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Sweet dare


Shopping Flash
P and I went shopping over the weekend to several of our favorite stores, including one of those warehouse stores (I won’t name the store). As we turned down the aisle where they have the spices, oils and similar items, there was an attractive woman stocking the larger containers of various spices and seasonings. We were looking for something specific and didn’t see it, so we asked her.

Turned out she was a vendor stocking her items and not a store employee. It was early in the day and the store was not very busy and we started talking with her. For the sake of this post, I’ll call her Red as she had red hair.

I’m guessing she stood about 5’5”. Her red hair was tied up in a ponytail, but it probably wasn’t much longer than just past her shoulders. She was very attractive, pretty face and smile and a very nice figure. P says her boobs were probably between a large c-cup and smaller d-cup. She was wearing slacks and nice looking top.

When she bent down to pick up a box of seasonings, her top hung open enough for me to get a good look of her boobs and bra. She was wearing a lacy bra that barely covered her nipples, leaving part of her aureole exposed. Needless to say, it was a very nice view of a very nice looking pair of boobs

Then it happened. She looked up and caught me looking down her top.

I immediately apologized and then complimented her on her fine looks and nice boobs. I tend to be very honest and open and yes, sometimes it gets me in hot water, but as a rule, I have found that many women like to be complimented and evidently, she did too.

As I apologized, she also began to apologize by saying that is one of her favorite tops, but admitted that the neckline hangs open when she bends down.

About that time, P told her that I was a photographer who appreciates beautiful ladies and that I would love to photograph her sometime if she would like. That seemed to make her more embarrassed than me looking down her top. P sensed how she must have taken it and then said she meant fully clothed. I added that she could bring her husband. In response to that, Red seemed almost disappointed.

That’s when we found out that she was a widow with a 15-year-old son. Her husband died of cancer 7 and half years ago and she was raising her son alone. We said the typical how sorry we were and she said that was okay. Then she asked about when and where I would photograph her. I told her I had a small studio set up at our house, or I could come to her house, whichever she would prefer.

She said that even though her son was away for the weekend with friends, it would probably be easier for me and my equipment if she came to us. P invited her for dinner and told her to bring whatever outfits she wanted to be photographed in and then gave her our address and directions.

She thanked us and we went on our way and she went back to stocking her merchandise. As we shopped I told P that I doubt she’ll show up and P said she thought Red would show up. We picked up some food just in case and headed home. P told me to check the studio and make everything was set up, camera batteries charged and ready to go, so I did, all the while believing it would be a waste of time.

At 6pm, the doorbell rang and to my surprise, there was Red with her various outfits. She had changed and let her hair down and I have to say she was gorgeous. I invited her in and admitted that I didn’t expect her to show up and she said she almost didn’t, but she needed to get out and do something.

During dinner, we found out that since her husband died, she has not dated and basically kept herself busy with work and raising her son, but other than that, she had secluded herself in her house, not wanting to get out and often afraid to. She said her son kept telling her to get and date, but she didn’t think she was that attractive and at her age, she didn’t think any guy would be interested in her.

We told her how gorgeous we thought she was and I added that I thought she was also very sexy. She tried to object, but I pointed out that not only did she have a very pretty face and smile, but she had a great slender figure, tiny waist and ample boobs. Her face was now as red as her hair.

I told her that we would take some glamor shots of her to show her and that P would help her. After dinner, P and Red went to get her ready, while I got the lights in the studio on backdrop set up and ready to shoot.

When she entered the room, I couldn’t help but stop and stare. She was wearing a very nice looking dress that came just above the knee, revealing some very shapely calves. I told her on a scale of 1 to 10, she was a solid 12 and she blushed.

One of the poses was sitting on a stool and when she did I saw several inches up her thighs and liked what I saw. I asked her if she had a shorter dress that would show more of her legs and she said she did and they disappeared to change.

This time, she was wearing a short, tight black dress that only came a few inches below her butt. It had a V neckline that revealed some ample cleavage without showing everything. It also had a plunging back that went down almost to her waist. All I could say was WOW and P told her that she told her that would be my reaction.

We shot a number of poses and when I was satisfied, P whispered that she would like some sexier photos but was shy about posing. I told P that she had worked with me enough to take the photos if Red would be more comfortable and Red said that was okay, and left to change. As they walked out of the room, p winked and gave me the grin that told me I was in for a great time.

They were gone longer, but when they came back into the studio, Red was wearing a very attractive wrap around dress. As we began to get her posed, P loosened the dress allowing most of a boob to show. I allowed P to direct the shoot from that point on. When Red turned sideways, I got a good look at her boob and I have to say that they sure didn’t look like the boobs of a 45-year-old woman. She what I caller perfect aureole and nipples. The aureoles were barely the size of a silver dollar and her nipples about the same diameter as the tip of my little finger and stood erect about 5/8 of inch.

As P directed and Red became aware that I could see her boob from time to time, she seemed to get more comfortable and not as self-conscious. As we shot the poses, P continued to loosen more of the top of her wrap around dress to the point that both boobs were exposed and the front of her thong panties were showing. A few minutes more and the dress was gone, leaving her only in her black lacy thong panties.

I not only complimented her on her great areoles, nipples and boobs, but I also complimented her on her very shapely legs and tight firm butt. The more I complimented her, the more confident she grew and the more confident she became, the sexier she looked and posed.

Then P asked her if she wanted to pose completely nude and Red said sure. P had her slowly pull her panties down from all kinds of angles, until they were off. I was pleased to see that she was a natural redhead. I’ve found a nicely trimmed bush is very provocative. It’s very revealing and yet doesn’t reveal everything, leaving the pussy hidden and subject to imagination, which is quite sexy.

P is a master at directing a photo shoot. She has the great ability to pose people to bring out the best for their photos. She directed Red and did a great job. Most of the nude photos didn’t show that much, but were very sexy and provocative. None of the photos taken were pornographic, that is, none showed her pussy, but some did reveal bits of her red pubic hair.

If I thought she was gorgeous with clothes on, she was even more so without clothes. I want to add that many women look better clothed as the clothes can highlight the good traits while hiding the not so good traits, but that definitely wasn’t the case with Red. It was hard to believe that she was 45 with a 15-year-old son. Her body looked more like of a 30-year-old. She had no stretch marks on her abdomen, nor on her boobs, butt or thighs. I often have to Photoshop these out, but in her case, no touching up was needed.

All through the shoot, P and I kept telling Red how gorgeous and sexy she was. The more we complimented her, the better the shoot went…

Let me know if you want to read more of what happened.
Poster: Lee J