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Inspired by Post "Crossed the Line" update 2
My First Toy
P's First Group Photo Shoot
Our new life continued
Party gets wife fucked.
Carolyn's Photoshoot Fuck
Wife pays for a tow...
A little get away fun. Final!!
I never that I would.

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Sweet dare


Party at Our Place
My wife and I enjoy throwing a good party, most of them are just get togethers with a few close, adult friends, but occasionally we like to do theme parties. The party we decided to throw last weekend was by far the best yet. You see, we have a group of “frisky” friends. Our parties can be very adult. The dancing usually becomes very suggestive and shortly after that the clothes begin to come off. Now, mind you, none of us have ever swapped with each other, yet, but couples do pair up and most are not shy about what they do in front of the group.
Our last party was indeed a themed party likened to the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”. Our suggested dress was “explicitly suggestive”. My wife and I decided that the main attraction, besides her, would be me, or should I say my cock and balls. We set up our “cock” table in the middle of the party room and planned the party around it. By way of explanation, the cock table, as we call it, is a two piece table we designed that looks like an ordinary table except it has a hole in the center of it. When the halves are pushed together, it traps my balls and dick on one side of the table with the rest of my body on the other side. There is a bench under the table for me to lie on while my wife does what she wants with my penis and balls. She usually treats them like a dildo until she has had her fill.
After setting up for the party, my wife went to get dressed before our guests arrived. Since I would be “stuck” under the table, completely naked with my cock and balls sticking up through the hole, I decided to set the table with all the food and drinks surrounding the hole and carefully placed the centerpiece to hide my dick until the appropriate time.
Once my wife was dressed, she came out and said the guests should be arriving shortly so I should get myself into position. I looked at my wife and saw what she was wearing. She had on a very short, extremely tight black leather mini skirt that showed off the lower half of her perfectly shaped ass. I also noticed that she had no panties on and when she bent over you could easily she her luscious pussy lips. For a top, she wore a very shear, black lace body stocking that left nothing to the imagination. Her large nipples pushed through the lace as her 38D breasts stretched the lace almost to the point of tearing. Just looking at her got me hard. She noticed how my 9” was standing at attention and decided to help me out. She gave me a quick blow job and said, “that should keep you from getting overly excited before this night is in full swing. Now, get your cock in position before the guests arrive.”
As I lowered myself into position and put my cock and balls through the hole of the table, my wife pushed the two sides into position and locked the halves together. After that she said, “One more thing, you won’t be able to get up and out of this table until I decide.” Before I could ask what she meant, she began tying my wrist to the table legs after which she tied my ankles to the other legs, pulled the tablecloth down so I was out of sight, then slipped a blindfold over my eyes. I was trapped. I could feel her putting things around my cock just before our guests began to arrive.
I could hear everyone chatting and talking about how sexy my wife looked. After a few minutes I noticed something was different, all the voices I heard were women’s voices, where are the men? Did my wife only invite the girls? Am I the only dick in the room? My mind was racing but I dare not say anything, I was told to be quiet or I’d be severely punished. I soon got my answer when I heard my wife say, “Ladies, tonight is going to be an especially fun night, each of the bags on the table has a different fun toy for all to enjoy. Who wants to pick first”?
There were several minutes of oohs and ahhs while the women opened the different packages. I could tell that some of the women were even testing the new toys. My cock was beginning to swell just thinking about what was going on around me. After about a half hour, my wife announced that she had a special toy for all to enjoy. That’s when she removed my cock’s covering as I heard one of the girls say, “Oh my god, it looks so real, may I touch it?” “Go ahead” my wife responded, “have fun with it.”
Whoever it was pushed my cock to one side, then the other. She then gently squeezed my balls which made my penis twitch. “OH MY” she said, “it is real, it’s a real dick sticking through the table”. She began to stroke my cock slowly until she got it to stand up straight and hard. “Hey, let me play with it too” I heard someone else say just as I felt another hand grab my now rock hard cock and started stroking as another hand grabbed my balls and gave them a squeeze that made my body tense up. After a few minutes of the women taking turns with my cock I heard my wife tell them to stop for a while, “After all” she said, “you don’t want it squirting too soon, besides, dinner is ready.
For several minutes, I lay there with my dick twitching and throbbing as the women ate their meals and began to drink. After they finished dinner, the women once again started playing with their toys, and each other. Trapped under the table, unable to move, I could hear the moans of several women as they started to orgasm. First one, then another, and another. One of the women asked if it was alright if she sat on the dick in the table. “Not so fast” my wife answered, “We’re going to play a game with cards to see who does what to the dick. Here are the rules” she continued “I will deal the cards face up, if you get an Ace, you can slide your pussy on the dick for 1 minute. A King allows you suck the dick for 2 minutes and Queens let you stoke the cock 10 times, as fast or slow as you want. If anyone gets a Jack, the person to your left must lick your pussy for 3 minutes and with a 10, the person on your right gets to suck on your titties for 2 minutes. If you get a Joker, you can let these hands play with whatever body part they can reach”, it was at this point that she lifted the table cloth to revel my hands that were tied at the wrist to the table legs. “Every other card is just a dead card. One more thing, no one, not even the cock, can cum until we go through the deck at least 3 times.”
After what seemed like an eternity of this game, having my dick sucked, fucked and stroked without being able to cum, pussies, tits and asses pressed against my hands while I fingered and squeezed, I heard my wife proclaim that the game was now over and anything goes. Yes, I thought, maybe I could finally get a little relief. Someone climbed on the table and very slowly slid her wet, juicy cunt down on my cock. It felt so fucking good to have a warm pussy around my hard dick, I wanted to pump and unload my jism deep inside that pussy but being tied up the way I was, I couldn’t move. This pussy on my dick was teasing me, moving very slowly on my cock for a few minutes before pulling off while saying “next”. I heard someone else say “I’ll give it a ride” as another wet, moist cunt lowered itself onto my now aching cock. This woman did indeed give it a ride. She pumped fast and hard, I couldn’t hold back any longer and let loose a load of cum in her as she continued to ride me like a fucking bull.
I heard her tell everyone how sorry she was that she had forced the dick to shoot a load. “Not to worry” another one of the women said, “I’ll suck that thing stiff” as the pussy on my cock pulled off and the warm, soft lips of whomever begin to suck my cock. Oh fuck, this girl was good. She started with just the head, sucking it like I’ve never felt before. She continued with just the head for several minutes until she got my cock rock hard again. She then took all of my dick into her mouth and sucked hard. I heard ooh’s and awh’s coming from the other women as she kept my penis deep in her mouth. After what seemed like an eternity, she pulled off and said “There you go, hard as a rock, who wants it now?”
What happened next was un-fucking-believable. My wife pulled the blindfold off my face, peeked under the table and gave me a wink. As one of the ladies climbed on the table to lower her pussy onto my waiting cock, my wife sat her pussy on my face. Mmmm, she tasted good, I tongue fucked her pussy as hard as I could while the other woman slowly fucked my cock as someone else played with my balls. I couldn’t believe it, but I was about to shoot another load just as my wife let loose with a wild orgasm, drenching my face with her warm cum. I happily sucked as much of it as I could.
Several other women climbed up on the table to take turns fucking and sucking my cock dry until they were all completely satisfied. After everyone had left, my wife finally released me from my restrained position. As I sat up, she looked me in the eyes and asked if I had one more left in me for her. We fucked ourselves to sleep until very early in the morning. Before finally drifting off to sleep, I looked at her and told her “just wait until our next party, turn about’s fair play.” She simply smiled at me and said, “I can’t wait.”
Poster: Ray