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Sweet dare


An Accommodating Mouth
An Accommodating Mouth
If you remember from my last story my husband and I experimented with an open marriage (now referred to as swinging) to spice up our lives. In spite of all the advice to not fool around with co-workers I jumped right in categorizing all the male workers at the bank where I worked. There were a few that made my “A” list which meant it was open season on picking a sexual playtime partner.
Don bubbled up to the top of the list and the flirting commenced. He was in his late twenties, average height and physique, brown hair and good looking. We made the usual small talk in the lunch room and really did not get into sexual innuendo until a small gang of us went out for drinks one night after work. As the night was nearing its conclusion and after many drinks Don opened up he had a prude for a wife. That was my green light to probe. He cried on and on about his wife never wants to have sex. It did not take long for the two of us to walk out to his car where we began to make out in the back seat. Soon my blouse was open, bra off and his hands were all over my boobs. I was getting hot and my hand was moving down to his pants zipper. He helped pull it down and I pulled out the biggest and thickest cock I have ever seen, not that I have seen that many. I teased the tip until Don could not wait any longer and shoved it into my mouth. There was no way I was going to deep throat this snake but I did try to go down as far as I could. Never heard a gentleman groan as much as Don and without warning my mouth was being filled with spurt after spurt of white goo—way too much and it poured out over my chin and into my hand. I swallowed most of it and what spilled on my hand I licked off until my fingers were clean. And then he said he had to go home. Go home!
The next day in the office he dropped a note on my desk—it read, “Can we meet at lunch to discuss something very important.” I began to think of all the things that could be very important like he had some cum on his pants leg and his wife confronted him. At lunch Don asked if I wanted to get a room after work on Thursday night. That was very important? He then said he wanted me to do everything his wife refused to do in their bedroom. Was I getting myself into something really kinky? Don explained I was the first woman who swallowed his cum. His wife never gave him a blow job and he wondered if I would do everything to him that never happened in their bedroom. After hearing his very important request I felt flattered and sorry for him at the same time.
Thursday came around and I told my husband Richard I would be very late coming home. Watching the clock as it ticked away to the end of the work day I began to get excited. My mind began to imagine what all the things Don’s wife refused to do and what I was expected to do. The hotel was far enough away to ensure we would not be recognized. Finally in the room Don asked me to strip in front of him and do it very slowly. I was 5.5 feet tall, blond hair, 36Cs, a reasonably solid body and bald pussy. Don had never seen a bald pussy and the bulge in his pants made that very clear. He suggested we take a shower together to get things started. A few minutes later we were on the bed and I thought it was the right time to tell him what the guidelines were for the evening. I told him everything is on the table except anal sex—did not enjoy it. Don was agreeable and laid back with his nine inch thick cock pointing at the ceiling. My month was on it immediately again taking it as far down my throat as possible. Using my tongue I licked down to his balls and tea bagged them the best I could. He was moaning and began to lift his legs so I could get access to more of his balls. He lifted his legs higher and I was beginning to understand what his wife would not do. With sloppy slurps my tongue was now at his asshole. Don then said please French with it and soon my tongue was darting in and out of his poophole swirling around the sides. Thank god we took that shower. While I was servicing his backside I was able to get a hand free to pump his cock. It was like a volcano with spurt after spurt shooting out and dripping down the sides of his massive pole. I came out from down under and cleaned his cock with my tongue until it glistened with my saliva. I was beginning to wonder If I was going to get something as a reward.
It took Don a little over a half hour to get hard again and this time he wanted me to slide down his pole until my pussy was resting on his pelvis. Truly, I was afraid. Never had I taken something this big in my pussy and feared the gaping hole in my vagina would not close. Lowering myself down was a feeling I never experienced. Sorry Richard. Slowly my box opened and with each inch I was getting hotter. It actually was a feeling of accomplishment when I had Don’s cock deep inside me. I began to bounce and with each thrust my orgasm climbed until it exploded with such a force I continued to go up and down long after Don filled me with his cum. Exhausted, I fell down on top of him still impaled on his cock. Even after he pulled out his member was a soft six inches long. He pointed to it and I knew this was another one of the things his wife would not consider. I took his cock into my mouth with his cum and my juices clinging to the sides. I sucked and licked all the way down to his balls. I was wondering if he was going to return the favor for my now stretched and sloppy pussy. Apparently there was some things Don would not do either.
We called it a night after I had cleaned up. When I got home I showed Richard my swollen pussy and the hole in my vagina that was still almost the size of Don’s cock. To my relief everything was back to normal down there in the morning. I saw Don at work every day since that night and he was polite but never really talked to me again. It was easy to think I was just one of Don’s conquests but what I truly believe was his guilt got the better of him. For me I felt no guilt because I had an orgasm so wonderful it has not been duplicated.
Poster: Liz Smith