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Sweet dare


Mandy's 1st Girl on Girl Experience
As I shared in my post about my Mexican massage, I saw P in a whole new light. I’ve never thought about any woman sexually before until that day. As I watched Enrique massage her naked body, I found myself lusting after her and that shocked and surprised me.

After the massage, I shared those feelings with P, as well as with Jack and Lee. After some discussion, one afternoon the guys gave us girls our own time together. Jack and Lee went to visit a couple of bars in the area and left P and me at the resort.

We poured a couple of glasses of wine, put on some soft music and started out just looking in each other’s eyes. After pouring a second glass of wine for each of us, we stood up and we slowly undressed each other, 1 article of clothing at a time.

I lifted her top over her head and she unbuttoned mine and slid it off my shoulders and arms. Neither of us were wearing a bra. In fact, neither of us even packed a bra for our trip, other than the tops of some bikinis.

I stared at her boobs and wondered how she had kept them from sagging with age. She never had surgery on them and she attributed it to staying physically fit and having very little body fat. I’m about half her age and my boobs had a little more sag than hers. I’ve never felt another woman’s boobs but I had a burning desire to hold hers, so I reached out and cupped her boobs in my hands. They felt soft and warm, but much firmer than I expected.

P reached out and cupped my boobs and it was like we were sharing energy and passion.

I love it when Jack or Lee kiss and suck on my nipples, so I bent down and took one of P’s nipples in my mouth and began to gently suck and kiss it. I always thought the guys liked doing this for the sexual aspect and I understood that feeling, but I also found that sucking on P’s nipples was soothing and comforting. It was very pleasurable, stimulating and relaxing all at the same time. There were times when Jack would go to sleep while sucking my nipples at night and now I understood why he liked doing it.

I sucked on both of P’s nipples and then she sucked on mine. When I closed my eyes, I couldn’t tell it was another woman sucking on my nipples. All I know is that it felt just as good as when Jack or Lee sucks on them. Only other women will understand this, but having your nipples sucked is more than just a sexual gratification, it’s a comforting feeling. I hope to have that same feeling if and when I ever get to nurse my own baby.

As P sucked on my nipples, I suddenly felt her hand cup my pubic mound and it was more exciting than I envisioned being touched by another woman would be. She just held her hand on my mound with a couple of fingers on the hood of my clit. Her sucking picked a steady soothing rhythm and she began to move the tips of her fingers enough to stimulate my clit. Wow! I built instantly and exploded with a big O. As I climaxed, P tightened her grip on my mound and continued to work her fingers on my clit.

I couldn’t help myself but I reached down and likewise cupped P’s pubic mound and began to work my fingertips on her clit. Her sucking intensified as she built towards her first big O of the afternoon. I ventured to feel her pussy and felt sad for her as I could only get a finger in to the first knuckle before hitting the tissue growth that closed her pussy.

P came off my nipples and suggested that we lie down on the bed, so we did and were quickly in each other’s arms and kissing. I had never kissed a woman on the lips before, but I found it to be a very pleasant experience.

Then P turned on the bed and I felt her hot breath on my pussy and everything began to tingle as I felt the tip of her tongue lick all around the outside of my pussy and over my clit. Then her tongue traveled over my pussy and then worked its way into me. Her breath was just as hot as Jack’s or Lee’s. The only difference between feeling her tongue in me than Jack or Lee’s was her tongue was smaller and didn’t reach as deeply, but she used it just as good as they did, perhaps even better. I think knowing what a woman likes makes a woman better at oral sex than a man and P was magnificent.

P had completely turned on the bed and I found myself with her pussy in my face and wanted to see how sensitive she was with her limitation. I began licking around the outside of her pussy and could tell that she liked it. I worked my tongue inside of her and was amazed at how little pussy she still had, but I licked it for all it was worth and could hear P moan with my effort.

So, here I was, my first time with another woman sexually and we were 69ing each other. Before this trip to Mexico, I never thought I would ever have sex with another woman, but I was and it was better than I could have imagined.

P and I both moved to each other’s clit about the same time, and began nibbling and sucking on them. I had a big O before she did, but did my best to continue working on her clit while my body convulsed with wave after wave of ecstasy. She licked my pussy, lapping up all of my juices and I do tend to be quite juicy when I cum.

A minute or two later, P exploded with her own big O and I held onto her tiny body as it shook. I licked her pussy but there was no juice or moisture. It almost brought me to tears thinking of what she is missing and had to endure for the past decade and more.

Eventually, we switched and faced each other again and just held each close and hugged for minutes.

Then P told me how much she appreciates Jack and me. I wasn’t sure what she meant and she must have known I wasn’t sure and she went on to explain that she was referring to our willingness to let Lee father a child with me. She could never have kids and always felt guilty about not being able to give Lee children of his own and she also really wanted to have a child but had come to grips early on that she couldn’t. It was that, that helped them begin their open marriage, but over the years, every other woman that Lee had sex with used something to prevent getting pregnant or insisted that Lee use a condom. Jack and I were the first ones to allow him to try to have a child with and it meant so much to both Lee and her.

As she was telling me this, the two of us were crying and holding each other close. I was amazed at how good her boobs felt pressed against mine and her leg between mine. We laid there and loved each other as I told P that Jack and I fully understood what she was trying to say since Jack is sterile and can’t father a child I told her that Jack and me were so thankful that they were willing to help us out this way. Then I looked her in the eyes and told her that I loved her and Lee and hoped that we would remain closer than just friends for the rest of our lives and she agreed.

We must have fallen asleep in each other’s arms because that’s how we woke when the guys entered the room. P and I kissed one more time before letting go of each other and greeting our men. I think we both knew that we would do this again and we did a few days later.
Poster: Mandy via Lee J