I'd ventured a kiss and cuddle, and was pleasantly surprised by the enthusastic response to a long French kiss, and a exploration of the very nice pair of breasts contained in a linen blouse and white lace bra.

As my fingers traced a pattern around her nipples, her breathing quickened, and I felt a small, warm hand against the front of my shorts. I rapidly developed a hard-on, and Hilary's hand rubbed me through the shorts. We continued with the kiss, which was getting rather passionate, I was squeezing her breasts and pinching the nipples, then,checking to see that the taxi-driver wasn't looking, I ventured a kiss on her nipple. She shuddered with pleasure, and reached under my shirt,finding my nipples and caressing them.

All too soon the taxi arrived at the hotel, and a couple of minutes later we were in the corridor outside her apartment.She'd explained that she was there with a friend who had contracted a tummy bug, and had gone to bed early. We made the best of the situation by using my room,

When we were inside my room, door locked, Hilary's clothes joined mine on the floor, and I knelt in front of her, my hands cupping her bottom, pulling her towards me so that I could taste her juices. I teased her clit, and she moaned and thrust her hips forward, rubbing her mound and hairs against my face.

Hilary grasped my throbbing erection and pulled me to my bed.

"Oh!, Tim, I want you inside me!" she gasped," I haven't been fucked for five years".

She lay on the bed, legs wide apart, and wanked me, pulling my foreskin right down, exposing my purple glans.

We were too sexed-up to need much foreplay, and I knelt over her thighs. Hilary pulled my cock to her beautiful cunt and I plunged into her with a squishing sound, evidence of her sopping wet slit.

I commenced to fuck her hard and deep..I could feel her tightness as I rutted her,-she was squealing with pleasure. tweaking her stiff nipples.

"I'm going to cum!" I gasped. "Is it O.K. to shoot my load inside you?"

"Yes, it's safe, but I'd love for you to cum on my tits and face"

"Open wide then,!" I said, and pulled my cock out of her, moving up her body until my swollen shaft was inches from her mouth.

"Oh! Cum, Tim, shoot your hot cum all over me!" Hilary lifted her head and took my throbbing glans into her mouth as I exploded, shooting gobbets of hot spunk into her mouth.

She sucked at my cock, then pulled off my prick and dribbled the cum on to her tits.She rubbed the cum over her tits and chest, and whispered" Oh, darling, that was so good,- put your cock in my cunt from behind, love,let's have a little nap"

My cock started to swell inside Hilary's tight wet cunt, and I couldn't resist making small thrusting movements, Hilary's bum was warm against my groin, and after a minute or two she was moving in unison with my strokes,and my cock was sliding almost all the way.I reached around her and cupped her breasts in my hands,pinching her hard nipples.

"Hilary, if you keep on moving on my cock, you're going to have another load of cum inside you," I gasped, as my balls tightened.

" Darling, I want you to fuck me all night" she said,"

We made love again before falling asleep, - Hilary went back to her room early in the morning, and I met her at the coach stop later that evening,- we were on a late flight, arriving in the UK at 10.30 at night.So, Hilary was sitting in the window seat .I was right behind her- I'd suggested a little game we could play. She asked the stewardess if she could have a couple of blankets, which she pulled up to her chin and down to her knees.

I'd discovered by experiment that I could get my hands and forearms between the seat backs, and was able to lift Hilary's blouse to get at her bra.My hands were hidden by the blanket. I soon had her nipples between my fingers, and was tweaking them gently. I could hear her breath quicken, and went for the next objective, her knickers and cunt...

I slid my hand under the blanket, then down the front of her knickers until I could feel her wet, warm slit.I felt her shudder as I fingered her clit.

"Oh!, don't stop!" she whispered, "I'm going to cum!" She thrust up against my fingers and I felt her cum ooze from her soft cunt.

When she'd calmed down somewhat, she moved in alongside me, and repaid my efforts by wanking me before lowering her head to my lap and sucking my cock until shot my load in her mouth.

"That was better than the usual in-flight meals" Hilary said," I may get hungry again before we land".

And she did..
Poster: Tim