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Sweet dare


Mexico Trip According to Jack, P & Lee
Jack here:

We let Mandy write her accounts since she seemed to be the center of attention and purpose for our trip to the resort in Mexico, so now the three of us want to write something.

The first time Mandy took her top off at the beach and I saw other guys checking out her boobs, I just about shot my load then and there. It was such a turn on to watch other men lost over my wife. When she went totally nude on the beach and guys began walking by, wow, did I want to take her right then. I had to turn over onto my stomach to hide my erection, especially when I saw her spread her legs to show her pussy to total strangers. Was I jealous? NO! Was I turned on? Most DEFINITELY!

We had talked before going down to Mexico about switching partners every other night and I was great with that. I knew that might help improve the chance of Lee getting Mandy pregnant and even though P cannot have vaginal sex, she gives the best oral sex ever. Besides, for a 66-yer-old woman, she has the body and looks like a very well-toned 35-year-old. She has very sensitive nipples, much like Mandy’s and she loves it when I suck on them for a prolonged period of time. I do want to mention that although P can’t have vaginal sex, her clit still functions and I love to suck and nibble on it and bring her to multiple orgasms. She is such a tiny thing, but extremely sexy.

No, I wasn’t jealous of Lee sleeping with Mandy as I knew it served a purpose for the four of us. As for Mandy announcing her love for Lee, that did not surprise me nor does it bother me. I honestly believe that the four of us love each other a lot more than just good friends. The four of us have an intimate love for each other which is very special and I guess very rare. I’m not afraid of losing Mandy to Lee nor does she have to fear losing me to P, but like Mandy did or will be saying in one of her posts, it would be great if the four of us could live together, but at the moment, there are a few things to prevent it from happening, but perhaps sometime in the future.

When Lee told Mandy and me that he wanted my name listed as the father on the birth certificate if he does father a child with Mandy, it really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I know how important it is to him to father a child, so for him to give up that recognition as father was huge and an act of love that just blew me away.

All in all, the trip to Mexico was fantastic and helped to bring Mandy out of her conservative shy shell. My only concern now is trying to contain her newfound exhibitionist nature. On the flight home, she flashed a male flight attendant. He smiled and mouthed ‘thank you’. I’m sure that helped to make his day. We sure had great service from then on. On the way home from the airport, she flashed her boobs to a truck driver who gave her a thumbs-up. Two months ago, I had a hard time getting her to flash me and now she’s ready to flash the whole world. Just hoping she doesn’t get arrested, but I’m sure this will lead to some really erotic adventures in the future.

P here:

What can I say. Lee and I have been to this resort several times before and we always enjoy being naked in the sun and letting others see our bodies. I’ve been teasing Lee after a woman approached us on the beach and complimented Lee on allowing his daughter (ME) to walk around naked.

The massage was great, as Mandy wrote and my experience with Mandy was also fantastic. We had a couple more sexual encounters together, alone and with the men. The first time Mandy and I went to it in front of Lee and Jack, the guys were going wild and couldn’t help but stroke their cocks. We tried to get Lee and Jack to try something together, but that didn’t go over at all.

I’m glad for Mandy that she has come out of her shell, but have been advising her to take it easy so she doesn’t get into trouble.

As the love aspect, yes, I love Jack and Mandy unlike I’ve ever loved anyone else over the years. Jack is great and very understanding of my situation. He’s very thoughtful and caring when we are together and thoroughly enjoys what I can do and what I have. Would I like the four of us to live together? I definitely wouldn’t mind it, however there are some issues that currently prevent it.

Am I jealous that Lee slept with Mandy every other night? No. Am I jealous that Mandy may have Lee’s child? I would like to say no, but what woman who was never able to have kids would not be jealous of the woman who might give birth to her frustrated husband’s kid? I’ve talked with Mandy, and the others about my true feelings and more than anything, I’m hoping Mandy does get pregnant with Lee’s child and I will be so happy for everyone if it happens.

Lee here:

What more can I say that hasn’t been said? It was fantastic to watch Mandy change. We took a caterpillar down to Mexico and brought back a beautiful butterfly – the change in her is that dramatic. Yes, I did fall in love with Mandy on this trip. Nothing can ever replace or damage my love for P, but Mandy is the only other woman in my entire life that I can honestly say I love. Sleeping with her was special. Years ago, I used to enjoy going to sleep with my cock still inside P, but that hasn’t been possible for over 2 years now.

No, I was not jealous of Jack sleeping with P. Even if she could have sex, I would not be jealous. We are very open that way and besides, the relationship that has developed between the four of us is something special and I hope never ends.

We are all still waiting to see if Mandy is pregnant but even if she isn’t, the trip was a huge success in many ways and we all look forward to taking more erotic trips together in the future.
Poster: Lee, P & Jack