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Sweet dare


Ana's seduction
Note: This is inspired by a real experience. My wife (Ana here) and I have been happily married. At times she lets he hair down and this is one of those occasions.
We have used many scenarios to bring spice to our love making sessions. In one of these, we are at a classy, yet edgy club on New Year’s eve. Ana, who loves dancing, looks seductively hot in a little black dress with open back that gives a good view of the back and either side of her torso all the way from her shoulders to the hip. The dress covers her lovely ass but rides up eye popping high when she sits down. The silhouettes of her breasts are very visible, so are the impressions the hard nipples make on the soft fabric. We have a booth to ourselves and a bottle of champagne that is nearly empty. Ana is tipsy and horny. I had dared her to remove her thong panties when she had mentioned to me that they were not comfortable and, to my excitement, she did so. I had obliged to this kindness by taking every opportunity to discretely slip my hand through ample space that could be created between her dress and abdomen and reach for and finger her wet cunt. Initially she was conscious, but my persistence, the whole environment full of erotic energy and the champagne soon got her to enjoy this and, I had to at times overcome her reluctance to pull my hands away as discretion demanded. Well, there was Ana dancing the night away with me mostly, at times by herself, touching a sense of freedom and being watched by me. I felt very proud when I would note her getting appreciative glances from men and women alike for this is a club that has no shortage of sexy female clientele!
As the night progresses, we get acquainted with Rex, a young man probably in his very early thirties with a well chiseled body and a soft expression. We had noticed him dancing extremely elegantly especially to the Latin rhythms. Ana was quite enamored by the ease and harmony in his movements and I could feel that she would love to dance with him, but was probably apprehensive of following through without knowing my reaction. “You are a wonderful dancer, Rex”, I observe the obvious. “I have a small dance studio next door and many who come here take classes with me” says Rex. “That makes perfect sense, your moves are so graceful and powerful, Rex”, Ana observes, seductively. We talk and find out Rex is half Latino and half Italian, which might account for his wheat colored skin and soft black eyes. He takes more and more notice of Ana who is dancing alone now, moving gracefully and the black dress barely covering her beautiful breasts. “That’s a lovely dress, she looks so hot in it, if I may take the liberty to say so”, it is Rex’s turn to observe the obvious. “Well, feel free to ask her for a dance. She has always wanted to learn Latin steps”, I tell Rex as Ana comes to the table and kisses me softly on the mouth and mischievously reaches for my semi-hard cock under the table. “Well, Rex could teach you a few steps that we can try out later on baby”, I suggest. Rex walks up to the DJ and soon we have Latin melodies reverberating in the club and more couples and singles enter the large dance floor.
I now watch Ana and Rex dance. He guides her expertly, his left hand gripping her naked waist and the right one controlling her fully stretched left hand and the rest of her body, occasionally making very close contact that salsa requires. At times her outstretched hands would need to be wrapped around his neck or be resting on his shoulders before he whisks her away crisply into rhythmic cycles of movements. I can see the excitement in Ana’s face, she is a bit tipsy, but surely her cunt is wet and hot. Her breasts are swollen and many a time almost escaped from the confines of the barely there night dress. Her pussy lips were taut and glistened with her juices (I gleaned this from her later). I could really see Rex cannot control his excitement, his manhood making its presence felt through his soft black pants. I watch this as every pore of my skin feels an ever increasing erotic tickling.
The lights become dimmer as it approaches three in the morning. I go to replenish my empty wine glass (the champagne now fully consumed) before which I make a bathroom stop. My cock is so hard that I have to think about walking on an enchanted starlit meadow listening to a Beethoven sonata to combat it. As I make it back to the booth, I can’t spot Ana or Rex. A little worried, I canvas the floor and spot the purple shirt that Rex is wearing. They are in the smaller dance studio that is separated from the main floor through a door decorated by a semi-transparent curtain. My breathing is becoming heavier now as I watch Rex standing behind Ana, her hands around his neck, their bodies swaying to the rhythm of the music, his fingers caressing her naked back and the either side of her torso, evidently probing for an opening to reach for her soft breasts, half exposed to his eyes. Ana now takes his hands off his neck and reaches for his hands and gently pushes them away from her (She would tell me later that she had to muster much will power to do as she was tipsy, horny and sopping wet from my and Rex’s attentions). I ask myself whether I should “rescue” her from Rex’s advances, but then I had given her implicit permission to push the frontiers of her experience and “follow her desire for the night”. So I hold myself back and watch as sweet Ana’s sexual spontaneity unfolds in front of my eyes.
Rex had told me that this is an “everything goes club” in the wee hours of the morning. The back rooms and lounges are occupied with couples making out after a long night of carousing and dancing. I see Rex running his fingers up Ana’s back and circling the exposed outer part of her breasts with his fingertips moving from the top to the sides and traveling underneath. As he tries to slip his hands under her dress to continue his exploration, Ana pushes his hands away (but her will to do so was much diminished, she would tell me later). The erotic tension is so high that I feel like a wound up spring about to unravel fiercely (she felt like a bow strung by an archer, so she would tell me later). Rex is now much closer to Ana and she would tell me later that his rock hard erection poking through his pants was rubbing on her ass clad only in the soft thin chiffon fabric and it was hard for her not to imagine the sight of his love stick once released from its unfair imprisonment.
Rex should get full marks for being persistent without being aggressive. He shows Ana genuine interest in teaching her new steps while taking time for the right opportunity to seek the treasures barely hidden underneath the provocative little black chiffon halter dress with an open back. She does let him do the circling motion around the outer parts of her breasts in view, but pushes him away may be for the tenth time when he tries to cross the Rubicon. I watch this game of seduction and withdrawal with interest and empathize with Rex since it must be driving him wild. His eyes have been feasting on the sight of her voluptuous breasts and they are half exposed for him to see, yet so inaccessible to his touch.
The music now changes to a very slow rhythm and the club would close in an hour or so. Rex holds Ana closely to him their hips swaying in unison, his towering erection now pressing against her lower back, her hands around his shoulders and his hands around her waist. She would tell me later that his (and her) breathing was (were) getting ragged and heavy. He withdraws his hands from her waist, moves them up and underneath her breast under the fabric and she makes no attempt resist. Rex feels the weight of them by holding both of his hands underneath them and lifting them up gently and letting them rest on his hands. He now with ravenous desire cups the objects of his intimate attention and fondles them, squeezing and massaging in circling motions. This has the effect of Ana wilting and becoming defenseless as well as the dress moving to cover only her cleavage with her breasts fully exposed and available for Rex’s probing hands. He pays attention to her large brown nipples, pulling them forward gently with his thumb and index finger, holding the nipples and shaking her huge boobs and caressing their very sensitive porous ends with his palms, and Ana moans softly (She would tell me later she had lost all control and wanted to be fucked till she would come hard).
Rex now lets his left hand play with Ana’s breasts and slips his right hand under her navels to find her wet and juicy cunt. He strokes it expertly and starts exploring the warm and wet insides with his fingers. He bends forward and reaches for her luscious right breast and starts licking the entire swollen areola before flicking her long hard nipples with his tongue while his left hand continues to fondle the beauties and the right one now busy finger fucking her succulent pussy. As the tip of his tongue presses against the terminal of her nipple, she shudders and mutters “it feels so good”. He wets the fingers of his left hand with a generous amount of saliva and soaks her left nipple in it. He now has a good portion of her right breast in his mouth and he sucks on them powerfully and releases it gradually while using his tongue on her nipples. As her nipple gets released slowly from the wet channel formed between his upper lip and tongue, Ana writhes in joy.
She is now a willing instrument in his hands, a lyre on which he can play any tune, a pleasure doll whose purpose is to quench the fire flaming in his loins. “You want me mam?” Rex asks her, still feeling her up all over her body in heat. “Oh yeah, Rex, take me”, she says while reaching for his cock. He turns her around, sits her down in a chair in the corner of the room face to face with his thick throbbing cock which he has released by opening up his zips. Ana lustily grabs it and guides it into her mouth. The sight of her lips encircling his head and saliva and pre-cum soaked shaft is driving me wild. There is no stopping now. Rex now withdraws from her mouth, reaches for his pocket and produces a condom that he slips on to mask his pulsating cock. Oh my, he lifts Ana, turns her around, lifts her right leg up and places it on the chair, parted from her left one which is footed on the ground. She bends forward and arches her body to present her yearning pussy for Rex’s cock to plough. Her lips are standing up in anticipation. Rex bends forward and starts flicking and licking her lips and probes the inside of her cunt with his powerful tongue, moving it in and out like a little cock. Ana moans and wriggles. She pleads to Rex now, “I want it baby, I want you to fuck me hard”. Rex now gets up and teases her a little by placing his head around her entrance, rubbing her clit, taking in the full view of her lovely ass parted to expose the juiciest cunt he might have seen in his life and asks her “you want Rex’s cock to fuck you?”. She moans and tells him “Yes! Fuck me Rex, fuck me hard” and Rex enters her with a definitive stroke and starts rocking back and forth, his balls now slapping against her pussy. “I felt it so deep baby”, she would tell me at times later, which always gets me hard and makes me want to take her from behind. Rex’s rhythm is getting faster. He slaps her ass cheeks every now and then and reaches forward to explore the softness of her breasts. At times he pulls on her erect nipples as if he is trying to milk her. Now he has his left hand gripping her waist and the right one cupping her right breast and rocking her back and forth at an incredible pace. I remember how hot she gets when I do her like that. I can hear Ana say “I am coming” and Rex responding “come on my cock you horny dancer”. Ana convulses, comes hard and nearly collapses on the chair. Rick withdraws, lifts her up and sucks her deeply on either breast before taking off the condom. Ana grabs his cock and sucks while using her hands to make him achieve his climax. He bends forward as Ana sucks his cock, and he starts to feeling up her breasts and nipples again. This should be an incredible feeling, what a lucky bastard, I think. He explodes now partly in her mouth, his body bucks and his cock shoots the rest of the hot cum on Ana’s soft breasts. He gently guides his head towards Ana who licks him clean. He takes off his tie and uses it to wipe his cum off of Ana. She gets up, gathers herself and gives him a kiss on his forehead and heads towards the lady’s room. Rex exits through the backdoor of the studio, satisfied, his desire quenched.
I wait for Ana to return in our booth. She comes back and asks me where I was. I say I was exploring the club a little and ask how the dancing with Rex turned out. She says she would teach me a few steps and tell me a naughty story someday. She holds my hand and hurries me away from the club to our room and I kiss her all over in the elevator. As we rush into the room I throw her on the bed, she devours my gigantic erection for a while, and then I turn her around to face the city lights and take her from behind. Her pussy is so lubricated with her juices and I ask her how she got so wet. She tells me Rex had been working on it. I grow even bigger and harder as she moans deeply. I ask her to tell me “fuck me Rex, Fuck Me Hard”, and she responds passionately. Spurts of hot white cum issue forth from me to fill her pussy. We collapse to the bed, hold each other tight and whisper words of sweet love to each other. We soon fall into a deep slumber and would not be up until early afternoon.
We made passionate love over and over again the next days. The flood gates had opened up and we had unleashed hitherto hidden sexual energies from within us. We never got to salsa together, but she did tell me the story and, many years later, it still lights up flames that lead to incredibly satisfying sex.
Poster: Ana