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Sweet dare


Our Cruise
Well it took a long time coming but my Asian wife Peg finally did it.
For some time after we married I became fixated with wanting to watch my wife have sex with another man and we were young and full of life with Peg not having a long sexual past and I on the other hand had been very sexually active in high school.
We talked openly about sex and she admitted that she did not have much past and was curious so to make a long story short one night we took her to a bar and she let a guy pick her up and then she told the guy what we were doing with her being married and all and it was safe for him to cum in her because she was not ovulating at the time.
I sat at a back table as they danced and openly kissed on the dance floor and Peg got him to leave early so she could get home before to long.
I waited for them and they got at our house a little after midnight and we had a ball that night with her telling me about that night and she was happy to announce that she got him to cum twice.

That turned into me doing something that I had never done before to because when she showed me her pussy all matted down with his cum I wanted to smell it but I got carried away and wound up licking her to another orgasm before adding my cum to his.

OK that was years ago but Peg refused to do it again saying maybe after our daughter left home.
Amy is in college now and we planned our cruise with me reminding her about our talk and Peg was getting excited to as we looked over the ship and it was huge.

We met Dave when we left ship on the big island Hilo and he was a nice guy and had made several cruises so far and offered to show us around and we took him up on it.

All that day Peg and Dave walked side by side laughing and talking looking more like the married couple than her and I and several times I caught him looking her over when he thought I wasent looking.

Well that evening we had dinner with him and two other couples and he insisted on buying us all a glass of wine and Peg very seldom ever drinks anything but water and she was laughing and talking with everyone at the table and Peg is very small with 34 B cup breasts but they look huge on her small frame and Dave was openly checking out her wares now.

He invited us to his room and I think he must have already figured out what was going on or maybe Peg had said something to him earlier.

Peg was surprised at how much bigger his balcony room was than ours and she went around the room Ooooing and AAWWWing at everything and we talked back and forth .

Peg was standing in front of Dave with a glass of wine in her hand talking to him when I stepped up behind her with my hands circling her waist and she leaned back against me .

My hands began to slide up her belly and Peg went rigid but didn't say or struggle as my fingers were just under her breasts now.

I looked over at Dave and my hands cupped her breasts as I said my voice thick with anxiety do you want to fuck my wife Dave.

He exploded in action and I am sure that he had figured us out fro9m the beginning because he attacked Peg pulling her blouse and bra oveer her head then he started to strip to as I laid Peg back on the bed and pulled her skirt and panties odd .
I could now smell her excited pussy and I knew that she was ready for him and in seconds he pushed her back on the bed and she was wild with desaire now to as he forced her legs apart and Peg took his cock looking down her body raised up one one elbow and guided him into her and they began fucking like teenagers.

Peg came explosively proving to me that he and her must have talked about this and she had been waiting all day for it then Dave was squirting his cum into her grunting like a pig and Peg laughed in delight as his body jerked uncontrollably when he came then she wrapped her arms and legs around him holding him inside of her looking over at me with her smug smile.
We talked with Peg holding him inside of her until he got hard again then they fucked a second time but it took them much longer this time and Peg was able to cum twice more.

Her and Dave became lovers for the cruise screwing all over the ship when they got the chance using me as a lookout.
Poster: James1985