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Sweet dare


while the Lion is away.
This happened 34 years ago, I was 30 and my boy friend and the guy i hooked up with were both 20. I had just gotten a Divorce from an 11 years marriage of bad sex. I was hungry for some real men and good sex, in 11 years i never had an Orgasm unless i gave it to myself or with another man. there were only two times that i did that. I met this guy that was really good looking strong and very Muscular,He had a nice size cock that would have been 8 inches if not for a slight curve, it was 2 1/4 inches wide and very hard. We had great sex several times a day. Even though we had great sex i was still hungry for other experience,s with men.He had introduced me to most of his friend,s that were the same age as him. Most of which came onto me at one time or another. Some of them really came onto me, touching me and telling me they would buy me cars and take care of me. that i was so sexy and hot. All of them were afraid of my boy friend because they thought he was crazy and would hurt them really bad. This one night My boy friend got arrested because he volunteered to drive because everyone else was to drunk. He had not had that much and was fine, got pulled over because of a tail light and went to jail. that figures. Myself and this other friend drove home, When we got to my house he came in to use the bathroom, I took off my jacket and changed into some shorts, i only had on a Thin White T-Shirt ,no bra and i never wore panties, My tits are large and firm my nipples are not long but nice and thick, The area around them is dark and fairly large so my nipples were showing off for this guy through the thin material. When i came out of the bedroom he was standing in the hallway, It scared me and i let out a little yelp, He said oh i am sorry i was just waiting for you. I felt my nipples tighten up so i knew they were very noticeable, He looked at them and just said oh dam, I said what, he said nothing i just uh, nothing, I said you want to sit down? sure he said , i went and got two beers and we sat on the sofa and talked for awhile. somehow the subject got on sex. He said he had not had a women in a long time and when he did these two girls could not get him off and that was about a year ago. I said you have not had sex for a year? That,s awful. All this sex talk was getting me turned on and i could feel my pussy was getting very wet. I said that,s the difference between girls and women. He just laughed and said yeah your right i guess. I said you want another beer?Sure. so i got up and walked to the kitchen and got two more beers, on the way back he stopped me in the hallway and took the beers from my hands and set them down on a little table. I knew what was going to happen and the anticipation got me hot. He backed me against the wall and started kissing me. one hand went right to my breast and was caressing my nipple and gently pinching it, his other hand he put up one leg of my shorts and was softly rubbing my pussy ,squeezing it gently and then parting my soaked thick lip,s . letting two finger tip,s move in and out like he just wanted to see how wet i was , he let out a low moan when he felt my juices on his fingers, His hands seemed like they were everywhere, grabbing my ass and pulling me to him, rubbing my tits and fingering my cunt, He bent down and started biting my nipples through my shirt, I finally stopped and said i don,t know if i should do this, what if Mack find,s out? He said he wont unless you tell him. Please dont tell him. he would kill me just for kissing you. I said i am not saying a word. Then he pushed his fingers a little deeper and said then were good, I moaned out with pleasure feeling his fingers hit my G-Spot, I said oh yeah that,s it. he kept kissing me and working his fingers in a small circular motion bringing me to an Orgasm very quick. I was twitching and feeling my body tense up and explode on his hand, my hips were grinding in a back and fourth motion wanting to feel more, I finally said lets move to the bed room. We quickly got to the bed , as we undressed he sat down and leaned back against the head board, I was totally shocked at the size of his cock, I said oh fuck your huge, as a smile came on my face, His cock stood up about three inches past the bottom of his chest and was so thick, it was fatter than my wrist. The skin looked very thin as every vein was popping out looking like a road map, It was very pale and the head had a nice thick fat rim around the head, I tried to put my hand around it and had about two inches before my fingers would touch, I was so excited just looking at it getting so turned on thinking about fucking it, or even if i could, I said how big is this monster. he said you want to measure it? oh yes ,i have to know so i can tell my girl friends. I got my cloth tape measure and measured it, It was 12 1/2 inches long and 3 inches wide from side to side, with a huge vein running the full length right in the middle of his cock, I started stroking the entire length in semi circle movements and then i started licking the head and working my way down the shaft to his huge heavy Balls, I cupped them one at a time and licked them then sucked one ball at a time into my mouth, then back up to the head , I had to open my mouth as wide as i could and only got to the rim of the fat head, It felt good in my mouth, i sucked as hard as i could as he grabbed the back of my head and tried to push his cock further into my mouth, pumping his hips back and fourth, Then he said lay back , i want to taste your beautiful pussy, I laid back and spread my legs wide open , he rolled over me letting his cock swing across my face and then he got down between my legs and parted my lips with his tongue,licking right in my hole then working his way up all around my swollen clit, never touching it but teasing me with the tip of his tongue, slowly and softly letting his tongue barley glide over my hard clit. Then he stuck his fingers back up in me to my G-Spot once more, I was rubbing my tits and twisting my nipples , pulling them up and gently twisting then . he started working my clit, while his fingers worked my G-Spot, I came so hard my back arched and my legs were shacking , i was pumping my cunt into his face, and pulled his head into my cunt, i thought i was smothering him. I came again and again until i was laying tensed up and shaking, he pulled his fingers out and slowly patting my pussy he raised up and got between my legs and smacked his giant cock on my pussy, he laid it on my pussy and my stomach, it came up to my belly button. then he grabbed it and put the head right up to my hole and moved it around getting my cunt juices all over the fat head of his cock, the he pushed it in about an inch , just past the lips, then he worked it all around my pussy, then he put his hands on the inside of my thighs and pushed my legs apart as wide as they could go and pushed it right back in about 4 inches ,in and out pushing more in each time, Oh god my pussy was so stretched out wide,I had never had such a huge cock, I could feel every vein massaging the walls of my cunt, he was working that massive cock into my soaking wet cock hungry cunt, i was working my hip,s up and down helping him get that monster all the way in, Finally felling his giant balls smack my ass, the he started pulling all the way out and thrusting it back in, I loved feeling those big balls hitting my ass, My god his cock filled me up , i thought he was going to come out my mouth, He kept fucking me shoving that cock in me hard,all 12 1/2 inches thrusting in and out of my pussy, I was gasping and moaning at the same time,. then he pulled out slowly and told me to turn over, he put two pillows under my stomach, then he smacked my ass with his cock and let it slide down to my cunt and then pushed it back in , all the way with one hard fast thrust.taking my breath away and making me scream out with pleasure, oh fuck me hard ,come on fuck me hard with that big dick, fuck me you son of bitch, then he started thrusting in and out of me faster and faster bringing me to a climax again and again, I was starting to wonder if i could get him off, we had been fucking for about two hours, Then he said i want you to ride my huge dick, So i got on top and lowered my pussy onto his long shaft, when i sat all the way down and worked my hips back and fourth and pushed my cunt deeper onto his cock, then i laid on him pushing my tits against his chest and kissing him as i worked my cunt up and down on his long shaft, moving just my hip,s faster and faster, He started grunting and tensing up so i pulled my cunt off his cock ,he got on his knees and i got under his cock, when he started shooting his load i opened my mouth around the head of his cock, i took as much of his sweet cum as i could until it ran out the corners of my lps, I took over jerking his cock while he pumped load after load of hot cum onto my tits and face, my stomach and pussy, he came so hard streams of cum flew in the air ,on my face and tits, I put my mouth back on his cock and swallowed more of his hot sweet cum, while he grabbed my head and was grunting and grinding his teeth , i jerked every drop of cum out of his shaft, My body was covered in hot cum, I held his cock up and licked every drop from his cock and balls. then he started fucking my mouth ,pumping just the head of his cock in and out of my mouth.then he said lay back and spread your fucking legs, i laid back as he started fucking me again, i said oh my god your still hard,then he shoved his cock in me and fucked me until i went dry, i said i need some lube because i am dry. he said i am going to fuck you dry and stretch your cunt, my pussy was so tight without being wet it sucked onto his cock . he could barley move his cock but he went off again really quick. then my cunt was wet from his cum. when i stood up cum ran out of my pussy and down my leg, i turned around and took one finger and swiped cum from my thigh and licked it off my fingers. that was the first time of several fucking that we had while my lion was away. i worried that he would be able to tell that i was stretched out but his cock was fairly big too, so no worries, his cock was thick enough that he could not tell.
Poster: Pookey