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Sweet dare


Mandy Sleeping with Two Men
During our two weeks in Mexico, the four of us agreed that every other night, Lee would sleep with me and Jack would sleep with P, and then the other days I would sleep with my husband Jack and Lee would sleep with P. For those of you who have not followed us from the beginning, my husband Jack is sterile to an injury when he was younger and we really want a child of our own, but since it’s impossible, we have decided to see if Lee could get me pregnant. If this happens, we are all in agreement that Jack’s name will be on the birth certificate and no one but us will know the truth.

Jack and I are very much in love and this will in no way result in our separation. In fact, it was Jack’s idea to see if Lee could get me pregnant. He has admitted that seeing Lee and I together turns him on, as does the just the thought of Lee and I being together. Besides, he loves being with P and having his own fun.

My nights with Lee have been very special. I have told both of them and P that I have fallen in love with Lee but not quite in the same way as I love Jack, if that makes sense. Jack understands and is okay with it as is P. Lee says he understands and that he also loves me too, but not nearly as much as he loves P. That makes sense since they have been together for over 45 years and we just met them a couple months ago.

I’m not sure I can truly explain how I can love two men at the same equally and yet not equally. Jack makes me whole. It’s not just sex, but he completes me physically, mentally, emotionally and in every aspect of my life. Although my love for Lee is equally as strong as my love for Jack, he does not complete me like Jack does. Yes, we are hoping that he completes me as a mom, but he does not complete me mentally or emotionally like Jack does.

I’m not sure if this makes sense to all of you or not. My love for both of them is beyond sex, but with Lee, sex is more of a major part of my love whereas my love for Jack goes beyond that. Does this make sense? Please let me know. The four of us have discussed this for hours and I think we all understand how we all feel and I hope I’ve been able to convey some of that to you.

Most of my nights will Lee are spent in bed and intimate. He doesn’t just jump in and screw me, but he takes time for romance and foreplay. He carefully hugs and loves me before undressing me. When he undresses me, he makes me feel like a goddess. He is gentle and thoughtful. He caresses me over my clothes and then without my clothes.

His hands on my boobs are gentle and soothing. He doesn’t squeeze hard or pinch. He cups and holds my boobs and gently rolls my nipples between his thumb and finger. He knows how sensitive my nipples are and has learned how to give me a big O just by stimulating my nipples.

He has also taught me that my navel is sensitive and when stimulated just right, I feel it in my pussy. He loves to kiss and lick all around my pussy before actually touching it. It’s like he is igniting my fires of passion before satisfying them. He often spends time licking my pussy and sucking my clit until I explode with another big O.

He said that he wants to satisfy me and give me orgasms before giving me his seed. He said that orgasms will only push out the seed, so after he pleasures me, we will climb into bed, I like to snuggle up with my butt against him and then he softly and gently enters me and we have sex until he unloads in me. We like to go to sleep with him still in me. Not only does it feel great, but it helps keep his seed in me as long as possible.

My night with Jack are equally great and sexual. However, Jack is younger and his techniques and style are different. Don’t get me wrong, I love have sex with Jack. He makes sure I have at least a couple big O’s and he also goes to bed still inside me until he grows soft and falls out.

Even though my sleeping with Lee turns Jack on, I don’t tell him any details unless he asks and he only asked once at the beginning. Likewise, I haven’t asked him about his nights with P, but the thought of the two of them together does turn me on, especially after the feelings I had while watching P get her massage.
Poster: Mandy via lee J