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Sweet dare


How she paid the bills
Hi this is again another true story about me and my wife. We had been married for about 2 years and were living in a flat and we didn't have a lot of money and we used to borrow from a company called shopacheck who loaned money and collected it on a fortnightly basis.

Only a small amount but it was handy as we were struggling. Anyway we were finding it harder to make ends meet and it was her idea to ask the guy who collects the money every fortnight if we could have another loan to help tied us over and she also said I think he will give me one as he fancies me.

Do you think so, yes she said I do as he has asked me out the other day when I was in town shopping and he bumped into me and offered me a lift home, but I was going to mums so I didn't need one.

So I am sure he will give me what I want and grinned, you don't mean you would do him for money would you I said and she said if you told me to I would. I was a little suspicious and asked her do you want to or something, don't mind if you don't and we get something out of it.

Are you sure that he will give you a loan and understand how you will pay him it back. She assured me that he would give her a loan and he would take sex as a payment for it. I said o k give him a call and tell him you need to see him about a loan today and I will be working late and if he could come about 6pm you will be in alone. So she did and when she got off the phone she was really excited and very nervous as she had never sold herself for money before and it was driving me crazy.

The thought of her having sex for money in our flat and she suggested it ,I was already hard as rock thinking about it. What will you do with him I said , I don't know yet she said ,but I think a chat and kiss to see how far he wants to go and what loan he will give me and I will see from there, o k I said will you go in the bedroom or stay in here in the lounge . not sure she said ,what shall I wear she said. what ever you feel hot in and don't wear a bra ,you have great boobs and your nipples show through almost everything ,o k she said and she got into my favourite short skirt and sexy knickers and tight tee shirt, she looked a million dollars ,most men would cum just looking at her..

Anyway 6pm arrived and so did he I hid in the back bedroom and was really quiet so he didn't hear me when he came in. I gave it a few minutes and then crept along the hallway and listened at the door and could hear them laughing a little and giggling a little and then it went quiet so I tried to look through the keyhole but couldn't see anything much. Then I heard him say do you like that and she said yes I love it when my breasts are rubbed and kissed so I knew what he was doing and she was liking it and I was realy turned on now and wet at the end with pre cum .

He then said to her can I see you naked ,and she said yes if you want then will you give me a loan,i thought he would get angry at that realising she was only doing it for the money, and he said depending on what you let me do to you will decide how much you can have, I thought wow as I know she wanted to fuck him anyway, ok she said do what you want to me, even tie me up and take me if you want on the coffee table and laughed ,he said that is exactly what I want to do to you, every time I have come to collect from you I fantasised about taking you over the coffee table even when your husband was here, can I really he said.

He won't come home early or anything will he, she reassured him that I won't come home early and said how do you want me. Have you any ties or dressing gown belts to tie you up with that won't leave a mark ,she said let me get some and came through the hall way and saw me and said be quiet, i asked her if she was o k with it and she said yes we all win, he gets to have me and we have money to pay the bills and I might even enjoy it. She went back with a couple of ties and a dressing gown belt and gave them to him, he had set cushions out on the coffee table for her to lay on.

How do you want me ,she said just lay on your back and .let me tie you up. I couldn't see but heard him telling her that when he has tied her up he will be gentle ,but wants to fill her up with his spunk and ram his hard cock up her as he has been wanting to have her for about 9 months, since we took our first loan out with him, and now he is going to have what he wants with her. she said be nice to me ,sounding a bit scared ,I will he said , do you mind if when I get inside you will you please struggle as though I am raping you 'if you want she said ,sounding a little more scared and then a loud moan from her and from him as he plunged his way into her dripping wet pussy ,take that my darling, I wanted you for so long, and he was pumping her really hard as she was moaning and squeeling like I have heard her do before when she is really in the zone.
Poster: pete banden