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Sweet dare


My Wife Flirts
This story is about an experience that my wife and I had several years ago. We enjoy getting away and going on long car rides. My wife Emmy, had always flirted with truckers by waving and blowing kisses, but that was as far as it ever went. Emmy is an attractive woman of 40, 5'3" tall, with long brown hair and size 34B breasts. Her skin color is just a shade darker than milky white, and as soft to the touch as you can imagine.

It happened on a hot summers day in the late afternoon while traveling through Ohio. She had been doing her usual flirting, and dressed as she always is for our summer drives, with a short cotton black skirt and sleevless yellow blouse that buttoned down the front. Besides a pair of sandals, she wore nothing else. Her left leg was resting comfortably up in the dashboard, and her right leg was resting against the glass on the windows ledge. As we passed this one truck, she told me how this guy seemed very friendly. He waved and smiled several times as we slowly went by.

After passing him and returning to the right lane, I noticed that he pulled into the left lane and was coming up along side us. He passed, switched lanes to be in front of us, then slowed down a little. Emmy asked, "why did that guy pass you, and then slow down?" I told her that it was the same freindly guy we passed a few minutes ago, and that he probably wants to see you again. She smiled, and said to go ahead and catch up to him again, so I pulled out and started approaching his cab.

Emmy was giddy, and she saw the trucker watcher her through his side view mirror. As we pulled along side, he waved again and smiled and she blew him a kiss. He then made a gesture with his hands after pointing at her blouse, as if to ask her to open it. She asked me what to do, and I said that she should have fun, and to do what she wanted to do. Nervously, she undid a few buttons, and pulled her blouse apart to better expose her cleavage. The trucker responded with some sort of begging, becasue she giggled and undid the rest, letting her blouse fall open, but her nipples kept it from falling all the way open. I love her nipples, they are big and stand out as if to be asking to be sucked, the kind you can balance several match sticks on with ease. Anyway, he wanted more, only being able to see her soft cleavage. She toyed with him, starting to pull the blouse all the way open, then stopping. Finally, she let her nipples out, and he responded with a blow of his air horn. She loved that.

His truck slowed at this point, and we passed him again. Emmy was feeling good about herself, and she told me that it was fun playing with the driver that way. Looking in my rear view mirror, I said "looks like your new friend agrees, he's going to pass us again." She turned to see, and asked why he's doing that again, she already had showed him her tits. I said that he probably liked the nibble you gave him, and now wants the whole dessert. She seemed to be a little more nervous again, but as the truck pulled back in front of us and slowed down for a second time, she said "go ahead, catch up again and we'll see what he wants."

As we pulled along side, he did his best begging I guess, helped by some short toots on his horn, because Emmy sat up and slowly removed her top. She then turned towards him to allow for a better view. She even slowly touched her breasts as she looked at him. Emmy must have a real thing for airhorns, because he let loose with a long blast and then a big thumbs up sign, and she leaned back giggling and putting her feet up onto the dash. She ran her hands down her side, took hold of her skirt, and started to shimmy them off.

I couldn't believe it, and swerved a little, as did her new friend. He dropped back a little, but quickly pulled along side again. She was really enjoying the attention, and finished wiggling out of the skirt until she was sitting there naked. She lifted her hips up off the seat, and gave him a nice view of her soft, trimmed mound. Before I could say anythig, she turned and laid back in my lap, left her left leg on the dash, and put the other up on the door frame. She lifted her ass up, and showed the trucker her moist, pink lips. I was having a real problem concentrating at this point, and I'm guessing he was also by the erratic speed he was keeping. He dropped back, and we pulled into the right lane. Emmy was carressing her body, playing with her moistened lips, and I put my right hand onto her breasts and played with her nipples. She raised her hips again, and was moaning beautifully, enjoying the excitement of the moment. I was so caught up with her that I didn't see that he had passed us again right away. When I did, I said, "Hey Emmy, he's in front of us again, and he has his turn signal on."

She sat up, and asked what I thought he was doing. Just then, I noticed a sign for a rest area up ahead. I said that I think he wants us to pull off the road with him. Instead of her being nervous this time, she perked right up, with her hands still massaging her thighs, and said to follow him off. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yes, let's see what he wants." So I followed him into the rest area, and around to the back. He parked as far away from the building as he could, but left enough room for a car to pass him on the right. I pulled up, and along side, and saw that this totally obscured us from the view of the rest of the parking lot. It wasn't long before the trucker was out of his cab, and walking over to Emmy's side of the car. She lowered her window and leaned back in the seat. He came over and leaned on the window frame, and told her how hot what she had done was. They were chatting back and forth, as I watched his eyes scan over her naked body. She giggled a lot, as he complimented her body, and I could see the excitement growing in his eyes as he kept gazing at her body just inches away from him.

Taking a chance, I asked him if he liked what he was seeing. He said "absolutely" with a huge smile, so I asked him if he wanted to touch her. Emmy's head snapped around to me as if she was just slapped, but she didn't look upset, instead, it was more of the look you'd expect to see after giving a woman a piece of jewelry that she'd been wanting. His response was just as quick, as if not wanting to lose the opportunity. He answered "hell yes" as his right hand cupped her breast. She turned back to him, and relaxed in the seat, letting him know that she approved.

He ran his fingers around her breasts, and over her nipples. His fingers pinched a little, then massaged them, as she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. He then adjusted himself to allow his left hand to massage her breasts and nipples, as his other hand slid down her stomach and across her soft mound. She spread her legs, and his fingers found their way into her wet lips, which caused her hips to rise off the seat. Taking a chance, he reahced his head into the car and put his mouth on her nipple and began to suck, as his fingers worked around the inside of her pussy.

Emmy was really moaning now, and raised her head up to him, he lifted off her nipples, and they kissed, all along with his hand still inside her. She sat up more, and put an arm out the window to wrap around his back, and turned and lifted her hips so that she could get a knee on the seat. He refused to let go of her cunt, working her the whole time. She now leaned out the window forcing him to release her womanhood, but in doing so, her grabbed her ass and lifted her up. Now on both knees, with her head and tits out the window, and his hands firmly on her ass, he lifted her up against the door, and she struggled to get a knee up into the open window. I must admit, this was hot to watch, my wife lusting after a stranger, clawing her way to him from inside the car. He finally just pulled her up and out, and she stood on the ground wrapping her arms around him. He leaned her back onto the car, and began kissing her from the neck down, and once again finding her wet lips with his fingers. He suckled her nipples, and worked the inside of her pussy, making her shiver with delight. I left the car aslo, to get a better view.

As I rounded the back of the car, I saw her clenching her knees together tight as she could, and with that, she began to cum. He fought to open her legs again, and she eventually let up to allow his fingers to move around more. Her knees now spread, and slightly squating, she started cumming even harded, drenching his hand in the process. His other hand was now frantically working at his own belt, and releasing it and his pants to the ground. Emmy's hand found his tool, and stroked it maybe twice before it was hard as steel. He pushed her to the right, and onto the hood of the car, lifting her legs into the air, and inserting himself into her dripping wet pussy. She reached back over her head to grab something, but there wasn't anything, so she just laid her arms over her head as he pounded into her. Her body weight was pushing down on him, and he was thrusting back hard, giving her quite the ride. He had her legs in his hands, and was spreading them wide, watching his manhood slide in and out of her warm, wet hole. Her breasts were bouncing with the rythym of his motion, and her cunt lips were sucking hard on his stiff dick with every movement. His pace increased, and I could tell he was about to lose control. I could tell she was going to cum again also, because she was arching her back, and neck, and so I moved closer to see the pounding she was getting. Her cunt lips were indeed latched to his dick, as he pulled almost all the way out, then thrusted back in. Then she began cumming, and squirting all over him, which in turn made him lose it also, as I saw his cream covered tool emerging from her heavenly womanhood with every stroke.

Before long he was spent, and slowing his pace. He looked down, intent on watching her pussy suck every drop of his sperm off his dick. He pulled it out until the head was almost exposed, them pushed it back in all the way, slowing with every stroke. It was so hot watching her pink lips suck the cum off his dick. Finally, with one last thrust, he sucked each of her nipples, and withdrew for the last time. She lay there, draped across the hood of the car, sweat on her skin, and cum dripping from her cunt.

We parted ways with the trucker, and she promised me that this would not be the last time, as she sucked me off with the blow job of all time.
Poster: The Other Half