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Sweet dare


The Bet
After reading the anal dare I had to tell my story. I have been trying to get my wife to let me have anal sex with her for years but she would never let me. One Saturday night we had been out on the town eating and drinking. When our friends brought us back home we invited them in for a drink since they had not drunk any that night. They agreed and came in. I fixed everyone a drink and we all sit down to watch a little TV. We started to watch college football. Now my wife was getting pretty well loaded and was starting to act a little crazy, to tell the truth so was I. Now the game was just starting, maybe a minute had gone by in the first quarter, when my wife starts saying she wants to make a bet on the game. What kind of bet do you want to make I asked her? What do you want to bet she asked? I know what I want I told her. If I win I get to fuck you up the ass and Sam and Rose can watch. With that Sam's eyes get real big and Rose's face turns red as can be. That is if they want to watch I said. You up for that bet I asked? My wife just sits there and looks at me with a smile on her face. Sounds like a good bet to me Sam says. My wife looks at Rose and asks her what she thinks about it. Your the one that wanted to bet Rose said, it's up to you. I would like to watch that though. Okay your on, but if you lose you have to do what ever I say for the rest of the night. Sounds good to me I said. What team do you want I said. So she picks her team and we wait for the game to end.

While we wait on the game to end we all keep drinking and talking. We were really not paying much attention to what was going on with the game. All of the sudden Rose jumps up and says looks like were not going to get to see the show tonight. What do you mean my wife says? Your team won. Alright my wife screams. You might not get to see that show, but your really going to get to see a good show. With that she motions for me to come over to the middle of the room. Remember the bet she says? Yes I remember. Okay the first thing I want you to do is strip. You got to be kidding I said? Not at all so take them clothes off. That's right Rose says. You made the bet so you have to pay off. Sam just sits there smiling. Okay I said here goes. So I strip off down to my under ware thinking that would be enough. What did you stop for my wife asks? Take the rest off. With my face red as could be I reluctantly take off the rest. Now I was standing there completely naked. Now fix us another drink while I think up more stuff for you to do.

When I came back with the drinks we sit around and drank them for awhile when my wife suddenly gets a big grin on her face. How would you like to spank my mean little husbands bottom Rose? That would be fun Rose said if Sam don't care. Sam smiles and says go for it. With that my wife goes into the bedroom and brings back one of my belts. Get up and bend over the back of this chair Rose says. Your not going to whip me I protested. Remember the bet my wife says? Anything I say for the rest of the night. Your going to pay for this I snarled at her. I get up and bend over the chair. My wife says give that smart mouth a good one Rose. Rose just laughs and gave me about twenty hard licks that hurt like hell. Now go fix us another round of drinks my wife tells me.

I brought the drinks back and we sit there and drank them for awhile. My wife looks at Rose and says we might as well get Sam involved with this also. Are you game Sam? What did you have in mine Sam asked? Well he has always wanted to stick his dick up my ass I thought you might stick yours up his. With that Rose jumps up and says you just got to honey I've always wanted to watch something like that. Your crazy Sam says. That's the truth I said. No way am I going to do something like that. You made the bet my wife said. If I had lost you would have made me. We have a condom and some KY jelly my wife tells Sam. Are you willing. I'll get it hard for you Rose says. Do it for me please, Rose winks at Sam. I will on one condition Sam says, no one better say a word about this.

Get on your knees my wife says to me. I'm not going to do that I say. You made the bet get down here pulling by my arm. Go ahead and get Sam ready Rose. Rose slowly pulls Sam's pants and underwear off. Sam was already getting excited as Rose starts to put his dick in her mouth. It wasnt long before she had him hard as a rock. My wife hand Rose the condom and KY jelly. Rose tears open the pack and rolls the condom on Sam's stiff dick. She then pours some KY jelly on the condom. She hands the KY jelly back to my wife. My wife says stick that ass up in the air so I can put some of this on your little ass hole. You will pay some day big for this I said. Already on my knees I bent over and she squirted some on my ass as Sam slides in behind me. Let me guide it in for you Rose says taking hold of Sam's dick. Sam slowly starts to push it in. It wasnt to bad at first, but the deeper he went the more it hurt. Seemed like forever but finally Sam let out a big moan and came. With that he fell back pulling his limp dick out of me. Wow what a show Rose said. Remember if you all ever make another bet let us know so we can watch it to. You never know about us my wife says.
Poster: Jim