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Sweet dare


From the Wardrobe
My girlfriend then and now my wife, was and is really horny most of the time and will try anything once. Before we were married we had sex all the time and eventually I thought it would a real turn on if she would fuck someone else while I watch, she wasn't really up for it to start with but I kept pleading with her and it was my birthday coming up so I said she could do it for my birthday present.

She said no, so I said at least think about it as I know some one who would have you as he fancies you, she said who. I said Dave one of your dads lodgers. Her dad had a guest house and had lodgers like contractors living there from out of town until their contract finished. How do you know she said, I told her that he said was really lovely and that were you with anyone, he thought I was a new lodger, so I told him we were together and he said ,you lucky sod.

She was interested then when she knew someone was interested. So I said why don't you flirt with him when he comes home and see for yourself. Any way she did and the following day she told me about it and how he talked to her and said he was married and 45 and only here for a couple more weeks and would she like to go out for a drink with him and she said she would think about it. I said go for a drink then and nothing else and she said that would be ok.

Anyway she went for a drink and was out until about 11pm and when she got back rang me and said that she was back and to come over and come in the back way so no one sees me, so I did and she said if it will turn you on I will give him a xmas kiss as it was early December and tell you about it afterwards.

But only a kiss and that's all. so I said o k . I said wait until everyone is in bed then go to his room and kiss him and tell me about it ,she said ok .just after midnight she went to his room with her clothes on and a dressing gown over the top but no bra under her partly open blouse and closed the door behind her. I was really turned on by now and my heart was racing. After what felt like a lifetime racing and thumping at what he might do to her. After a minute or so she came out and back to her room and told me that they did kiss and he fondled her breasts and she really enjoyed it and he wanted to come to her room later about 1pm for another kiss and cuddle and nothing more as he knew she was only 18. So I said put a note under his door to come at 1 just for 5 mins as he was not really my age but enjoyed the kiss but that's all.

So she did and then we agreed that I would hide in the wardrobe and watch , it was a great big louvre door wardrobe with slats in and really old and dark brown so I couldn't be seen,and with this she was really turned on and said what should I wear if he comes .I said whatever makes you feel good and horny .so she went in the bathroom to get. changed it was almost 1.we didn't even know if he was going to come to her room. she came back with her dressing gown on and got in bed and pretended to be asleep as it was almost 1,i got in the wardrobe hard as hell and she said she was realy nervous has she has never done anything like this before ,plenty of flirting and the odd xmas kiss at a party but nothing this risky.

I was so horny. then at exactly 1 he opened the door and crept in and saw her in bed as though she was asleep and he lent over her and gently stroked the back of his hand on her cheek to wake her up and she turned to him and smiled and said I am pleased you have come ,have you come for your other xmas kiss ,yes he said as he put his head around the back of her head and lifted it off the pillow and they really kissed it was like they were trying to eat each other ,I was hard by now and throbbing. Anyway I am still watching and I think she forgot I was there as she pushed him aside and took her dressing gown off and was completely naked and said to him would you like to have me ,he just grabbed her and pushed her down on the bed and puled his boxers down and laid on her and kissed her again,and then quickly got up and put her legs up to her shoulders and I could see she was wet through and he pushed his cock right inside and she squealed and he put his hand over her mouth
and said be quiet someone will hear.

After he had pumped her senseless with her moaning and groaning her cum and said that he loved this and was hers to have when she wanted and she just kept moaning and she came a short while later , he then got up and crept out of the room.
Poster: pete banden