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Inspired by Post "Crossed the Line" update 2
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A little get away fun. Final!!
I never that I would.

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Sweet dare


My girlfriend became a stripper
When I was dating Victoria to say the sex was fantastic would be a gross understatement
Without question she was one fantastic lover, adventuresome, fun sexually extremely talented her philosophy was on sex was try everything at least twice, because sometimes the first try doesn’t always go as planned the first time. One thing about her was that she loved to dance maybe that had something to do with her sexual rhythm being so perfect.

One night during one of our breaks in between love making she told me that she had a sister or cousin I can’t remember which who used to be a stripper or exotic dancer I believe is the PC term. So I asked would you ever consider becoming a stripper? She said if I had a better body maybe I would, without skipping a beat I said strip for me, she laughed and said what I said strip form e dance. She laughed and said its kind of hard to strip when I'm naked silly. I said well and pointed to her closet and said go find something. She laughed and said you’re a nut yeah but I’m your nut. So she said ok get out and pointed for me to go into the living room and pick out some stripper music.

Well trust me there was nothing wrong with her body. All natural no silicone or surgical tuck n roll as I used to call it. Knowing the sexual energy she had I could only imagine having her stripping and giving me lab dances privately could only be one more fantastic sexual experience we could share. So I made it my mission to boost her confidence and at least have her as my own personal stripper

So of course the choice was obvious Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard a song heard in just about every strip club in America. So it took her a while before I hear her voice ask me ok show time and I turned on the stereo I had cleared as much furniture as I could to give her plenty of room. The music starts and she comes through the beaded curtain that hung in front of the bedroom door wearing a pair of black pumps, thigh high black stockings black garderbelt and a gray pinstriped woman's suit jacket with her hair pulled up and she was wearing her glasses looking the way every suckcessful female executive should. She was bopping around shaking her hips and strutting around the room keeping perfect time to the music using the backs of chairs and the couch in the middle of the rook as her props she even used a floor lamp as an impromptu stripper pole. She knew it didn’t work and was unplugged I found out later. She would bend over in front of me to tease me and let me catch a glimpse of her black satin and lace half cup bra that supported her 42D’s nicely but left her nipples exposed. She would wiggle her ass in front of me to the beat of the music put her foot up on the couch next to me exposing almost all of her leg, and being as D was one who never wore panties I got a nice glimpse of her neatly trimmed pubic hair framing her beautiful pussy still wet with my cum mixed with her juices that my cock been fucking about a half hour or so ago. She gave me plenty of teases but when I went to put my hand on her thigh she playfully smacked and shakes her finger at me saying don’t touch the merchandise or the bouncers will have to throw you out. So I mind my manners and keep my hands of the stripper. She continues her dancing and she is now teasing me by flashing me by opening her jacket showing me her tits. I reached over to my pants that were thrown on a chair and grabbed some singles I knew were in my pocket. I folded one in half and held it out she came over and put her leg up on the chair and let me stick it in the top of her stocking. I continued sticking dollars as she danced.

She pulled her coat open and took it off swung it around her head once and threw it on a chair. She was now playing with her tits rubbing them seductively pulling at her nipples and staring at them as she fondled them she rubbed her nipples and made them as hard as a couple of pencil erasers. Before long her bra came off and she danced over to me and put it around my neck and held both end of it and said you like what you see cowboy I said I sure do, she smiled at me with her big signature smile and she put both hands behind her head to show off her jiggling tits now bouncing and gyrating while her hands were behind her head she was undoing the hair tie she now turned and bent over at the waist wiggling and shaking her uncovered ass in my face exposing her beautiful pussy, while still shaking and dancing to the beat still bent over she turn to face me and quickly stood up and threw her head back and her now free past shoulder length auburn hair was like the mane of a wild mare it just accentuated her wild hot look.
She kept her dancing up which got more erotic by the minute. Before long she was playing with a vibrator that was left on the end table from earlier foreplay which she exchanged her glasses for. First rubbing and eventually fucking her pussy with it. She had her eyes closed but still swaying with the beat as she fucked herself with it and I knew that look on her face and it was definitely her look of pleasure. With in a few minutes it looked like she was about to cum and she came over and leaned into me and asked me if I wanted a private dance in the VIP lounge, how could I say no. She lead me into the bedroom by her bra that was still around my neck as soon as we got to the bed she turned and planted both hands on my chest and pushed me backwards onto the bed, and what seemed like one fluid motion she straddle me and slid my cock that was fully hard almost from the moment she burst into the room into her pussy.

She started fucking me and I swear she was keeping with the rhythm of the music. It didn’t take long before she had an orgasm that made her entire body tremble. She only slowed down her motions a little but kept fucking me deeper and deeper into her pussy grinding on my groin as to force it in further. Within a short time I started moaning and groaning and said I’m cumming baby. Victoria was not one for condoms or pulling out etc she like to take every last drop into any of her willing orifices. I grunted hard as I pumped her full of my cum. When I was finished I attempted to lift her off me, but she pushed my hands away and said songs not over baby. She continued to grind on my semi hard cum spewed cock riding it like only she could and it wasn’t long before she got me hard enough to suck. She dismounted me and spun around and went down on my cock and shoved her pussy in my face I didn’t need any instruction and immediately went to town licking and sucking on her pussy and licking her clit constantly taking my own cum in my mouth as I lapped at her pussy like a crazed dog. She started to cum again which was what I lived for. Within a few more minutes of her talented cock sucking I emptied my balls into her mouth and she sucked every last drop out of me.
When she finished both spent we lay there in each other's arms and she laughed and said so how was I? I said fucking fantastic and you could seriously be a stripper if you really wanted to. You are one talented lady.
Poster: FastGlass427