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Inspired by Post "Crossed the Line" update 2
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Sweet dare


Slutty news
Sara is an inventive and creative friend of mine. She is the one who is mostly credited with turning Barry into a total cock-whore. She can even be a bit sadistic...which I love. Sara loves having Barry as our personal french maid. Everyone we know has seen and/or heard about Barry and his non-stop cock slurping addiction. At first, Barry was sort of a novelty, an entertainment piece in our home. People would want to know how "many cocks did he suck today?" But after awhile, we all get used to his cock-gobbling ways and begin to take it for granted. Oh, don't get me wrong, Sara and I make damn sure that Barry is completely cock-gagged frequently. And we spank his little thong pantied ass so firmly that he can't help but whimper. Teasing and humiliating Barry never gets old. But we needed a way to increase his humiliation. So, Sara began thinking of a wonderful plan.

Barry loves routinely applying lip gloss because all that cock-gobbling makes his lips a little dry. Sara took Barry's lip gloss and filled it with super-glue...just before he started to suck off 3 guys. She applied a generous portion of lip gloss (super-glue) and had Barry stop to pose for several pictures as he was being severely deep-throated. It worked a lot faster than we imagined. Barry tried to move and found he was glued in place with a large cock deep in his throat. He tried to pull away - but the pressure on his lips was painful. And the pressure on the other guy's cock was painful enough that he grabbed Barry's head and held it tightly to his pelvic area so Barry would not move. Both Barry and the other guy were completely shocked and dumb-founded. Sara and I just rolled on the ground laughing hysterically for like 10 minutes. Well, then we took lots of pictures. Then we called up 4 of our girlfriends and they came over and laughed and laughed as well. So after an hour or so, we put the rest of our plan into motion.

The rest of plan began with us telling Barry that we'd all have to go down to the hospital emergency room to have his lips unglued. Barry resisted but the other guy insisted and we all moved out the door and into my car. It was hilarious to watch Barry walking bent over with his lips firmly attached to the guys cock. What made it even more fun was the fact that Barry was wearing a tiny french maid uniform and having to be bent over revealed his little tushie and black lace thong. We all walked into the ER and got a lot of attention right away. The medical staff was laughing and injured people in the ER were laughing when they figured out what was happening. Barry and the guy were placed in an examination room immediately because they did not want them in the waiting area. As they waited in the room, it became apparent that the nursing staff had contacted other departments because there was an endless stream of nurses, etc. coming to see Barry super-glued to a guys cock. Everyone laughed and Barry could do nothing but roll his eyes and blush. They said that an x-ray was needed to see if the cock was obstructing his air-way in anyway. Sara and I knew that an x-ray was not really needed - they just wanted to get some photo of this rare and weird event. The other guy was positioned on a gurney and Barry was told to be on all-fours on the gurney so they could roll them down to x-ray. Barry was positioned with his butt in the air and everyone got to clearly see his black lace thong and sexy little tushie. Everyone was giggling and snickering...except for Barry. He would let out an occasional "ugggghh" and roll his eyes or glare at us. His face was bright red with total embarrassment. A young nurse, named Suzanne, took them to x-ray and we noticed that she grabbed the gurney with one hand and put her other hand on Barry's ass and pushed them down the hall. Many of the nurses has commented how cute his little panties were. A few of the medical staff asked how it happened and we just said that Barry performs fellatio on a daily basis and this time mistakingly thought super-glue was his lip gloss. They were taking pictures with their phones and lots of staff (mostly females) had come from other departments in the hospital to see it.

While Barry was down in x-ray, we spoke with a couple of nurses and told them about some of the other things that happened to Barry. They laughed and thought it was hilarious. Then one of the nurses said that the receptionist girl had placed a call into the local newspaper and they were sending over a reporter for the story. Barry got back from x-ray, his butt still pooched in the air. I rubbed his ass and gave him a little pat and asked if he was embarrassed by all this attention. He looked at me and glared. That made me all of us in the room laugh again. The medical staff had a solution to dissolve the glue and were ready to begin applying it. However, they were waiting for the reporter from the newspaper. When the reporter arrived, we told her the story. She interviewed a few of the nurses and the receptionist. The reporter had brought a college girl with her as her photographer. They did take a few pics but told us they could not use them for the paper because they were too risque. Just then, the x-ray pictures arrived and we all looked at the x-ray of a large cock in Barry's mouth and down his throat. Everyone laughed...except Barry...who just blushed.

The nurses applied the solution carefully and about 15 mintues later were able to pull Barry's lips off the cock. They gave Barry a warm wet washcloth to apply to his sore lips. The other guy left...a little sore. The reporter interviewed Barry and the photographer took a few pictures of him. Barry just told the reporter over and over how totally and completely embarrassed he was. She asked him about some of his other embarrassing sitautions and asked him about his french maid uniform and his thong panties. Many of the nurses wanted to get their picture taken with Barry. Two of the nurses said, "this is a once in a lifetime occurance that we'll never forget." Two other female nursing students said, "this has to be one of the most unique things that has ever happened in an ER, we are taking these photos to our classes this week for discussion." One of Barry's nurses walked up to him and said, "here is a copy of the x-ray, we have one in your file here, but we thought you might want one too...maybe to frame and hang at your place." Barry's mouth just dropped in embarrassed shock...the nurse walked away laughing. They gave Barry his discharge paperwork and us 6 girls just stood there giggling. Barry looked at us and said, "ha ha ha...very funny!"

We all walked out together and when we got outside, we were immediately met by a female TV news reporter and a video-camera. She asked Barry how he felt about his ordeal and stuck the microphone in his face. He was surprised by it and just said, "I am soooo totally embarrassed by it, I mean...I am just completely embarrassed...this whole thing has been embarrassing...just so embarrassing." After that, the TV gal turned and faced the camera and said, "well, there you have it, an interesting...and obviously embarrassing...story to say the least. This is Jessica Munoz reporting for channel 11 news."

Later that night, we watched the news and saw the brief segment on it and saw the very brief interview with Barry. The TV news anchors were laughing about it. Barry just sat on the floor and covered his face and said, "oh my god, oh my god...I had no idea that a person could be this embarrassed." He then threw a little fit by kicked his feet and stomped off to his room. We just laughed. The next day, the newspaper interview came out. The article included a picture of Barry and spoke of the ordeal and how completely embarrassed he was about it. The article also talked about his french maid uniform and his thong panties. We heard that the article was picked up by a total of 28 newspapers across the country.

We have the x-ray picture framed and proudly on display in Barry's bedroom. I love it when a plan comes together so well. Girl power rules again!
Poster: Brittany