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Inspired by Post "Crossed the Line" update 2
My First Toy
P's First Group Photo Shoot
Our new life continued
Party gets wife fucked.
Carolyn's Photoshoot Fuck
Wife pays for a tow...
A little get away fun. Final!!
I never that I would.

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Sweet dare


Group of Eight - Year 4
I called Christy. She was out at Fort Bragg, and I did work near there sometimes. I met up with her a few times and fucked at her quarters. Told her that I had gotten selected for Lieutenant Colonel. She just laughed and said that she had never fucked a Colonel. “Call me when you get promoted!” Fucked her so hard that night! Loved hearing her squeal. Next morning, around five, she said to me “There’s this new Second Lieutenant, and she told me that she was a virgin and doesn’t know what to do about it at age 22 She thinks she would like sex, but all the other Army guys just come on too strong. Would you help her out, but nicely?”, as she grabbed my cock and smiled at me.
Sure, but was she going to watch? She said she would. So we went to dinner with Monica the next night. I knew that Christy had told her what was up, because Monica seemed so nervous. Back to Christy’s place, and Christy told Monica that I should give me a kiss. I grabbed her slowly and she nervously gave me a nice kiss. I whispered “You’ve never done this before?” “No!”, and she trembled. I told her that I would be gentle with her. I felt her ass under over the jeans and she squirmed. “Uh, should we get undressed?”, she said, and I took her by the hand back to the bedroom, along with Christy. I very slowly undressed her, and she seemed so embarrassed. Loved sliding off the panties on those nice tight buns. Cute little ass and tits, but she was hiding them with her hands. Why do women get nude and then do that??? Christy said “Watch this!”, and she stripped me. She asked Monica if she know how to do a blowjob. “Uh, no!” So Christy got naked and gave a nice demonstration. I was quite hard, and Monica was staring at my cock. Christy looked at Monica, and said “You do it now, Lieutenant!” Monica got on her knees and put her tongue on the tip of my cock. She got the idea and then started sucking me harder. I finally stood her up, and embraced her. “Thanks, that was the best blow job!”, I told her. I got her to lay on the bed and told her that this would be fun. I licked her pussy and she joust squirmed, and then squealed. Got on top of her and said, just relax and take a deep breath. She did, and I slid my cock into her. Christy was just watching, but fingering herself. And damn, there I was fucking a 2nd Lieutenant! Nice and tight! She started coming immediately. , and then for a while. I finally came in Monica, and boy, did that turn her on. I hugged her and said “You’re not a virgin any more”. She just smiled. Next morning, I asked Christy if we should bring Monica on the trip next year. She said “Yes”, but then “No! My unit will be in the Middle East for a year! I won’t be going this time. I’ll see if I can fix her up with someone, and they can both go with you.” And she did!
But Monica’s date was another female Captain, a friend of Christy!. I hugged Monica, and she blushed. The other Captain was Juanita. She got me aside and whispered that she had never fucked a Colonel before either, and smiled. I guess Christy and her had been talking! I had along Carla and Trixie again. No problem with the other guys, and I guess they didn’t mind that they would get a threesome again with Monica and Juanita. Not sure how the other gals would like it, but if they couldn’t find a guy to fuck them and the two gals, they weren’t trying too hard.

I got Juanita and Monica for day two, snorkeling day. Should be fun! Connie got me day three, which was the night of the formal dinner on the ship. She just whispered that she had a surprise for me, and gave me a kiss. Gawd, she was hot!

So Alice was back! Guess they had gotten back together. Had her on day 1, still plain but I knew she was good in bed. She had brought along two college buddies, Fran and Mollie, another couple of short brunettes, and cute, around 25, her sorority sisters. But they weren’t part of our group, so I wondered if I would get to fuck them. Anyway, Alice fucked me after lunch and then we napped a while and met her two friends for dinner and the show. The show sucked, so I asked if they just wanted to all go to the bar. We did, and had a few drinks. Alice asked what else we could do that night. I said that we could go to the hot tub, but a light bulb went on and I asked if they all wanted to play strip poker first. All of them blushed bright red, and whispered to each other. “Uh, OK!” I got a deck of cards from the barkeep and we went back to my cabin. I had done card tricks when I was younger, so within fifteen minutes, I had all three of them naked. Loved watching how embarrassed those two looked when they stripped. Fran said “It’s not fair!. He still has clothes on!” I said that Alice could strip me if they would watch. More red faces, and I let Alice do it, nice and slow. Alice seemed to enjoy it too. I whispered to Alice that she should show what else she could do, and she started to give me a blow job. Fran and Mollie looked stunned and watched. Alice looked around and asked If they wanted some too. More deer in the headlights looks from them, but Fran finally smiled and said “Yeah!”, and she came over and sucked me.
Mollie was next. Alice had to show her what to do, but there I was getting sucked in a foursome! I had to tell Mollie not to make me come, and helped her stand up. Asked if she wanted to do something else, and put my hands on her cute little ass. She said “You mean!?” and I said “Yes, if you want to., and she let me lay her down on the bed. I sucked her pussy and she squealed, then I got up and slid my cock into her. More squealing. I looked over at Fran and she was drooling. Alice also liked the show. Asked Fran if she wanted to be next. “Oh, yes!”, and she started fingering herself. I got Mollie to come a few times, and then told her it was Fran’s turn. I grabbed Fran’s hand and just turned her around on the bed, and went into her from the back. More squealing! “I can’t believe I’m doing this on vacation!. Fuck me harder”, she said. So I did. After she came a few times, I looked at Alice and said that I wanted to have her friends watch while I made her come. She blushed and came over. I put her face up and climbed on top, her legs around my ass, and I just went to town. Loved watching the look on Fran and Mollies faces. I came in about ten minutes, and so did Alice. So we got dressed and had some more drinks at the hot tub, and then I fell asleep with Alice, and the girls went to their cabin. I thought, how often does a guy get to fuck three twenty-five year old gals in one night, for free! You should have seen the three of them talking and giggling at breakfast the next morning!

I never told the other gals, but I got another quickie fuck from Mollie one morning later in the week after I saw her at the gym. She was also working out, in tight little shorts, and when we got done, she looked at me and asked if I wanted a quickie. Grabbed her hand and led her to the men’s room. She blushed, but said “Oh, that’s so sexy” I checked and it was clear. Got in and locked the door and pulled her on top of me really quick after she got her shorts off and I dropped mine. So sexy when she came and smiled at me! “Oh, that was so sexy, and random!”, she said. She gave me her email. Just an average looking gal, but you never know when you might need a nice little fuck when you go to Kansas City!
Day2, with Juanita and Monica. I told them they could do whatever they wanted with me. “Let’s tie him up!”, said Monica, and they found some scarves and tied me to the bed, then took turns sucking me. Juanita climbed on first and stuck my cock in her pussy. “And there’s nothing you can do about it!, she said and looked at me. Fine with me! She came a few times and handed me off to Monica. She did me backwards, and I just watched my cock sliding into that cute tanned ass from the rear, until she finally came. They eventually untied me and we went to dinner and a show.

So, Connie day! Grabbed those nice buns and we had a nice kiss and lunch, then we just had to go and fuck. Asked her what the surprise was, but she wouldn’t tell me, while she was straddling me, with my cock in her pussy and those cute tits in my mouth. Went up to the nude deck for a while, and she finally said “You always told me I should be a model, so I found an agent, and I made a nude video, where I get seduced. I had to pretend to be a realtor, and then fuck a guy to make the deal. I have it on my computer.” “Did you have to actually fuck the guy?”, I asked. She said “Yeah, but it was fun! You will have to watch it! And then I will do the same to you.” I had to turn over to hide my hard on. But dinner first. We took a nice shower together, and she sat there nude and watched me put my suit on. She said I had to go out while she got dressed. Came back thirty minutes later and she had the cutest dress on, with nylon stockings! She said, I’m going to do a striptease for you later, just like in the video. Damn! So we had dinner and went to a show. Back to my cabin, and she lit up her computer. There she was doing a strip and fucking a guy on camera! She said “Now I will do it for you!”, and she got up and very slowly slipped off her dress, then her bra and then those nylons. She bent over and slid off her nice little panties while she looked at me. I had gotten naked by that point and was stroking myself while I watched her gorgeous body. She came over and started sucking my cock. I told her that was the best present I had ever gotten! She said that she would marry me if she wasn’t already married. We laughed. And then I just picked her up and we fucked until we fell asleep.

Day four. I had that nice little gal Brenda. She was just a nice comfortable fuck! I took her into town and we bar hopped, then back to the ship. We just made it before it sailed! Got to my cabin, and then just slowly stripped each other. Loved sliding off her panties and then we just did a nice slow fuck for about an hour. “Oh god, that was good!”, she said, and we took a nap. Dinner, show, and then another fuck before bedtime. She was on top of me this time.

Day five was another new gal, Daisy. Who in the hell names their kid Daisy? She laughed and said that wasn’t her real name. We were in port, and we got a cab to the nude beach. She wanted to try it out. Kind of a chubby little brunette. Watched her strip, and I stripped too. We put suntan oil on each other and I got to feel her ass. Back to the ship, and we took a shower together before dinner. Sucked on her tits and finger fucked her in the shower. We got dressed. Dinner and the casino, then back to the cabin. She just looked at me, and I gave her a kiss and we undressed each other. Loved sliding her panties off. She gave me a blow job and I sucked her nice little pussy, then got her on the bed and fucked her tight little pussy from the rear until she came, then flipped her over and watched her eyes when I made her come again, with me this time. Took a nap with her, and then dinner and a show. Too tired to fuck her again right then, but I woke her up before breakfast, and we both had a slow comfortable screw.
Day six, and I had gotten one of the new gals, Felicia, but she had told me the day before that she was going off on the scuba trip, and I didn’t scuba. It was OK, just told her to find me for dinner. Another nice little blonde. So I went up alone to the nude deck and stripped. After a while, this 40 something gal, came over and got on the next chair. She stripped off her suit, and I watched out of the corner of my eye. About 5’2” brunette, very perky tits. She saw me watching her and asked if I was on the cruise alone. I said “No”, and then explained to her the deal. “Oh my god, that’s so hot! Where’s your girl de jour then?” Said she would be back for dinner. She was looking at my cock. She smiled at me and turned so that I could see her tits and pussy. Asked her if I wanted to an appetizer before dinner. “Oh yeah!” So we did the suntan oil thing and sunbathed for a while. Back to my cabin. Beth was the CEO of some small company, and cruised alone a lot, mostly to pick up guys for casual sex. She let me strip off her suit, and I laid her on the bed. Just grabbed her hips and pulled her toward me. I stuck my tongue on her pussy and she moaned. So I slid my cock into her, and she moaned louder. Nice set of tits! We came together in about twenty minutes, and she got her suit back on. Gave me a kiss, and told me that I’m sure I would have fun with my date tonight. Quite the little cougar!

Felicia came back and I helped her undress. She ran her hand on my cock and asked if I wanted to fuck her then. I was tired from the cougar, so I told her it could wait until later. Dinner and the casino and then I fucked her before bed. Just average.

Saw the cougar Beth again at breakfast on day six. Alone, so I sat down with her. Just wearing shorts and a top. She asked where my squeeze de jour was, and laughed. Told her that she would probably sleep until noon. She said “Want a quickie?” Yup! Back to her cabin. She fucked me for half an hour, and then we both finally came. I asked her how many guys she picked up each day. She said usually two, but she liked the married ones. She asked if any of my gals would like a threesome, and if they did, come find her. Told her I would ask. Kissed her, and we took a shower and I left…with her business card.

That long legged Monique on day seven. We went out on a tour of the island, and then back for dinner and a show. Saw Beth, the cougar alone and asked Monique if she had ever done a threesome. “With another guy?” No. With another girl”, I told her. She got really red in the face, and said “No, but I would try it.” So I went over to Beth and whispered in her ear. She immediately got up and joined us at the table. She smiled at Monique and the got to know each other. Beth put her hand on Monique’s leg and Monique blushed. But time for the show, so off we went. I let them sit next to each other. After the show, back to Beth’s cabin, because it was bigger. We all kissed, and I said that I wanted to watch while they stripped each other. Beth liked the idea and began to undress Monique. Monique caught on and undressed Beth and got kissing again. Beth took charge. She was much shorter than Monique, but she just pushed her back onto the bed and started fingering and licking her. Beth got Monique to come and said “Now you do me!”, and showed her how. I finally said “My turn” and go onto the bed with both of them, kissing, sucking their tits and rubbing their pussies. Heaven! I rolled over onto Beth and fucked her hard while Monique watched. Got her to come a few times. Then I pulled out and got onto Monique. Told her I saved it for her, because she was my date for the day. She smiled, and then gasped when I stuck my dick in her pussy! “Ooo, ooo!”, and got her to come right away, and then a few more times.

Back with Carla and Trixie for the trip to the airport. Asked how it went for them. They just both smiled and said “We have to do this again!”

I didn’t tell them that Mollie had given me a card with her phone number and email address.
Poster: texasguy