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Inspired by Post "Crossed the Line" update 2
My First Toy
P's First Group Photo Shoot
Our new life continued
Party gets wife fucked.
Carolyn's Photoshoot Fuck
Wife pays for a tow...
A little get away fun. Final!!
I never that I would.

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Sweet dare


Surprise Weekend Visit
My older brother was the straight-laced conservative of the family. He used to tell me that my drinking partying and open ways would lead me to a very unhappy life and early death. P and I have been married for over 45 years, Ted was divorced 3 times before dying of a heart attack about 10 years ago. Two of his ex-wives told me the same thing. With Ted, sex was only for one purpose – having children and nothing more. Even then, it was missionary style in the dark. He never did anything sexual with his wives except for those rare times.

Ted’s third wife had two kids from a previous marriage, a boy and girl. I’ll call the girl Tess for now so as to hide her real name. She was a real looker, just like her mother. Tess grew up and got married and had several kids of her own.

This past Friday, I got a call from one of Tess’s daughter, Sheila (not her real name). She said she was traveling with a friend and wondered if they could stop and visit for the weekend. P and I were happy to oblige as we’ve always considered her and her mom to be family. Let’s see, Tess is my step-niece and that would make Shirley my step grandniece. I hadn’t seen her since her high school graduation about 5 years ago, but recalled she was a very pretty girl.

Friday evening, Sheila and her friend Nancy arrived. My first reaction was WOW! Sheila looked just like her mom and she was absolutely gorgeous. She was about 5’6”, long brown hair, piercing dark brown eyes and smile that would melt any man instantly. She had a great figure and just the right sized boobs – not too big and not too small. Her friend Nancy was also gorgeous, about 5’4”, long dark blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty face and figure very similar to Sheila’s.

Sheila greeted me with a big hug, pressing her perfect boobs against my chest. She thanked us for letting them crash for the weekend. After getting them settle in two of our guest rooms, we had dinner and got filled in on all the details. They were traveling west for job interviews, but had a couple of weeks to get to their ultimate destination.

After dinner, we sat and talked and Sheila asked if I still did photography and I told her yes, I did, but not as much as I used to. She asked if I would take some glamour shots of the two of them that they could use for job interviews. I said we would take them Saturday and that P would help them get ready.

Saturday morning, the two girls came down to breakfast wearing nothing more than long t-shirts. It was obvious they weren’t wearing bras, but they were wearing very skimpy panties. Their nipples poked against the shirts in a very enticing way. P noticed that I noticed and only smiled at me.

Sheila asked if I remembered taking glamor shots of her mom and yes, I did remember. Sheila said they wanted something just like her mom had. My memory instantly kicked into gear as I recalled taking the photos of her mother. They started out as glamor shots, but eventually turned into some lingerie shots and then some topless and then total nude shots. I wondered if Sheila even knew about those, but figured Tess had kept those secret from everyone, including from by brother.

After breakfast, P went upstairs with the girls to help them get ready and I set up my home studio – lights, backdrops, etc.

The girls came into the studio dressed in very pretty and elegant long dresses. P said they wanted to start with these and that they had some others as well. I started with Sheila and then Nancy and both girls seemed natural at moving and taking direction on posing. P is a great help in that area also as she knows what works best for the camera.

The new outfits were business looking dresses, about knee length. The third outfit were business looking pants sets and the fourth set were sharp looking dresses about mid-thigh in length.

I took everything I needed for them when Sheila asked about the other shots like I did for her mom. It caught me off guard and I acted like I had no idea what she was talking about. She told me that her mom had shown her the photos of her in her lingerie and then her nude photos. I asked if she was sure she wanted to do that and both girls instantly said yes and took off their dresses.

Nancy was the first one out of her dress and she looked great in her black lacy bra and black lacy panties. Sheila was wearing similar black lacy bra and panties. I took photos of each of them in various poses, and then some of the two of them together. The sexiest one was of them bending down towards me with lots of boob showing above their bras.

Then the bras came off and I took photos of the topless and then the panties came off. Sheila had a small landing strip patch of dark hair and Nancy had her lighter bush trimmed like an inverted V as if it were pointing to her clit hood just below.

I know I was turned on and hard and evidently so P and the girls. That’s when Sheila really floored me. She came right up to me, still naked, looked up at me and asked if I would do the same things to her and Nancy as I did to her mom after that photo shoot. I turned to P who was now giggling. Before I could answer, P told them I would be happy to. After all, P knew what happened on that photo shoot of Tess because she was there for the entire thing.

Both girls knelt down in front of me and pulled my shorts down, both of them, releasing my erection. Nancy was the first to grab my cock and lick my oozing pre-cum from the tip. For the next several minutes, the two girls took turns licking my cock and sucking on the tip.

While the girls were engaged with my cock, P helped me get my shirt off and then suggested we all head to the living room where these is more room and we’ll be more comfortable. Sheila sat on the sofa and I knelt down between her legs and began licking her sweet pussy and clit. Nancy got on the floor under me and began sucking on my cock.

After bringing Sheila to an orgasm, the girls switched places and I licked Nancy to orgasm. Sheila was better at sucking cock than Nancy and I could not help but begin to empty my load into her mouth. She swallowed most of it.

I sat down on the sofa between the two girls who played with my soft cock while fondled their firm young boobs and played with their nipples. It took me about 15 minutes before I started to get hard again.

Once fully hard, Sheila sat on my cock, facing me and told me that her mom had told her everything about that day and how her stepdad (my brother) was a sexual moron, to which I had to agree. She began to ride me. At first I held her boobs, but I enjoy watching them bounce, so I grabbed her hips and helped her ride me with more force. I moved her back enough to allow my cock to rub her clit and I could tell the moment that happened as her pussy began to tighten and spasm around my cock. She looked straight into my eyes as she orgasmed and then collapsed against my chest.

I was still hard, so Sheila climbed off and told Nancy it was her turn and she climbed on me. I held her hips and moved her the same way I did Sheila so that my cock rubbed against her clit. She orgasmed quicker than Sheila did but I think it was more intense than Sheila’s, at least it squeezed me harder and her body shook more.

After Nancy orgasmed, I asked where they wanted me to cum. They looked at each, smiled and said inside of them. I told them I probably had one more load now, but the next one would have to wait until later that day. Nancy told Sheila to go first since I was her uncle, so she climbed back on and began riding me again. I held her like before and could feel myself getting close as her pussy began to tighten around me. Her pussy clamped down with her orgasm and that was enough to push me over the edge and I began emptying my balls into her young pussy. A big smile came on her face as she felt me cum. She rode me until I was empty and starting to grow soft.

P got into the act when she sat Sheila down and licked her pussy clean of my cum. In the process, she brought Sheila to an orgasm, which helped push out more of my cum. The four of us went into the shower to clean up (we have a large walk-in shower).

We stayed naked while P and the girls fixed a lunch. After lunch, I was exhausted, so I apologized by said I needed to just take a short nap. I never sleep with clothes, so I climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep.

I have no idea how long I slept, but wake to someone licking and sucking on my cock and I never opened my eyes but tried to imagine who it was. Then she moved and placed her butt up against my cock, and still not opening my eyes, I moved and slid into a very moist pussy. I knew it wasn’t P and assumed it was Nancy as it was her turn for me to cum inside, so I envisioned it being Nancy as I slid and out of her. I reached around and cupped her boob and played with her nipple. She like that as she started moaning. The more she moaned, the faster I got and the fast I got the more she moaned until I felt like a sex starved animal pounding away.

I shifted position in hopes of hitting her g spot and was successful by her response. She started to build and her pussy started to tighten until it clamped down on my cock as she orgasmed. By now, I felt another set of boobs pressing up behind me and hand playing with my balls.

A few minutes later, I grabbed Nancy and held her tightly against me as I began to shoot my load deep into her. She pushed back and helped me. I stayed inside her as long as I could before I grew soft and fell out. P was again quick to the spot in licking Nancy clean.

We spent the rest of the afternoon naked, relaxing, enjoying a couple of drinks and talking, mostly about Sheila’s family. It was still quite warm this weekend, so I didn’t need to get dressed to grill steaks out back while the girls took care of dinner inside.

During dinner, Sheila told me that her mom told her that no man ever ate pussy as good as me and asked if I would show them what I do. So, after dinner was eaten and cleaned up, we retired to the living room where I spent time eating both of their pussies. I learned a long time ago, with the help of P, how to do oral sex on a woman that drives her wild and makes it a lasting memorable experience.

I started by gently licking their inner thighs and working towards their pussies. Then I gently licked around the outer edges of their lips and then worked on the lips, licking and kissing them. My hot breath on the outer pussy lips always seems to get to a woman so I cupped my mouth over their pussy and gently let my hot breath heat their hot pussies. Both girls moaned as my breath warmed their lips.

Then I began to work my tongue gently between their lips, slowly working it inside their pussies. Once I had my tongue inside, I reached it in as far as I could. I cupped my mouth against her mound as I worked my tongue on the top of their pussies, managing to reach their g spot and bring them both to an orgasm. Then I moved to their clits where I licked, sucked and nibbled giving both girls a back-bending orgasm. Afterwards, I licked both of them clean as they laid back panting, trying to catch their breath.

We eventually said our goodnights. The next morning, the girls came down for breakfast still naked. I ate both of their pussies again after breakfast, before they cleaned up, packed and hit the road on their journey. As they were leaving, Sheila kissed me on the lips and told me I was every bit as good as her mom had told her and she promised to tell her mom all about their stay. I told her to tell her mom that she was welcome to visit any time and she smiled and said her mom just might take us up on that offer, especially when she hears what happened. Then she said she hoped to be able to visit again sometime soon and P told her she is always welcome.

As they left, Jack and Mandy dropped in to visit and answer some emails. P told them about Sheila’s visit and Mandy demanded her own demonstration and I happily obliged.
Poster: Lee J