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Inspired by Post "Crossed the Line" update 2
My First Toy
P's First Group Photo Shoot
Our new life continued
Party gets wife fucked.
Carolyn's Photoshoot Fuck
Wife pays for a tow...
A little get away fun. Final!!
I never that I would.

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Sweet dare


Group of Eight - Year 7
Well, that went well at Hedonism last year! I got laid about sixteen times, as I recall. Once with each of the other guys gals, and at least once a day with using them as trade bait for other swinger couples, and a pair of college girls who were there on a lark.

Christy wanted to go back. Met her at the airport in Atlanta, and we flew down together. Couldn’t really fuck her on the airplane, or the shuttle ride, but she was ready. We fingered each other on the shuttle, and the guy next to me asked if we were swingers. Told him yes, and he and his pretty gal said that we should look them up down by the pool. OK!

Checked in, and got Christy to the room. We stripped immediately, and I fucked her brains out. We both walked down to the pool naked, just sandals. Didn’t see the other couple from the shuttle, but did see one of the other members of the group and reminded him of the meeting at 6. He had Monique, that nice long legged Canadian gal that I had fucked every year. Naked of course. I gave her a nice lip lock and grabbed her nice tight ass. She smiled.

We all got down to the pool around 6, sixteen of us all naked, with a few new girls, Angelica and Allyn.
The girls drew the names. I got Allyn for the first day, so we paired up, and went out our separate ways. Allyn was a very cute brunette, about 30. She seemed a little nervous about it, so we waded to the bar and had a few drinks. Then back to pick up her bag. She came out really embarrassed, because Ryan was fucking Monique when she went in. We took her bag to my room and got dressed for dinner. Wanted to fuck her right then, but we would miss dinner. Off to dinner and the show, and back to my room. I slowly undressed her and then stripped in front of her, and laid her on the bed. Licked her pussy and then she worked on my cock. I finally laid her back and she guided me into her. She was quite a comfortable fuck. Took a nap and then off to the pool around 1. The swinger’s groups were here, and Alynn was a good trade bait. We found another couple, and we all went to their suite. A nice little blonde for me. We just went side by side on their bed. I put her legs up over my head and went to town. Alynn was having a good time also.

Slept in and fucked Allyn again before breakfast, then down to the pool around lunch, and ran into the couple from the shuttle. We traded off, and I took that blonde back to my room. She gave a great blow job! I just laid her on the side of the bed and did her standing up. She came several times, and then I did too. We went back to the pool and got Allyn back.

Day 2:
Traded Allyn off for Connie. We got her bag and went back to my room for a quickie before dinner. Then dinner and the show, and we went back and had a nap before getting up at 1 and walking down to the pool. Connie was good trade bait. About twenty couples there. Connie saw a guy she wanted to fuck, but the gal was kind of plain, but I went along. We swapped separately, and this gal was dynamite in bed. Dug her nails into my back, squeezed her pussy and just kept coming! Never can tell, I guess.

Connie came back to the room and we had a nice sleep, then a nice long slow fuck before breakfast. She wanted to go to the beach, so we went there and I admired the view. No trade today, so we went back and had another nice fuck before trading time.

Day 3:
Traded Connie for Angelina, a cute little brunette with a great ass. She was OK for a quick fuck before dinner, so we did. Loved the way she squealed! Then she wanted to go to the dance club. OK, as long as can hook up with another couple. Well, we did, and I got a nice blonde, mid 30’s, with a great rack. Back to their suite, and the blonde gave me a blowjob, then I just climbed on top of her and we went at it for about an hour. Angelina was squealing in the next bed. We staggered back to the room and went to sleep.

Next day was boat day. Everyone just stripped as soon as we were out of the bay. All the gals got into this big net that was on the front of the boat and did lesbo stuff, sort of. I just enjoyed the view of all that tail. Angelina joined in, then came back and gave me a blow job on the deck. There was a nice looking gal, about 35ish that I had seen around. I just went up to her, and said “Hi, sexy”. She looked surprised and asked if I really thought she was sexy. She could have lost 10 pounds, but she had a nice face and great tits and ass. She was there with her sister, and introduced her. I introduced Angelina, and explained about the Group of Eight. The two looked stunned. I asked if they were swingers. They said that they were open to the idea, so I asked what they were doing later. We agreed to meet for dinner and a few drinks.

Day 4:
Traded off Angelina for that long legged Monique after the cruise and asked her if it was OK if we met up with the two gals. She was OK with it. Met the gals and introduced Monique. Needed another guy, so I grabbed Bob, and the five of us went up to our room. I kissed sexy gal and nibbled on her nice tits. Bob worked on the sister and Monique just watched and fingered herself. I got sexy gal laid on the bed and just slid into her and got her to come a few times. Asked if we should trade off, and the gals were OK with it, so I went to the sister and just got right into it with her. She was more of a screamer than her sister. I finally came in her and she quivered. Took them back to the pool. Monique said that was hot watching! Too tired to fuck Monique, so we went to bed. Fucked Monique for a breakfast treat! Most of the day on the nude beach just sucking vodka and watching all the naked girls. Monique and I had a quickie around 4, and then a nice shower together.

Day 5:
Alice day! Had had her before. We went back and fucked before dinner and the show. Nap and down to the pool around 2 A.M. A new gal there who must have just got in. Alone. Nice brunette with good tits and a trim body. She was sitting on the edge of the pool, and I eventually realized that she was missing one of her lower legs. Asked if she was military, and she was, so we hooked up well. Lost the leg in Afghanistan. Wondered what to do with Alice, but she had met some single guy, so I just whispered in her ear and she was OK with it. Army gal said she was just down to Hedo to get laid. Kind of direct about it, so I asked if she would like to get laid by a Major. “Let’s go”, she said. Hopped out of the pool and put on her plastic(?) leg and we went back to my room. Nice kisser. She stripped off her suit (and the leg) and laid on the bed. I got on backwards and she sucked my cock while I tongued her pussy. Finally flipped around and slid my cock into her. Definitely a screamer! We must have fucked for an hour. She said “That’s what I came here for”, and kissed me. I told her about the Group of Eight and she asked if she could join! Told her I would recommend he to the other guys for a side squeeze that week. Got her email and number and told her I wanted to see her again before I left in a few days. She liked that. She left, Alice showed up sometime, and we had a nice long snooze.

Next day around Noon, I saw Army gal at the pool and introduced her to a few of the other members, and recommended her! Quiet day with Alice, and then off with that delightful Daisy at 6.

Day 6:
Daisy and I went out for a walk on the beach, nude of course. She wanted to go to the show, so we put clothes on and went, then back to my room for a nice fuck. Nap and then down to the pool to scout talent. Saw Army lady with one of the group, and gave her a kiss. Made arrangements for a rendezvous the next day. Daisy and I met a nice couple from New Jersey (imagine that!), and we all went back to my room to swap. Cute little blonde with nice tits. Great blow job and screw. Daisy had fun too.

Met up with Army gal next morning, and went to her room. She said she had a nice fuck from two of the guys from the group last night, with one of the ladies joining in. She gave me a nice long blow job, and then straddled me. Said “I’m in command now, Colonel”, and went to town on my cock, until I finally came.
Found Daisy later and took a nap with her.

Day 7:
Handed Daisy off and got Jane. Got her to fuck me quick before dinner. Then the show and a nap before pool time. Traded off Jane for this great little blonde with a nice ass and tits. We went back to my room and fucked for an hour. A nice lay. Jane eventually showed up, and I fucked her again for breakfast.

Then the ride back to the airport. Oh well., until next year. 😊
Poster: texasguy