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Sweet dare


My boyfriends Buddys
My boyfriend has been encouraging me to tease and flirt with his buddys. He likes me to dress skimpy and give them a peek and get their attention. He told me we were going out with his 2 buddys from work and wanted me to wear my short skirt and sexy top and to flirt with them. They stopped by our place and we had a few drinks and couple of shots and he winked at me. So I played along and got us all shots. I sat across from them and bent over and let them see down my top. His buddy Ben told me he loved my outfit,that I looked very sexy. I thanked him and we got ready to leave. His buddy drove, we all went together. At the bar it was crowded and my guy told me to give them a peek up my skirt. I sat at the bar facing out talking with them and would shift and give them a peek, his buddy Ben came over at bought us a shot and told me I was so sexy would I dance with him. I said sure and we went out to dance, he was touchy and I let him have his fun then they played a slow song and he held me close, I let my tits press against him and he told me my tits felt good and he put his hand on my ass. When we went back he told my boyfriend I was hot. after many drinks and getting pretty drunk. Ben came over and stood by me talking he put his hand on my thigh and was rubbing it, I looked at my guy and he smiled and winked, so I played along enjoying the attention. his hand slid higher my skirt sliding up. I saw several guys looking, not sure how much they could see. I felt his fingers sliding under my skirt and shifted slightly but he did not stop. He was getting close to my pussy and I was getting horny and felt myself getting wet. My guy suggested we go back to our place and continue drinking. We all agreed and once at home, things started getting interesting his buddy Ben said I was hot and kissed me and my boyfriend suggested we play strip poker. They all said yes and looked at me. I looked at my guy and he said come on it will be fun 3 guys and you. So I said ok. His bud Joe lost the first hand and I was told to take his shirt off and kiss and rub his chest. I removed his shirt and started rubbing his chest and then kissed and nibbled on his nipples and it made me so horny. Then Ben lost and I did the same too him. i lost next and Joe removed my top and started rubbing my tits and started sucking what he could get to this put me over the edge. My guy lost and I was so horny I sucked his tits and he played with mine and rubbed my ass in front of his buddys. Ben lost and I took off his jeans and saw a huge bulge in his shorts I smiled and said wow then I rubbed his cock and balls. Placing my mouth on his shaft thru his shorts I told my guy he felt so big. I lost next and it was Joe turn he started to take my bra off and I said I prefer my skirt so I would still have on my bra and thong, I stood up and he slid my skirt off and their I stood in my white sheer g-string and bra Ben made a whistle and Joe sat me down spread my legs and started rubbing my pussy and clit I was so wet they were soaked he put his mouth on me and started tonguing me. After I said maybe we should quit, but everyone said no and we drank more shots, I looked at my guy and he smiled and winked at me. Ok i said. I lost again and said I think this is fixed, good his buddys said and Ben removed my bra and sucked on my tits as he rubbed my wet soaked pussy. Joe lost and I took off his pants and played with his hard cock he rubbed my ass and I sucked him thru his shorts. now 3 of us was down to are underwear and I asked my guy why he had so many clothes left. I like it that way he said he enjoyed watching me and his buddys, Ok I smiled and said some one is going to be naked next hand, good he said and dealt. I won and they both had the same low hand. My guy told me to take off their shorts and have fun I went to Joe first saving Ben's large cock. I took off Joe's underwear and his hard cock sprang out he sat down and I started stroking his cock and licking his balls he moaned and I went down on his cock sucking him. It felt so erotic my guy watching me suck his buddys cock, then I moved over to Ben and he kissed me and rubbed my tits, I slid his shorts off and his huge cock looked bigger then I have seen I grabbed it and stroking him said you are so huge and hard. 11 inches he said can you take it all. I went down on him and sucked him. He was so thick it stretched my jaws I tried to deep throat him and gagged, I heard my guy laughing, and said his cock is huge, you try, no I will leave that too you he said. Good I'm glad. I lost and they asked who got the honors of taking my thong off. Well how about both mu guy said she has several options, I looked at him and said what are you suggesting, thats up to you he said enjoy it I am. Ok I said and Joe slid my thong off and my wet shaved pussy was exposed and I was glad Joe sat me down and started licking my pussy and Ben rubbed my tits and kissed me as I stroked his hard cock he came up and put it in my mouth. It felt so good be licked and sucking his cock I started to moan and said I'm going to come Joe sucked me harder and rubbed my clit I exploded in his mouth as Ben fucked mine gagging and cumming. I felt Joe's cock rubbing my pussy lips I manged to look at my guy and he smiled at me. So I spread my legs and laid back. I felt Joe's cock sliding inside me he started fucking me fast and hard. It felt so good, yes Joe fuck me harder fuck me I moaned as i stroked Ben's cock concentrating on Joe His cock sliding in me deeper and harder he said he was going to cum and I felt him push deep inside me and explode, his warm cum filling my pussy, he pulled out and sat back I rubbed my pussy and licked my fingers, looking at my guy, yummy I said as he smiled. Joe moved down between my legs as I guided his huge cock to my pussy he spread my lips so wide he was stretching me, easy big boy I said and heard them laugh, he slid deeper inside me filling and rubbing every inch of my pussy he fucked me slowly going deeper with each pump, oh yes you feel so good so big, yes I'm cumming fuck me Ben fuck my pussy. He started going faster and deeper it felt so good so big deeper and deeper I felt him thrust in me hard grabbing my ass he burried himself in me.Oh I moaned you ok he asked yes it feels so good fuck me hard, he began pounding my pussy hard and fast you feel so good so tight he said, pumping me hard I felt him tense and then felt his load rushing in my soaking pussy I pulled him deep inside me as his cum ran down my ass. He stopped fucking me and laid on top of me he kissed me and whispered you felt so good your pussy is perfect I want to fuck you again in a little bit sexy. Yes ok oh yes I will I heard myself saying. He got up and went to the bathroom and Joe went for drinks and shots and I whispered to my guy what Ben had said. Good go for it if you want to I do I said he felt so good stretching me touchy me everywhere. Ben came back and we drank our drinks and sat naked talking I reached over and started rubbing Ben's cock feeling it grow in my hand, I knelt down sucking him and he got hard and huge in my mouth. I grabbed his hand and led him too our bedroom turning and smiling at my guy. He nodded smiling, I laid Ben on his back and straddled him sliding down his long thick cock I rode him hard and came all over him moaning loudly oh yes I'm cumming yes so good, he rolled me over on my back and fucked me so good so long and deep over and over till he final came in me I felt stretched and soar. We both walked back out with the others smiling, well my guy said Damn yes so good I replied, Ben said you have one hot sexy lady. Joe looked at me so I walked over and knelt down and gave him the best blow job I ever gave I believe so hard so deep sucking him rubbing his balls and ass I felt him hold my head and come in my mouth swallowing his cum yes baby yes suck me I cleaned him up swallowing what I could some on my chin I rubbed it and licked my fingers Smiling.
Poster: Maxetonic