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Inspired by Post "Crossed the Line" update 2
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P's First Group Photo Shoot
Our new life continued
Party gets wife fucked.
Carolyn's Photoshoot Fuck
Wife pays for a tow...
A little get away fun. Final!!
I never that I would.

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Sweet dare


Mandy’s Mexican Massage
As we sat and waited for our massages, I was getting turned on just thinking about having a complete stranger (male or female) running their hands all over my body. Even though I had just showered and cleaned up, I was already getting wet down below with anticipation.

Then came the knock on our door. Jack answered and invited a handsome looking Hispanic man dressed all in white, pushing a portable massage table and a cart with his supplies. Jack invited him in and then surprised me when he kissed me and told me to have a great time. Then he left the room. My anticipation suddenly turned to fear realizing that I was going to be naked and alone with this man.

But my fear was soon eased when P showed up. Turns out the guys arranged for a female masseuse for them in the other room and male masseuse for us in our room. Having P there with me was more comforting, but I was still nervous, so I told her to go first.

Our masseuse introduced himself as Enrique and I was surprise with his fluent English. He told us that he had gone to school and was trained as therapeutic and occupational massage therapist in Spain before returning to Mexico.

P disrobed, catching Enrique off guard and he quickly turned around and apologized. P told him not to worry and that she wasn’t shy. She climbed onto the table and laid face down and told Enrique it was okay. He turned and grabbed a towel to cover her butt with, but P said it wasn’t necessary and told him to proceed.

I sat and watched as he began working on her legs. Never in my life had I ever thought of a woman sexually, not even the times I had seen p naked, but watching this handsome young Mexican working his hands across her body, I could help but realize how beautiful and sensuous she looked. I was shocked that I found her desirable.

Again, I was amazed at how much younger she looked than her actual age. If asked right then, I would have guessed her age to 30-35, not 66. It was obvious that she kept herself fit and toned. I don’t think there was an ounce of fat anywhere on her body. I began to wish it was my hands sliding across her body and the feeling was very shocking to me.

Enrique finished massaging her legs, shoulders and back and he moved down to her butt. I think it was then that I realized that she had the cutest little butt on a woman I had ever seen. It reminded me of the butt of a teenaged girl and I so wanted to cup her little butt cheeks in my hands.

Then it was time for P to turn over, and she nonchalantly flipped herself over, revealing her full naked front to Enrique. He again reached for a towel to cover her and she said no and to go ahead.

As he began with her feet and toes, she casually spread her legs a few inches, enough to seem natural and relaxed and to give Enrique a good look at her pussy. I watched Enrique star at P’s pussy and I found myself getting excited and turned on. He worked his way up her legs to just below her pussy and then moved to the head of the table and started working on her temples, face and then arms.

Enrique worked his way down to her boobs and again I found myself wanting to be the one running my hands over her perfect boobs. I just about had an orgasm when I heard P tell him that it felt really good as his hands were working her boobs.

He worked down her tummy and finally all around her pussy. She spread her legs wide to give him access to her inner thighs. I was watching Enrique’s face as he felt P’s pussy and realized he couldn’t put his finger in any further than the first knuckle. She smiled up at him and just told him it’s a very rare condition that causes the tissue in her pussy to fuse together and he said he was sorry and she said it’s okay and then told him that her clit still works and then she grabbed his hand and put it on her clit and began rubbing herself with his hand. Enrique caught on quickly and began working her clit on his own. Then he bent down and began orally working her clit until I saw P’s hands clench on the sheet covering the table, her back arched, her face grimaced and eyes closed as her orgasm swept through her entire body.

Once again, I was shocked as I wished it was me sucking on her clit. I never ever thought about any woman that way before and never thought I would, but suddenly, I was getting very turned on and lusting after this tiny pixie of woman.

After P climaxed, Enrique began massaging her thighs and abdomen to help her relax. A few minutes later, he told her she was done. P got off the table and whispered something in his ear. He smiled and nodded t her and then told me it was my turn.

I stood up and told him I’m not shy either and I dropped my robe and climbed onto the table and laid face down. Like P, he started at my ankles and worked his way up legs to just below my butt. Then he moved to the head of the table and that’s when I noticed something. The table had a hole for your face and when Enrique moved in front of me, I noticed that his legs and feet were bare. I wanted to lift my head to see what else bare, but he was already working on the back of my neck and shoulders.

As he worked on me, he found knots in my muscles that I didn’t know were there until he began working on them, but as he, the knots disappeared and I felt more and more relaxed and the closer he got to my butt the more and more turned on I was getting.

When he hands first went across my butt, I couldn’t help but jump with excitement. Feeling another man’s hands on my butt was exciting. I could tell that Enrique found knots in my muscles that I wasn’t even aware of and at first, it was tender when he worked them but afterwards, it felt great.

Then he patted me on my butt and asked me to turn over so he could do the front. Hearing that, I felt my pussy tingle and my juices begin to flow even more. I turned over and he put a small pillow under my head over the hole my face had been looking through. I turned to confirm my suspicion and saw that Enrique was naked. As I turned over and spread my legs, his cock began to grow. It was a little bigger in girth than Jack’s or Lee’s and it was at least an inch or more longer. It was very impressive and thrilling.

I laid back and closed my eyes. Enrique moved to my feet and began working from my feet up each leg to just below my pussy. I made sure my legs were spread far enough apart to give him access to my inner thighs and so that he could clearly see my pussy.

As he reached my inner thighs, he allowed his thumb, then fingers and then hand to brush against my pussy. It was one of the most erotic feelings I had ever had. This man was basically a complete stranger whom I had just met and not only was he staring at my naked boobs and pussy, but he was touching my pussy lips and all I could think of was I wanted more.

Then the bubble burst and he moved up by my head and began massaging one arm and then the other. Then he started at my temples and worked down my cheeks, across my forehead and face and then neck. I don’t think of myself as a person with sinus issues, but as he worked across my forehead and face, it felt like everything opened up and I could breathe easier and everything smelled more intense.

From my neck, he worked my shoulders and then down my chest. I had my eyes closed so was surprised when I felt his lips engulf one of my nipples. It sent electric shocks of excitement from my boob down to my pussy. I instinctively grabbed his head and pulled him down onto my boob as his tongue, lips and teeth worked magic. After a few moments, he moved over the to my other nipple started doing the same thing. I have very sensitive nipples and whatever he was doing felt absolutely fantastic and in only a few more moments, I had a big O, with him attached to my boob.

Enrique moved off and I opened my eyes and thanked him. He said it was all his pleasure for sure and then proceeded to spread his aromatic heated oil on my boobs and work his hands around and over them time and time again. I kept thinking that this was just a precursor to what might happen when he works lower, so as much as I hated for him to stop working on my boobs, I was anxious for him to reach my pussy.

From my boobs, he worked down my stomach to just above my pubic mound. That when I felt his hot breath on my pussy, followed by his hot tongue, kissing and licking me. Once again I grabbed his head and pulled him into me, this time burying his face in my pussy.

I was surprised at how long or far into me, his tongue could reach, but it explored every nook and cranny of my pussy and I was on fire for this young Mexican stud. His nose was rubbing my clit and I was so turned on that in only a matter of seconds I exploded for my second big O of the massage. I felt my pussy try to clamp around his tongue which was still deep inside me. I couldn’t help myself but my legs clamped on the sides of Enrique’s head and I couldn’t relax them until I came down from the sexual high.

When I was finally able to catch my breath, I asked Enrique to take me. I wanted him inside me. He insisted on using a condom and I guessed that was okay since I was really hoping that Lee would be the father of my child and it would have been harder to explain a Hispanic baby, no offense, but most people don’t know that Jack is sterile and they will never know that anyone other than Jack will be the father of my child. Lee has even agreed that we should put Jack’s name as father on the birth certificate when the times comes.

Enrique had the condom on his cock and he was taking it easy on my and I wanted him now, so as he began to slowly enter me, I thrust my pelvic area up and onto his cock. I had another big O with the sudden thrust onto his cock and my pussy clamped down hard on his tool. I could feel his cock flex and that was exciting.

Once I released his cock, he began sliding it in and out of me. He held himself up with one hand and was massaging my boobs with the other. I knew his cock was longer than Jack and Lee’s but I didn’t think it was that much bigger around in looks, but it felt thicker and I liked it as it rubbed in more places inside me. That rubbing brought me to another big O.

I was glad I was laying down because I was feeling weak after so many orgasms in such a short period of time. My body and pussy were still quivering and my ears were ringing. The only other thing I was aware of at the time was Enrique’s cock still sliding in and out of me. I wanted to clamp my legs around him but I was too weak to do so.

It wasn’t long before I felt his already thick cock swell even bigger and even with a condom on, I could feel the warmth of his seed filling the tip of the condom, as he thrust deep into me and held it there.

Enrique lifted off of me and all I could do was lay there naked with my legs spread wide open, trying to regain some strength and gather my wits. He went into the bathroom to clean up. Then he got dressed, picked me up and set me on the bed and then packed up his table and gear and sent a text to see if his female partner was done on the next room. Evidently, she was. Enrique kissed me on both cheeks, thanked us for everything and left.

I looked over at P and she was smiling at me and said I had come a long way since we first met a couple of months ago. I had to agree.

About then, Jack and Lee entered the room and they smiled and chuckled as they saw us still naked and me spread out. Jack came over to me, kissed me and asked I enjoyed the massage. I managed to nod yes and P answered, saying that I had cum four or five times and was wiped out. Jack suggested a short nap before we tackled the evening and that sounded good to me, as this was to be my second night sleeping with Lee.
Poster: Mandy via Lee J