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Sweet dare


Surprise Story for My Husband he Doesn't Know
(Hubby wanted me to post something sexy that had happened to me, that he had never heard before, so here goes...)

My first couple of years in college I lived in a dorm. It wasn't so bad - not a lot of privacy, but it was fun to have lots of other people around you during your freshman and sophomore years.

The dorm I lived in was pretty big, and was set up in long hallways with big communal bathrooms on each floor. Being an all-girls dorm (remember, this was over fifteen years ago - not much co-ed back then), once everyone sort of knew each other, there were a lot of semi-clothed and semi-naked bodies floating around in the bathroom/shower area. Everybody was friendly, and nobody really paid attention to what you did or did not have on. Most girls would wear a robe or maybe just a t-shirt while walking down the hall to the bathroom, but that was about it. Nobody wore any underwear or bras to the bathroom, unless it was that special time of the month...

Partway through my sophomore year I had an unplanned incident in the shower. It was a Saturday of a home football game, and all of campus had been partying most of the day. It was early evening, and many of us had returned to the dorm to shower and change and get ready for the rest of the evening's partying. The halls were full of girls, with most room doors open and music blaring. I got to the bathroom, and it was full of girls doing everything that girls do getting ready to go out. I waited for a shower to free up, then went in.

The bathroom had a long aisle with the showers in a row down one side of it. First there was a little alcove in front of each shower, with a small bench and hooks to hang your clothes on. Then through a shower curtain to a pretty decent size shower with a built-in bench on the opposite side of the shower head. I hung my tshirt up on the hooks (no other clothes on), then stepped into the shower and turned on the water, relaxing in the very hot water. I just stood there for a few minutes, enjoying the spray and trying to clear my head a little, as i had already had much to drink that day. I could hear many voices and laughter in the bathroom, but it did seem to be clearing out a little.

Suddenly I heard the shower curtain open, and turned to see a girl peeking her head in. Her name was Diedre or something, but everyone just knew her as Dee. She had been in the dorm about as long as i had, and we knew each other - not best friends or anything, but strong acquaintances. Dee grinned and said Good, someone i know...can i share the shower with you? The rest are full too, and i hate standing around waiting...

Before i could say yes or no, she had hopped into the shower with me and pulled the curtain shut. I did not think much about it at first since it was not the first time i had doubled up in a shower when lots of girls were in the bathroom at the same time. Usually that was in the mornings before first class, but whatever. Dee was fun, so i didn't mind. I moved out of the spray so she could move into it, and picked up my soap and began soaping myself up. I was sort of lost in thought, enjoying the steam and the heat, and was not really paying attention to Dee. After a minute or two, i sensed Dee moving and turned my head to see her reach for the shower curtain. For a second i thought she was leaving already, but instead she just straightened the sides of the shower curtain, pulling them tight against the sides of the doorway so that there were no gaps. Odd, i thought, but shrugged it off.

But then she did something that caught me off guard. She picked up my soap, and stepping behind me, began soaping my back and shoulders. When i turned to say something, she just gently stopped my turn and kept my back towards her, and whispered Shhhh...just stand still and let me finish...relax, and enjoy...

I had never touched a girl before, and had never had one touch me like this. I remember thinking What the hell - she seems harmless, and it feels sort of good. The shower stall was filled with steam and the sound of running water, and i felt a little lightheaded, so i put my hands up against the back wall and leaned against it to stand up. Dee must have taken this as a sign, because then she moved her slick soapy hands off of my back and shoulders and ran them up and down my sides and over my hips. Then she circled them around me to my front, running them in circles over my tummy and ribs. She then leaned into me, close to my ear, whispering Shhhh again, and then raised her hands and cupped my breasts, massaging them gently and squeezing my nipples.

I almost stopped her when she did that, but it felt so good, and she was so quiet and nice, so....i just stood there. Dee continued the massaging of my breasts, and occasionally running a soapy hand down my tummy and over my hips and rump, then back up to my breasts. After a minute or two of this, on one of the trips her hand made down to my rump she kept going, slipping her fingers down between my rump cheeks, cupping and squeezing my cheeks and sliding her fingers up the crack.

I had not said a word to her since she got in the shower, but i think my body was giving me away. My nipples were swollen and puffy, and i think i was more turned on than i had ever been in my twenty years. I had all sorts of thoughts in my head; wondering if i should say something, worrying about someone else opening the shower curtain, and definitely not wanting her to stop. Her hand then slid down between my cheeks again, and her thumb brushed my opening. At the same time, she gripped and pulled on a nipple with her other soapy fingers. This caused the first sound i made, which was a muffled moan.

That only made Dee bolder. She brought both hands up to my breasts, and pulled back, making me straighten up. She then ran one hand down my body and behind one knee, pushing up and forward, indicating that she wanted me to lift my knee and put my foot up on the bench, which i did. I wasn't sure why she wanted me to do that, but it became evident real quick. She leaned into me, pressing her soapy breasts against my soapy back, and reached around with one hand holding the soap and soaped up my pubic hair really good, then set the soap on the bench by my foot, the returned her hand to my crotch.

She massaged the whole area for a few moments, then ran her fingers over my clitoris. She did not stay there, but alternated between rubbing my whole mound firmly, then gently rubbing my clit again. Her other hand had never left my breasts, and was rubbing circles around the nipples and squeezing both breasts firmly. This went on for a few minutes, and i was in heaven, and my breathing was getting ragged and my knees were starting to shake. I guess that Dee could feel me quivering as my knees shook, so she held me tight around the waist with the one arm, and kept her other one down, with that hand rubbing away madly at me. She leaned in really close to my ear and whispered Make sure you stay quiet when you come, unless you want everyone else to hear you...

By now she had run two or three fingers completely into me, and was rubbing my clit with her thumb. That was all i could take, and i started coming....and coming...and coming. Dee held me tight, with one arm clamped around me, and the other hand clamped down on my pussy. I stayed quiet for the most part, mostly just whimpering and breathing heavy. Finally the spasms stopped, and i lifted my head from the shower wall that i was leaned against. I turned to face Dee for the first time, and she just smiled and put a finger to her lips and sent Shhhh at me again. Then she reached for my shampoo, got some, and ran it through her hair. While she was doing that, she stepped out of the spray so that i could rinse all of the soap off. When i finished rinsing, she stepped back into the spray, rinsed her hair out, then stepped to the curtain, smiled again, and again put her finger to her lips. Between us? she whispered. I just nodded, not knowing what to say. She pulled the shower curtain back and bounced out, grabbing her towel. She quickly dried off, and then walked out, leaving me still in the shower, dumbfounded and spent from the huge orgasm.

I dried off and headed back to my room, with no sign of Dee. I did not see her again until a week or so later, and she passed my in the hall with a smile and a hi, as if nothing ever happened. I never did get up the nerve to talk to her about it, nor to any of my other friends. Other than my husband, this is the first time i have told anyone else. Broke my silence with a bang, don't you think?
Poster: Love of his Life