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Sweet dare


Trip to the club
There is a strip club about 40 minutes from my house, a real little crapy looking strip club, but the ladies are hot, and always nice. I get there about 11:30 and find a seat, it is really kind of busy. There are a lot of new girls that I have never seen before. All different kinds of women, young little sexy things that can't be maybe 19 to women that have been there for awhile with very nice curves...something for all your tastes. When I am looking around I see the board of the dance order for the old favorite girl Annabelle isn't listed. Well that is a bummer, but there are a lot of amazing new girls to share my money with. As I am sitting there taking in the view of all of these hot ladies walking around with next to nothing on one of them walks up to me and says you owe me a dance her name is Bambi. Now normally I would say whatever just trying to get money from a private dance. However the last time I was there I was supposed to get a dance from her before the end of the night, it ended up not happening she had thought I had left and changed into her street clothes and was walking out the door and I had told her that I would get one from her the next time I was there. How she remembers that from more than 6 months ago I don't know with all of the guys that are in and out of there. I get my dance from her and she is rubbing in all the right spots driving me crazy. After our dance I notice that she is hanging out with 2 of the new girls and I hear her tell them to take care of me that I am nice and sweet. Yea one time it pays to be the nice sweet guy right. We then Angel comes over and starts to talk to me while we are sitting off to the side of the stage, I end up getting a dance from her. WOW, I thought Bambi could get me excited Angel showed her up especially for being the new girl. She was stradling my lap grinding into me and she looks me in the eye with this super sexy look and says that she is so horny. My hands are rubbing her toned legs, I can feel the heat from her pussy through my jeans. I ask her if it feels good grinding on me. She bites her lip and nods her head. I tell her that I need to adjust myself and she moves up just a little so I can adjust my quickly hardening cock for her to grind on. She REALLY gets into it and gives herself a small organism. Her perky breasts brushing my face I kiss her nipples. Before I know it the dance is over. We go back out to the chairs we were sitting at before and she asks how the dance was. I told her that it was amazing and they she had nothing to worry about, that she was super sexy and knew what to do even though this was only her 2nd weekend working. As we are talking I find out that her, Bambi and a 3rd girl Piper all live together. Talk about a HOT these 3 girls strip and live together, wonder what else they do together? Piper comes out wearing this lacy bra top that barely covers her perky little breasts, and a little black wrap skirt. Her ass peaking out just under the bottom of the wrap. Personaly I just love sexy women, maybe a little thicker, maybe tiny and thin, big breasts little breasts, tight tiny little butts to nice juicy giggly butts. It doesn't really matter to me, these ladies we SEXY, Bambi has the biggest butt of the three of them, but all of there asses look AMAZING as they walk around. I end up getting a dance from Piper, it was nice that sexy tight little ass grinding on me, and she was wearing a white lacy thong under the skirt that you could see right through. I so wanted to smack her ass when she would bend over infront of me. After her dance I went back out to the stage and sat and talked with some of the other ladies, while I was talking with them I was watching Angel. God her breasts are maybe a c cup but PERKY doesn't begin to describe them, her nipples are pierced too. I get a few other dances but none of them live up to the dance that I got from Angel. As it is getting closer to the end of the night I ask her if I can get another dance, a huge smile breaks out on her face and she says she would love too. I know she is there to take my money but at this point I don't care. We go back to the booths, she doesn't waste any time takes off her top and gets on top of me again. I am getting hard again in no time. I tell her I need to adjust again, this time she barely picks herself up off of me. As I adjust my quickly swelling cock the back of my hand brushes her pussy through her panties, she doesn't flinch. As she is grinding herself towards another orgasm I start to run my hand higher up leg and trace the edge of her thong so close to her hot little pussy. I ask her if she wants me to rub her clit for her, to help her with her orgasm. She has this look on her face I think I could just taken her right there and she would have loved every second of it. As she is giving me this lusty look she is biting her lower lip again, I slip my hand down the front of her panties rubbing her just above her clit asking her if she liked it. She nodded really fast and pulled her chest up to my face putting her nipple right by my much more of invite does a guy need...I started to kiss that sweet little nipple while my fingers started to brush her clit. Every time my fingers brushed her clit she would take deep breathe and then moan when I moved away. Her head still on my shoulder I ask her if she wants me to rub her clit and help her with her orgasm. She says yes, but she doesn't want me to get in trouble. I can see where the cameras are and they can't see the fact that my left hand is very much in her panties so I move my fingers down and start rubbing her clit while she is grinding into my hand with a renewed purpose. I can feel the heat the wetness building inside her pussy. As I am rubbing her I tell her I want to eat her out, she tells me she would love that but there is no way we could get away with that. I rub her clit until she reaches down and grabs my hand and tells me to stop, I can feel her sexy thighs convulsing on either side of my legs as the orgasm takes her. I pull my hand back out of her panties and rub her sexy legs. She gets up and turns around and starts to grind that super sexy ass on my lap. She lays back against me and gives me an amazing view down her front with her breasts and their pierced nipples standing straight up, my hands are on the sides of her hips. After a few minutes she turns back around and sits on my lap again, grinding into me again. I tell her how I would love to take care of her and give her as many orgasms as she can handle, this just ignites her grinding into me. I ask her if she wants my hand back where it was and just nods her head. I don't need a second invite, my hand works back under her panties and lets her grind her clit into my fingers, I can tell how much she is enjoying it as the eagerness of her motions become more and more forceful. I slip my hand down her panties little bit more and allow my fingers to wander a little deeper and start to rub her lips while her clit is grinding into the palm of my hand. Now I can really feel the wetness on the soft hairless skin of her lips, I curl my middle finger slightly and slip it inside her sweetness. She tries to say something, I ask her if she wants me to stop and all she can do is shake her head no. God this horny 19-20 year old is making me pay to get her off...ok if you insist. As my finger slides in and out of her VERY tight little pussy I can feel the texture of her g-spot and make sure I am hitting it with every thrust of her pelvis as she grinds on me. I am guessing she is a bit of a screamer, this time as she got close to cumming again she couldn't really say anything and she was fighting to stay quite, or anything that I could hear but I got the point when she grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand out of her soaking wet pussy. I rub her legs and tell her I want her nipple again, she quickly brings her breasts up to my face and allows me to suck on her nipples making them both hard. She tells me that it is a shame we are at the club cause she wants more, much more. I told her that I would love to come home with her and her friends and have fun, her response is you have no idea. O my god. At the end of the song she stood up and gave me a nice big hug. Shortly there after I was out of money, and I had to be at a breakfast meeting in an hour so it was time for me to leave. O how I hope that Bambi, Piper, and Angel are still working there the next time I go up!
Poster: Jason