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Sweet dare


Group of Eight - year 6
I got back from a year in Afghanistan and tried to reassemble the group. Said that this year we should go to Hedonism in Jamaica instead of a cruise. We would go during one of the swingers weeks. Same deal about trading each day, but that you could be nude all day, and after you fucked your gal de jour, you could trade her for another for a few hours, and then maybe again later. Just make sure that the gals understand the whole deal!

I thought about calling Kim from Dallas to go with me, but she was pushing past mid-forties, and wouldn’t be such good trade bait. But then I found out where now Major Christy was stationed, and she liked the idea. So I set it all up. We all booked the same week. Some of the guys had different squeezes, but that was fine with me.

I flew into Atlanta and met up with Christy the night before. We had dinner and then a long slow fuck. Plane to Jamaica the next day, and met one of my buddies and his squeeze Jane for the ride to Hedo. She was a very sexy brunette whom I had not met before. Checked in, got naked, and went to the pool with Christy. The others started showing up. The Op Plan was to all meet at the pool around 6 P.M. to draw names for the week.

Everyone started filtering in. Sixteen of us, all nude, gathered around the pool. Some new foxy gals, and some old familiar faces among the gals. I explained the rules and let the gals pick the names out of the box for each day. Only difference was that we were going to switch off each night around 6 instead of at noon. I had been here before, but the rest had not. I suggested going to dinner, watching the show, getting laid (they all laughed), and catch a few hours sleep, because the real action was down at the pool at 2. A.M. Bring condoms.

Day 1:
Alice drew me for the first day. Plain face, but a good fuck that I had before. I waved goodbye to Christy, and hugged Alice and her nice tits. We went to bring her bag to my room, and she gave me a blow job before dinner. Dinner and entertainment, and then we went back to the room and fucked, followed by a nap. About 1 A.M. I woke her up and we went down to the pool. Lots of people there, maybe twenty couples, some fucking there in the pool. This cute little blonde and her guy came down and I watched her strip. So Alice and I walked over and sat down with them; asked if they were with the swinger’s group, and they were. So I asked if they wanted to swap. The guy looked Alice over and said OK, so off we went to their suite. The guy took Alice onto one bed and I started sucking on the blonde’s tits and fingering her. She gave me a nice blow job, and I asked her what she preferred. She liked doggy style. OK, so she leaned over the bed and I took her from behind. Nice tight little pussy. Meanwhile Alice was coming over on the other bed, missionary style. I asked blondie if I could take her that way, because I liked looking them in the eyes when they come, and she said OK. So she flipped over and I finished her off that way. She came also, and gave me a big kiss.

Next day, Alice and I got up late, and went down to the pool around noon, naked as always. Saw blondie and gave her a wink. She told me about a meet and greet for the swinger’s group that night, and that we could get in if we just showed up. Told her that I would be with a different gal, and about the Group of Eight. She thought that was so hot!

Alice and I hooked up with another couple later in the afternoon, and we split up to fuck separately. A cute little naïve gal from Iowa. I just fucked her nice and slow for an hour, then Alice walked in and watched while I made Iowa come. She was embarrassed about being watched, but I just kept pumping and got her to come one last time. Iowa left and Alice and I took a shower and a nap.

Day 2:
6 P.M. and I traded Alice off for Monique, the long legged Canadian gal that had been with us before. I gave her a quickie fuck before dinner. Then off the swinger meet and greet. Monique had her eye on a guy she had met yesterday, so we went over to meet them. He liked Monique, and I liked his curvy little brunette. Wasn’t sure she was sold on me, but she was willing to trade as long as it pleased her hubby. They wanted to do it together, but no kissing! Why no kissing, I don’t know. Met a lot of other tasty looking gals that night too. So we went off to the room of Monique’s new friend and all got undressed. Got side-by-side blow jobs and plopped the gals on the bed, each with their legs up around our ears. My gal started coming right away, and eventually started squealing. When we were done, she said “I guess you’re not so bad, after all”, and gave me a peck on the cheek. I asked Monique if she wanted more that night and she said she was worn out, so we went back to the room and crashed. Got up early and was horny, so I fucked Monique again. Down to the pool around lunch, and I saw this delectable curved blonde that I had met the night before at the party. Gawd, she looked good naked! So we went over and said hello. He liked Monique and she liked me. We split up and I took this cute thing back to my room. She liked kissing, so we started with that, and then a little blow job and pussy sucking. Then I laid her back on the bed and she helped me slide my cock into her. She could work that pussy! She came several times, and I finally came too. She left and Monique came back, and we had a nap before trade-off time.

Day 3:
6 P.M, and it was Connie day! Gave Monique a kiss and handed her off. Connie practically raced me back to the room, naked of course. Stopped to get her bag on the way. Great ass! We got in the room and she gave me a huge lip lock and told me how she had missed me while I was away, and that this Hedo thing was such a sexy idea. Next thing I knew her lips were on my cock, just before I lifted her onto the bed and fucked her brains out for about thirty minutes. I got her to pose for some pictures, which I would never put on the Internet, of course. Dinner, a show and a nap. Down to the pool again around 2 A.M., and started sucking on some drinks. This slightly older couple came over and started talking. Asked if we were with the swing group. I said “No”, but we do swing. She was about 45, but had great tits and a tight body. So we went to their suite, and got onto separate beds. This gal was a tiger, or a cougar, I guess. She had me fuck her every way possible, and moaned throughout the whole thing. She gave me a pat on the cheek and thanked me. Connie had a good time too!

Next day was boat day! So we wouldn’t trade off until after the boat/dinner ride. Most of the gang had signed up for it. Connie and I fucked again that morning, then off to the pool for drinks, and a quick trade with a couple from Oregon. Nice tidy little brunette. Off to the boat. If you haven’t been on the boat ride at Hedo, you are missing out. Had to put on a swim suit, because the boat is docked on the prude side. As soon as we got out of the bay, all the shorts and bikinis immediately came off. Quite a strip show! I had the cute little Brenda for the next day, and she was on the trip. Just looked at her and drooled. A nice looking couple, curvy blonde and a guy asked if they could meet up with Connie and I later. I had to explain that I would be with Brenda instead. I called Brenda over, and they were still in on it when they got a look at her. Told them they could work it out with Connie for later in the week with her guy de jour.

It didn’t take long for the blow jobs to get started. Connie, Brenda and the curvy gal all gave me one. Then had to put on shorts again for dinner at a place down the coast. Gal next to me put her hand on my thigh and said to look her up later. Got her room number. Back on the ship and back to Hedo. Had to trade off Connie, but got Brenda.

Day 4:
Brenda asked what we should do. We got her stuff and took it to my room. We found the curvy couple’s room and had a few drinks down by the pool. It was dark by now, and so I asked if they ever had sex in the pool? They seemed shy about it, but Brenda and I hopped in, and then they did too. I got curvy to bend over and slid into her from behind. The guy got the idea and slid into Brenda. We all fucked for about ten minutes, until other people began arriving, then we adjourned to their room and kept it up for a while longer. Back to my room for a nap with Brenda, then back to the pool at 3 A.M. Kind of late, and nothing happening, so I just took Brenda back to the room and fucked her nice and slow.
Up early the next day and hit the pool around 10. Guy comes over and starts chatting. He likes Brenda, but where’s his girl? They had got in last night and she would be down in a bit. So this slinky little minx shows up in a bikini and he introduces her. She seems a little embarrassed, but she strips it off and they sit down next to us. Great tits and ass. Eventually wormed out of them that they are want-to-be swingers, but aren’t sure what to do. Well, Brenda and I taught them! Got a few drinks into them, and we went back to my room. I got the minx’s bikini off her slowly, and started nibbling on her tits, then stroking her pussy. Brenda was doing fine with the guy. I asked if the minx knew how to give a blow job, and she just nodded. So I sat on the end of the bed and asked her to show me. She was hesitant, but looked over at what Brenda was doing to her hubby, and quickly caught on. Then I told her to lay back on the bed, and I began nibbling on her pussy. She came once, and I just got on top of her and slid my cock into her pussy. She gasped, but got into it when I started fucking her harder. Then dug her nails into my back. Guess she liked it. Brenda was doing fine beside us. I got minx to come several times, and then I just had to come in her. She squealed when I did that.
Needed a nap with Brenda after those two left, then back to the pool after lunch for a few more drinks. Saw Connie with her squeeze and asked if they wanted a foursome. They were OK with it, so I got to fuck Connie again.

Day 5:
Trade-off again at 6 P.M. This time a new gal named Kim, a nice looking blonde with great tits and ass. Seemed like a she might be a gal that Joe paid to come for the week, a professional, but I didn’t ask. Asked if she wanted a quickie before dinner, and she was OK with that. Not a big talker, just kind of went through the motions, but it was a good fuck. Dinner and show, and then back for a nap. Up at 1 A.M. for a trip to the pool. Kim was definitely good trade bait. More swingers had showed up, so there was new talent available. Saw a foxy looking redhead and her guy and asked Kim if she wanted to give it a shot. She just shrugged her shoulders and came with me. Definitely a pro. Wondered how much Joe was paying her. Hmmm. Well, we got on OK with the red-head and the guy, especially once he got his eyes on Kim. We split up, and I took red back to my room. Turned out she was a school teacher and needed to be discreet. So no pics this time, I guess. But she was hot. We really got into it for about an hour. Loved those tits in my face.

Kim came wandering back. I traded her next day after lunch to a guy for a Swedish gal who was a little chunky, but a lot of fun; well, more enthusiastic than Kim anyway. She was a good lay.

Day 6:
Trade off at 6. Bye Kim. Got Daisy this time. Cute little thing with nice tits, whom I had fucked before. We went to my room and fucked for a while, then dinner and a nap before showtime at the pool. Got to the pool and they were doing a contest with jello shots on gal’s bodies. I talked Daisy into it, and next thing you know she was giggling and getting her pussy sucked by a bunch of different guys. Talked to one of them, and he had a nice brunette, a bit younger, but about Daisy’s age, and we all agreed to swap. We went to their room and the gals both gave us blowjobs, two at a time, which was fun. I got the brunette on the bed and put her legs over my shoulders and we fucked for a while. She came several times. She asked if I liked anal, but I said no. Not my thing. She seemed disappointed, but let me finish her off missionary style. Nice kisser. Meanwhile, Daisy had her own fun on the other side of the bed.

Daisy and I woke up next day and had a nice slow breakfast fuck, then a shower, breakfast and off to the pool. These two college girls showed up and looked around like deer in the headlights. They finally decided to strip, and I loved watching it. Finally realized they were there without guys, so I asked Alice if she had ever done a girl. Just once, and she blushed. I told her to come with me and see if we could get a foursome. You never know. She blushed again, but came with me. We talked to the gals, who were sorority sisters from somewhere in Illinois, and we all had a few drinks. Finally asked if they liked older guys and/or other girls. They were shy about it, but said they liked to try new things, so I invited them to the room with me and Daisy. Nice tight little bodies! OK tits. They took their suits off again and I started fondling them, then Daisy did the same. She got one on the bed and started on her pussy. The other one, blonde, gave me a blow job, and then I started licking her pussy. She just squirmed. I slid my cock into her and fucked for a few minutes until she came, then asked Daisy if she wanted to swap for a bit. So we did, and I slid my cock into the brunette and fucked her hard for a while. Another screamer. Daisy was getting on fine with the blonde. We swapped again, and I finally came in the blonde. She was hot! Told the gals about the orgies at the pool at 2. A.M. Got the three gals to all pose together for a pic, though!

Day 7:
A new little cougar, Jane, at 6. She looked hot. Don’t know where Dave picked her up. I guess she managed at some company, and was very personable, and sexy. We got her stuff to my room. Asked her if she wanted to fool around, and she said we should wait until after dinner. So we did. Got back to the room and she gave me an immediate lip lock and dragged me to the bed. Did a nice slow striptease, and then undressed me. Got on her knees and started sucking me. “Now, fuck me!” she said, and laid back on the bed. So I did what she asked and put her legs up on my shoulders, and my cock in her pussy. Guess she manages a tight company, because her pussy was nice and tight! Definitely an Alpha female, but that was OK with me. She didn’t want to go out for to the pool that night, so I went out myself around 1. Met up with the blonde college girl and asked if she wanted to help me go swap. She was OK with it, so we approached a middle aged couple. She was a slim brunette. College girl cozied up to the guy and I chatted with the wife. They were with the new group of swingers that came in. They were OK with a swap, so we went to their room, as Alpha lady was asleep in mine. The gal was a great fuck. Gave me a nice blow job and then got on top. I finished her in missionary position after about an hour. College girl got a good ride too. The lady whispered that she got off on watching her hubby fuck younger girls. Hmmm…

Then the ride back to the airport. Oh well., until next year. 😊
Poster: texasguy