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Sweet dare


How I became a Hot Girlfriend
This is a true story of my life and how I became a hot girlfriend for his buddies and strangers. I was married for 22 years and a faithful mother of 3 boys and found out I had a cheating husband who finally ran off with a good friend of ours and divorced me. After 6 months of feeling worthless, I finally met a older guy that was 51 and I was 44. We had a great relationship and he was a great lover and made me feel good again. He always made me feel attractive and sexy. I began feel good about myself again. He was very good lover and very experienced and open concerning sex. He would always tell me to dress sexy I had a great body when we went out and how guys were checking me out. I didnt beleive him at first, but soon started to notice guys when he pointed them out. He asked me to go shopping with him and by some sexy clothes, short skirt low cut and sheer tops, and then took me to Victoria's Secret and bought me some very sexy and skimpy lingerie. This definitely made me feel sexy. The guys were looking for sure. He asked me flirt and tease with the guys and I would a little and started getting more attention and free drinks and shots. Then we would go home and have great sex. One night he said his buddy from work was going to Join us, He was only 26 and he asked me to dress sexy and flirt with him I agreed to wear my short skirt and sexy top with my white sheer thong. He stopped by our house and we had some drinks, his buddy Jim was very friendly and told me how sexy I looked, I thought he was just be nice, we went to a night club, and I had a hard time keep my skirt down without showing my thong. I told my boyfriend and he said dont worry about it let it show some to give the guys a peek it was just a thong. The drunker I got the more I relaxed and noticed guys checking me out. His friend bought us a shot and we did them and he told me I was sexy and he loved my short skirt and asked me to dance. I looked at my guy and he smiled and said go for it have some fun sexy. So we danced then a slow song came on and Jim grabbed me and pulled me close and we danced and I felt him put his hand on my ass, I saw my guy look and wink and smile, we danced and when it was over he kissed my cheek, I went back and he went to the bathroom. I told my guy what happened ,he said I know I saw, it turned him on he said. Really you liked that yes very much you should too he is only 26, he said I dint say I didnt like it I told him good he said. His friend came back and bought us another shot. and put his hand on my thigh and said what great legs I had. Another guy asked me to slow dance, I looked at my guy and he smiled and nodded yes. So I danced with the other guy a stranger, who was very grabby but also very hot, he would rub my ass, and try to feel my boobs, the song ended and I thanked him and he kissed me on the lips. I went back and sat down and my boyfriend said lets go back to our place, before its to late and we did. He say me in the center between him and Jim . My skirt was up and my thong kept showing, don't worry about it he said we have seen panties before, and put his hand on my thigh and nodded for Jim to do the same. Both guys rubbing my thighs higher and higher making me wet and horny. Once home I got us a drink and we sat down and talked, my guy dealt the cards and said lets play strip poker, No I dont think so he I said, come on you can quit whenever you want. I agreed to a few hands. My boyfriend lost and my guy told me to take off his shirt and kiss rub and lick his chest for 1 minute I looked at him and he smiled OK I said and removed his shirt, and kissed him and sucked his nipples and leaning on him his hand rubbing my ass my skirt up my but showing with just a g-string on, made me horny, OK time he said and dealt again and his buddy lost and he told me to do the same to him as I just did. You sure I asked yes I get to watch he said, so I took off his buddies shirt and kissed him on the lips and felt his tongue in my mouth made me wet I started licking his chest and leaned over on him and sucked his nipples, I felt a hand on my ass rubbing but never looked to see who it was, it seemed lime a long time, finally time he said, wew I said sitting up and took a drink this was getting fun I said his buddy asked who needed a drink we all did and he went to get them I whispered whose hand was on my ass and he said Jim's it turned him on, Jim gave us our drinks and went to the bathroom and my guy said did you see his hard cock, yes I did and I felt it on my leg when I was kissing his chest I told him, good enjoy it have fun I love to watch he said. Jim came back and he dealt again and I lost My guy told Jim to take off my top and do the same to me. Wait I said what about my shoes thats fine if you want to count them but then he gets to rub your legs and kiss the he said. I didnt know what to choose, finally I said OK no shoes my top, I saw my guy smile and wink, and Jim slid over buy me and started unbuttoning my top, then he slid it off and I was in a sexy push up bra which he complimented me on, then he leaned over on me and kissed me, with his tongue and I kissed him back he was turning me on he started kissing down my neck and pushed me back and placed his leg between mine he was licking the top of my tits and I felt his knee pushing against my pussy, he rubbed my tits thru my bra and my guys called time, damn you are sexy as hell he told me as I sat there breathing hard my guy said wow that was a turn on for me too I said.My guy lost the next hand and I took off his pants and he said I had 2 minutes to do the same to him I kissed him licked down his chest and belly and and slid his boxers down to the top of his shaft and rubbed it with my hands he held my head and slightly pushed my head down and I mouthed his cock thru his boxers and rubbed his balls Time I heard Jim say. As he dealt I said maybe we should stop why were having fun aren't you, yes I am I worried about you I told him I fine he said I love it I would rather watch you too it turns me on. Ok I said and he dealt and I lost. Well what comes off he said. Finally I surprised us all and said my skirt, thinking I would still be covered top and bottom ok good, Jim you know what to do 2 minutes he said Jim told me to stand and He unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt and it fell to the floor he put his hands on my ass pulling me close he kissed and licked my stomach I was so wet. He had me sit down and kissed me deep he licked down my neck and stomach lower down to my g-string he slid it down just as I did I was wondering when he was going to stop not really wanting him to he stopped just above my pussy my small patch of hair showing and the rest shaved he commented he loved I was shaved, he knelt between my legs spreading them he rubbed me thru my thong and rubbed my clit then he placed his mouth on my pussy and clit I was about to explode when I heard time. Damn I said that was so erotic you watching him kiss and lick me, I looked at my guy and he was rubbing his hard cock and said I loved it, me too I said. Me to Jim said and we all laughed.Jim lost next and I told him to stand facing my guy I slid his jeans down and off then I rubbed his hard cock which look to be pretty well endowed all he had on was his boxers which looked like a tent I sat him down, kissed him deep and went down between his legs and started rubbing and stroking him thru his boxers then put my mouth on his cock and sucked it, then I stood up and sat on hos cock just wearing my g-string I rubbed his cock on my pussy as he played with my tits. Time I heard and got up. My guy got us shots and a drink. Should we stop I said both said no, someone is going to be naked real soon, I said thats the idea my guy said, you are ok with that I asked, yes are you sure. Yes I love it he said. Ok deal I said. First he said lets all do our shots and we each get 1 minute free time before we deal to kiss and rub you. We all agreed and my guy went first to set the bar I fiquered. He did his shot then kissed me and rubbed my tits he slid my thong down so my pussy showed and he licked it and my clit. then sat back down. Then said Ok Jim your turn Jim made a good move he put his shot between my tits and did it, then kissed me and leaned over on me his cock on my stomach he pulled my bra down sucking my tits I put my hand in his shorts and rubbed his cock he went down farther and slid my thong down as my guy did and licked me and sucked my clit I was throbbing I grabbed his head as I felt my guy rub my nipples I smiled at him. Ok time he said and Jim got up straightening my thong he kissed me deep. Ok my guy started to deal wait I said I get a turn to. Ok sure he said how about you get2 minutes and just do Jim not me, Ok thats fair I said.Thinking how both had slid down my thong, now its my turn, I had Jim hold the shot in his mouth and did it then kissed him I licked down his chest right to his boxers I slid them down around his ankles trying to shock my guy He smiled and I stroked his hard cock and told him wow you got a great cock I went down on him and started sucking him hard and rubbing his balls, how much time I asked. 1:15, good I sucked and stroked him wanting him to cum, then I stood up and slid my thong down and sat on his cock rubbing it on my pussy I straddled him and put the head of his cock in my pussy teasing him then turned around rubbed my pussy and licked my fingers then I slid my fingers inside me fingering myself I put them in Jim mouth and he sucked them then I heard time. I pulled up his boxers and he slid up my thong stopping to rub me. Ok deal My guy said. I lost and Jim took off my bra and sucked my tits and rubbed me for 2 minutes I'm so close to cumming I told them both. Time Then I said I noticed my guy wasnt loosing anymore, I'd rather watch but will strip naked to be fair and he did and I sucked him a little. Now we were both down to our underwear. Should we quit I asked up to you my guy said. I looked at Jim and he said no I asked my guy what happens next just more of the same till everyone is naked. Ok deal I said, he did and I lost damn my luck I said smiling at him,yea right he said, how much time I asked you tell me he said, wel its been 2 minutes for a while i said how about 3 minutes. Ok good he said. Jim knelt between my legs slid off my thong and slid them off. He rubbed me and spread me wide he burried his face between my thighs licking me his tongue going inside me his fingers rubbing m y clit I spread wide holding his head I going to cum I said he sucked my clit and I squirmed and moaned oh I cumming yes you feal so good, you taste so good he said, then came up and kissed me and made out with me Time. Wow I needed that I said Now lets quit, and stood up and went for drinks. Really Jim said what about me look at my tent. I came back and said I am not going to have sex with you tonight this has been fun but I'm not ready for that. i need to cum tpp he said, jack off I told him,You should make him cum my guy said you want me to do that yes its only fair he did you how I asked, thats up to you he said, so however I want you don't care. Know as long as i get to watch. Ok I said and told Jim to stand up I slid his boxers off and his cock looked so big so thick I stroked him then sat him down and started jacking him off faster and faster rubbing his balls I felt him tense and and I went down on him sucking him off I felt him explode in my throat swallowing and gagging I swallowed his cum then rubbed it on my tits and licked it off my fingers he pulled me up kissing me. I went back down on him lick his cum clean my mouth full I kissed my guy deep before swallow Jims cum. I sat between them all of us naked. I grabbed both their cocks one soft one hard. We drank our beer and I leaned over and sucked Jim till he got hard I asked my guy what he wanted to see me do, thats up to you he said, would you like to see Jim fuck your girl would you like to watch I asked him sure he said but thats up to you. Lets take a break for tonight I said maybe another time. Damn Jim said, I know I want to too I said well then. I thought about it and said not tonight. We went to bed and Jim slept on our couch, my guy told me how hot I was and how it turned him on so much, he asked if I had fun Yes I did it was very erotic you watching me with Jim your buddy, I wanted to fuck him but wasn't sure we were ready for that then we made love and he kissed me and said anytime you want up to you. How about right now I go out there and you can listen OK he said, your crazy I told him and cuddeled up and we fell asleep.
Poster: Maxetonic