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Sweet dare


Mandy’s Birthday Surprise
Mandy here again. I’ve been so happy about being pregnant for the first time that I completely forgot about my birthday. Jack says I’m higher than cloud 9 and that he has never seen me so happy and so forgetful. Yes, I’ve been consumed by knowing that I’m finally going to have a baby, that I’ve kind of become a scatter brain, forgetting many routine things. Jack has been great and very helpful.

The other day, my friend P took me shopping for maternity clothes shopping. We spent the day in town, shopping, having lunch and buying some really cute outfits that I can’t wait to wear once I start showing.

On the way home, we stopped for some groceries and then at our favorite ice cream store. P bought several containers of ice cream and then said she needed to stop at her house on the way home to put the ice cream away. She invited me in and suggested I go to the bedroom and change into the new lingerie she bought. She said Lee would love to see it on me, so I did.

In the bedroom, I stripped completely and looked at myself in the mirror to see if I was showing yet, but it’s still too early. I put on the new lingerie, which was very revealing. I was excited to show Lee how I looked in it, so I opened the door and headed down to their living room.

I stepped down the stairs, I heard a loud shout ‘happy birthday’. Then I saw close to a dozen people, staring at me in my very see through nightie and panties. At first, I was very surprised as I had forgotten it was my birthday and then I got embarrassed about being so revealing. Jack came over and escorted me into the crowd and introduced me to some people I didn’t know. I whispered to him that I was virtually naked and he smiled and said it was okay.

That’s when he had me sit in a chair in the middle of the room and handed me bag with folded up pieces of paper. Everyone else sat in a circle around me. I was instructed to reach in the bag, pull out a name and that person would stand up and remove an article of clothing. When I went through all the names, they were put bag in the bag and start all over.

One by one, everyone took off their tops, then their pants. It was kind of exciting seeing a crowd of people all in their underwear. Next the guys lost their undershirts and the ladies lost their bras. The final round, everyone took off their underpants and I was surrounded by a group of naked people.

It was time for food and drink and I was the only one with any clothing on, but it wasn’t much. That’s when Jack took my nightie and panties off. After enjoying some finger foods, cake and ice cream, we all played some adult games that involved a lot of touching each other with our hands and lips. I managed to kiss every cock in the room and noticed that Jack kissed every woman’s nipple. It was a lot of fun.

Then came the final game. The guys’ names were placed in bag and each woman had to pick one.

Since it was my birthday, I got to draw first and picked the name of a man named Rick. He was average height and build, fairly good looking and had a cock a little larger than Jack’s or Lee’s. Jack drew Jean’s name. She was pretty and well built.

They guys moved the furniture back against the wall and then placed a bunch of mats on the floor. Each paired couple took their place on a mat and began to get familiar with each other.

Rick held me, kissed me, fondled by boobs and then sucked on my nipples. I grabbed and held his cock as he inserted a finger into my pussy. I was already flowing like a river. I switched positions so I could suck on his cock while he licked my pussy and clit. I exploded with a big O fairly quickly.

Rick turned around, laid me down on my back and held himself over me with his arms. Then he slowly slid his cock into my pussy. Yes, he was a little bigger than I was used to and it felt great. It didn’t take me long to have another big O.

I glanced around and saw Jack and Jean having sex and it turned me on to see him with another woman.

Rick continued to pump in and out of me until he was getting close to shooting his load. He asked where I wanted it and I told him it was okay to cum inside me and hearing that, he filled my pussy with his hot seed.

After everyone had finished, we all cleaned up and the others got dressed and left. Lee, P, Jack and I remained naked and had another drink, relaxed and talked. I told the how much I enjoyed the birthday party and surprise. I told them it was a birthday I’ll never forget.

Jack and I went home and made love before falling asleep in each other’s arms. It was a very memorable birthday surprise.
Poster: Mandy via Lee J