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Sweet dare


Ben & Vicki
Several years after P and I were married, we used to go to a local gym early every morning to work out before going to work. We were both early risers and the gym was a lot less crowded early than it was any other time of the day, especially after work. It what there we met another young couple about our age, Ben and Vicki. Like us, they worked out before going to work.

Ben was tall, I guess about 6foot 6. He had jet black hair, a muscular build and dark piercing eyes. P described him as a really good-looking hunk. His wife, Vicki was about 5 foot 10, also with jet black hair that was usually braided into a ponytail that hung about 6 inches below her shoulders. She was well toned and still had a very nice feminine figure. She had sparkling hazel eyes, a pretty face and boobs that were perfect for her figure, probably c cups. Her best quality was her voice. It was one of those sultry, sexy voices that made a man melt when she spoke.

In addition to her looks and voice, Vicki was always the most modestly dressed female in the gym. She generally wore a type of exercise or jogging outfit- sweatshirt top and sweat pants on bottom.

Ben and I would talk as we worked out and the ladies would talk as they worked out and that’s how we got to be friends. One Saturday, they invited us over for dinner at their house and we accepted. We picked up a nice bottle of wine to take with us. It was summer and the weather was hot, but when we arrived, Vicki was still modestly dressed in a blouse and pair of slacks.

After dinner, we were relaxing with a drink and Vicki apologized for failing to tell us to bring our swimsuits as they had a pool. P responded by saying that suits weren’t necessary, were they? Vicki seemed shocked at the statement and P tried apologizing and explaining it was only a joke. Ben used the moment to tell us that he had been trying to get Vicki to skinny dipping in their pool. She responded by saying asking what if anyone saw her to which Ben said no one could see over their block fence (all the houses were single story ranch homes).

That’s when Ben asked if we had ever gone skinny dipping, to which Vicki seemed embarrassed about. P said we had and that we had also been to a nude beach in Mexico. Vicki was shocked and asked if she really went naked in front of other people. P told her yes, and then proceeded to explain how self-conscious and embarrassed she was at first and finally agreed to go topless because she knew I wanted her to. Vicki was saying that she could never do anything like that and Ben said he wish she would.

I tried to apologize for starting anything and Vicki said it wasn’t our fault, but Ben was always trying to get her to go swimming in their pool naked and to wear sexier clothes in public. I took the chance to comment about how pretty Vicki was and how she had nothing to be ashamed of. Like most women, she blew off my compliment, saying she wasn’t that good looking and P said yes she was.

After some more discussion, P told tried to urge Vicki to go swimming just topless and she would if Vicki would. It was easy to tell that Ben was all for the idea but Vicki tried to resist. That’s when Ben decided that we should all move out to the pool and if anyone wanted to take a dip in whatever attire they chose, it was okay with him. Vicki reluctantly followed us outside and finally said that it was be okay if P wanted to swim, but apologized that she didn’t have swimsuits that would fit her, since P was so tiny.

P told her that wouldn’t be necessary and quickly took off her to and shorts, and dove into the pool in her bra and panties. Ben looked at me and I just smiled and asked if we were going to join her. Ben said yes, we should and told Vicki to take off her top and slacks and go in just like P. He stood, and dropped his shorts and I did the same (we were both still in our underpants.). Vicki was still hesitant, so Ben walked over and quickly lifted her blouse up over her head. Vicki slid out of her top and quickly covered her bra clad boobs with both arms. Since her arms were busy hiding her bra, ben yanked her slacks down and lifted her out of them and then tossed her into the pool. It was the first time I got a chance to see her real figure and yes, she was very good looking.

Once in the water, I guess Vicki felt somewhat hidden under the water and we splashed around for a few minutes and she seemed to relax. That is until P went under the water, slipped her bra off without anyone noticing and then tossed it out of the pool. Vicki looked shocked again and P said she needed to let it dry before going home. Ben kept trying to get Vicki to do the same but she kept refusing and did her best to stay out of Ben’s reach, knowing what he was wanting to do.

Have I ever told you that P is quite the character? While Vicki was keeping out of Ben’s reach, she backed up into P, who took the opportunity to quickly unsnap Vicki’s bra. It happened so fast that it totally caught Vicki by surprise. She turned to P and as she did, her bra slid off and Ben managed to grab it and toss it out of the pool next to P’s bra. Vicki turned to him and he said it also needed to dry.

Vicki tried her best to keep her boobs covered by at least one arm and under the surface of the water, but that became futile after a bit. I noticed P kind of bend down a bit in the water and knew what she was doing. When Vicki was facing the other direction, P tossed her panties out of the pool. Everyone but Vicki saw her, so Vicki had no idea that P was now naked, but Ben did.

Over the next several minutes, Ben and I also managed to take our underpants off and toss them out of the pool when Vicki wasn’t looking. By now, Vicki had relaxed and no longer tried to hide her boobs and several times they came up out of the water and yes, they looked pretty good. As she relaxed, Ben managed to get behind her and hug her. She jumped when she felt his naked hard cock against her. She spun around and asked him what he thought he was doing. Ben whispered something in her ear and Vicki gasped and said NO, you’re kidding. That’s not funny. She looked at P and me and said that Ben said we were all naked. P moved over to the steps and climbed out of the pool and turned around to show her naked boobs and strawberry blonde pubic hair. Vicki looked at me, so I joined P, letting Vicki get a look at my naked hard cock. That’s when ben ducked under the water and came up and tossed Vicki’s panties out of the pool. She asked him how she was supposed to get out of the pool with no clothes and Ben told her the same way we did. That’s when he stepped up out of the pool and joined us standing at the side of the pool. He offered chairs to sit on and told Vicki that we were all going to wait for her to get out of the water and that we weren’t moving until she did.

She did her best to wait, but finally said what the hell and slowly stepped up out of the water. I was so used to P being so tiny (5 foot) that Vicki looked so tall, sleek and sexy. Her jet black pubic hair was in sharp contrast to her white skin that had obviously never seen any sunlight.

I tried to make her feel at ease by telling her that she definitely had nothing to be ashamed of. She asked Ben if he was now happy and he smiled and said yes. Vicki grabbed another chair and sat with us, all of us still naked, letting the evening sun dry off our bodies.

While we were sitting there, Vicki mentioned to P that she understood how P felt that first time at the nude beach and being seen by others. P smiled and told her that she’s no longer embarrassed but gets turned on being naked in front of others. Then she shocked Vicki by telling her that it often leads to great sex afterwards. Vicki turned red faced at that comment. Ben further embarrassed her by saying he’s let us know about the great sex when he sees us at the gym Monday morning and Vicki turned ever redder.

While sitting in the sun, P and I sat opposite of Ben and Vicki. She did her best to keep her legs together, but P allowed her legs to drift apart enough to give Ben a good view of her cute and sexy pussy. It obviously that he noticed and enjoyed the view.

After about 15 minutes in sun, Vicki decided she was dry enough and got up, gathered her bra and panties and headed into the house. Our underclothes were still damp, so P and got dressed without them. After another drink and about an hour more of conversation, it was time to go home.

We weren’t sure if we had pushed things too far with Vicki, but we found out Monday morning when we saw them at the gym.
Poster: Lee J