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Inspired by Post "Crossed the Line" update 2
My First Toy
P's First Group Photo Shoot
Our new life continued
Party gets wife fucked.
Carolyn's Photoshoot Fuck
Wife pays for a tow...
A little get away fun. Final!!
I never that I would.

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Sweet dare


Vicki's Reaction
P and I fretted all weekend if we had pushed the situation with Vicki too far. When Monday morning rolled around, we were both nervous about going to the gym and seeing Ben and Vicki, not knowing what our escapade had wrought. In fact, we were so nervous that we almost didn’t go, but we did.

We didn’t see Ben or Vicki when we arrived, but about 10 minutes later. Ben smiled, said good morning and then began his warm up routine. I gathered that Vicki headed to the section of the gym reserved for the ladies. Back in the 1970s, some gyms had separate sections so the ladies could work-out without male gawkers staring at them.

There was also a communal area where everyone was allowed to work-out and about 15 minutes later, P and Vicki emerged into the communal area. They were smiling and laughing and I immediately noticed a change in Vicki. Instead of wearing her usual baggy sweats, she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. The difference was stunning, as was Vicki. When she entered the larger work-out area, ever guy in the place turned and looked at her. They could have been looking at P, as many often did, but it was obvious that the regulars were surprised at Vicki’s new work-out attire.

I managed to ask Ben how everything was after the other night and he smiled and things were terrific and then thanked for helping to bring Vicki out of her prudish shell. He told me they had the best sex ever after P and I left that night. He said Vicki was very turned on and very wet and she admitted how scared, embarrassed and erotic the evening had been. Then he said that Vicki wanted to know if we would come over again for dinner and swim and to tell us that swimsuits weren’t necessary, and he smiled and winked.

On the way home from the gym, P told me that Vicki had told her how much she enjoyed our visit and the great sex they had after. Vicki also extended the invitation to p for us to come over dinner and swim, and she emphasized that swimsuits weren’t required.

Saturday arrived and P and I headed over to Ben and Vicki’s house. This time, we brought the steaks, beer and wine. We were surprised when Vicki greeted us at the door wearing a halter top and shorts. Her long legs looked great in the shorts.

During dinner, I told Vicki that we were so worried if we had pushed things too far last Saturday. Vicki told us that at first she didn’t know how to respond, but as she sat in the chairs naked with us, looking at our bodies and realizing that we were looking at her naked body, it gave her an excitement she never felt before. She admitted that she had been raised very conservatively and had always been taught that nudity was evil and wrong, but after that night, she saw a whole new world and she liked what she saw and felt.

Ben piped in that their sex life had jumped to a whole new level and they were both loving it. He said she’s willing to dress more daring and they’ve been talking about her flashing other men. I mentioned that she’s already flashed me and they both laughed and said, and you’ll be flashed again tonight if you don’t mind. I told her no man in his right mind would object to seeing her flashing her beautiful sexy naked body. Ben said that’s what he’s been trying to tell her for several years, but she didn’t believe him. She said it wasn’t so much that he didn’t believe him but it was mostly getting over the way she was raised.

After dinner, P helped her clean up and then Vicki walked out, untied her halter top, took it off and asked who was ready to get naked and go for a swim. Before anyone could respond, Vicki slid her shorts and panties down, left them on the floor and headed out back.

It didn’t take long for the rest of us to strip, leave our clothes on the living room floor and join Vicki out back in the pool.

Last time in the pool, Vicki kept her distance, but she wasn’t dong that this night. Only a few minutes into swimming, she came close enough and I reached out and let me hand swipe across her bare butt. She turned to face me and said it was being naughty, so I apologized. She said not to apologize and that she enjoyed it. At that, I reached around and grabbed her butt. She looked into my eyes, smiled, winked and then moved away.

Ben and P noticed what happened and P moved over in front of Ben and backed up against him. He didn’t move away and his hands automatically went to her hips. She took his hands and moved them up to her boobs. Ben went with the move and cupped her boobs and pulled her tighter against him.

Vicki was watching, turned to me to see my reaction about my wife being fondled by another man and when she realized I wasn’t upset, she moved back in front of me, backed up against me and I automatically reached around and cupped her boobs.

I rubbed her nipples between my thumb and fingers which caused Vicki to lean back into me more and rested her head on my shoulder. She wiggled her bare butt against my hardening cock, getting it to nest pointing upward between the cheeks of her butt.

I asked if any man other than Ben had ever held her boobs and she gasped no, never and then put her hands over mine and pressed them tighter against her boobs. After about a minute of fondling her boobs and playing with her nipples, I spun Vicki around to face me, leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth and began sucking and nibbling on it. She grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me tight against her boob.

Then I felt a hand on my chest and then work its way down to my pubic hair and then I felt her fingers wrap around my cock. I responded by letting a hand travel down from Vicki’s boob to her pubic hair and then I cupped my hand over her pussy. I started to slip a finger up inside her but she stopped me and told me baby steps. She wanted to take baby steps and asked if I understood and I told her yes.

She let go of my cock. We swam for a bit longer and then got out for a beer and to dry off. After a bit, P and I got dressed and headed home. P told me that Ben was fingering her pussy and she was stroking his cock when they heard Vicki stop me, so they stopped.

We got together with Ben and Vicki fairly often for several years until they had kids and moved away.
Poster: Lee J