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Sweet dare


Shopping Flash 2
I heard from a number of you that you wanted to know what happened next during the photo session with Red. (See first post - Shopping Flash.)

At one point, she was sitting on a stool half turned to me and had her arm up over her boobs. She looked so hot, I told her so. She dropped her arm and asked what about now and I told her they looked good enough to devour. P instantly agreed and said I should try. Red looked shocked at first and then arched her back, presenting her great boobs to me. I set the camera down, leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth. I rolled it between my tongue and teeth and heard a moan emanate from Red’s throat. I glanced up and her eyes were closed and she was just starting to tilt her head back. I spent about a minute sucking on her nipple and then shifted to the other one and again a guttural moan.

When I stopped and stood up, Red asked if I liked them and I told her they were as delicious as I imagined the rest of her was also. She blushed. That’s when P said I should find out if she really does taste as good as I imagined she did. Red wasn’t sure what P meant, until I knelt down in front of her while she was sitting on the stool. Her legs were crossed at the knees and gently uncrossed them, but left them together. I began kissing my way up her thighs and as I moved closer, she let her legs drift apart enough to give me access.

That’s when I got my first look at her pussy, hiding in the depths of her red bush. Her lips were swollen with anticipation and I caught a whiff of her sweet and musky fragrance. She watched me as I kissed my way up to the sides of her pussy. Then I cupped my mouth over her pussy and allowed my hot breath to warm it up. Another moan. I kissed her clit, which caused her to jerk and then I began kissing her pussy lips.

Slowly, I began working my tongue along her opening and then inside. She tasted divine and it was obvious that she was sexually aroused. As my tongue explored her inner sanctum, I heard her tell P that no man has ever seen her naked since her husband died. She hasn’t dated, she hasn’t had sex as she just didn’t want to venture out into unknown and scary territory. I could tell she hadn’t had sex in a long time because of how tight her pussy was around my tongue.

I moved up to her clit and began to suck and nibble on it and almost instantly she exploded with an orgasm that was so intense that she was about to fall off the stool until P grabbed her from behind. As I continued to suck on her clit, P began fondling Red’s boobs, reaching around from behind and cupping them. By now, Red was in total submission and I knew it.

I stood up, took my shirt off and began to undo my slacks as Red intently watched and P continued to fondle Red’s boobs. Red’s eyes grew large when I released my rock-hard cock and let me slacks fall to the floor. P suggested we move to the bedroom and without any hesitation, Red took her hand and followed.

Once in the bedroom, I laid Red down on the bed and climbed between her legs. She was staring into my eyes as I rubbed the tip of my cock against the lips of her pussy. She turned to P and asked if this was okay and P assured her it was and then a quick explanation that she could not have vaginal intercourse anymore so she willingly allowed for me to have sex with other women.

Red’s pussy was very tight and it took a while to work all the inside of her, but once inside all the way I just held it there and Red reached out, put her hands on my hips and held me inside of her. Looking into her eyes, I saw a woman who was hungry and getting very emotional. I asked if everything was okay and if she wanted to stop and she begged me to go and explained that she didn’t realize how much she missed her husband or sex until now.

As I started to slide in and out of her very tight pussy, P laid down next to Red and began sucking on her boobs. I think Red wasn’t sure about that at first, but soon got into it. She looked up at me, still with tears in her eyes and whispered thank you and then closed her eyes and allowed herself to be in the moment.

As I keep saying, she was very tight and because of that, it didn’t take that long for me to feel that telltale feeling in my balls. I told her I was getting close and asked if she wanted me to pull out and she no, but I had better because she wasn’t on anything. So, I pullout and P grabbed my cock and stroked it until I shot five or six strong spurts up Red’s belly and boobs. The first shot was so strong that it hit Red in the chin.

Again, P surprised Red by licking up all of my cum off of her. I rolled off of Red to the opposite side from P and the three of us just laid their quietly for several minutes. The Red started to chuckle. Upon asking, she explained that she had warned her son several times to behave this weekend with his friends and he told her that he wouldn’t do anything she wouldn’t do. Her son knew she didn’t date or anything like that, but laying her naked after having sex made her mind race, thinking about what her son might be doing.

After a rest, conversation and general fondling, I got hard again. This time, Red got on all fours and I took her doggie style. P climbed in below Red and played her boobs and fingered her clit while pounded her again. From the side, I watched Red’s ample boobs swaying in rhythm to our movement and it was so sexy. She had a couple more orgasms before I was ready to cum again. This time, P asked if Red wanted to take it orally and she said she had never done that. So, we got her turned around and P coached her on how to suck a cock and watching her lips slide on my shaft was erotic and I soon shot my second load down her throat. She did pretty good at first but then started to choke a little.

Afterwards, we took a shower together, helped each other dry off and get dressed. I fixed some drinks and P said that since her son was gone for the weekend, she was invited to spend the night. Then P added that we had a couple of spare bedrooms and that there was room in our bed if she would like. She looked at me and smiled and I knew it was going to be a great sleep over.

After several drinks, the three of us headed back upstairs to our bedroom. We stripped off our clothes and I climbed in the middle of the bed. P was on my right and Red was on my left and I had an arm around each of them, thinking that life for this old man was pretty good.

Do you want to read what happened later that night and the next morning?
Poster: Lee J