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Sweet dare


Surprise night
My name is Sean and my wife of 24 years is Dawn. We’ve raised 2 kids and have a happy marriage. Neither of us was a virgin when we met and we’ve had a great sex life throughout our marriage that has slowed some the last few years. Dawn has always been a cute blonde with blue eyes and I adore her. We’ve both put on a few pounds lately but we’re an attractive couple. Dawn is always a willing lover and gets especially horny when she’s been drinking. I’ve always known that when Dawn gets a buzz on she loses her inhibitions.
We have talked at times about our fantasies but Dawn was always a little guarded about hers. We have talked about sex with others but never at length. It seemed that any fantasies we had would just stay fantasies.
In August our friends Dean and Shelly invited us out to their cabin for an evening of drinks around their campfire. We have been friends with them for over 20 years. Our kids grew up together and we have enjoyed each other’s company on summer vacations and many occasions. I consider Dean one of my best friends. Dean has thinning blonde hair while Shelly has auburn hair with blue eyes and a devilish smile. Dean is a happy guy who seems to be good at everything yet has always been content letting Shelly do most of the talking. Shelly is a bold, confident woman who is not afraid to let you know where she stands yet she has the ability to charm whenever she feels like it.
The drinks and conversation were flowing as we sat around the fire talking about the kids, laughing, telling stories and catching up. The girls were drinking wine while Dean and I were having beer. Dean made sure the girl’s glasses were kept full as the night went on. Dean started telling me about some improvements he had recently made to the sauna behind the cabin. Dawn mentioned that she has always loved taking a sauna to which Dean suggested after we are done sitting around the fire we could all take a sauna. Dawn laughed and said after we could jump in the lake to cool off. Shelly stated that she never set foot in that lake and I mentioned we had no swimsuits. Dawn said we would just use our underwear. We all agreed and Dean went off to start a fire in the sauna stove. We sat laughing and drinking for another hour when Dean said the sauna should be the right temperature. We all finished our drinks and headed into the cabin to get towels and refresh our drinks. It felt strange walking out of the cabin in our underwear but I reasoned we had seen each other in bathing suits so what was the difference. As we sat in the sauna the conversation resumed and soon we were all relaxed. At one point or another you could see each of us looking around checking out each other. Dean would occasionally go out to get another round of drinks and we were all feeling the effects of the drinks. This was when I decided I was going to see how much fun we could have together.
Throughout the night the topic of getting older came up numerous times with us all lamenting the loss of our youth. I brought up the fact that Dawn and I had been together so long that we barely remember what it felt like being with anyone else to which Dean said “how do you think we feel, we’ve been married longer than you two”. This was my moment; I said “ if we were ever going to trust another couple enough to share each other it would be you two”. Shelly asked, “What do you mean?” I said, “Well we know you guys would be as discrete as us because none of us would want it to get out, we care deeply about each other”. Everyone was nodding as I talked. “You are both people we trust, no chance of catching any diseases”, everyone shook their heads. I kept on, “we have a solid friendship so no chance of going behind each other’s back, hell, Dean and I got vasectomies at the same time so we know there’s no problems there”. I finished with, “I’m not saying we’re going to do it but if we were to ever experiment with another couple you guys would be the perfect couple for it, that’s all I’m saying”. I was terrified that I had crossed a line, I worried that they would all start chewing me out and that would be the end of our friendship. I sat with my head down a few long moments when my wife spoke, “you could share me with another man without being jealous?” I responded, “I’m secure enough in our relationship to not be threatened with the thought of you and Dean playing together for a little while, not someone else”. I looked over at Dean as he sat quietly with slight look of surprise on his face. Shelly spoke up and pointed at Dean and I, “yeah and you two horn dogs wouldn’t be able to keep your mouths shut about it!”. “No, see that’s what makes it perfect, none of us would want anyone to find out about it so you know we would all keep it between us”, I continued, “there would have to be rules: we NEVER discuss tonight again, we set a time limit-say 2 hours”. “2 hours! That’s an hour and 45 minutes longer than you boys would need!” Shelly laughed. “I think you would be surprised”, I said, “if this is my one chance to do this I would need more time than a standard wham bam thank you mam! There would be a lot of extra activity”. Everyone laughed. Shelly laughed and said,” you 2 boys would be sleeping after a half hour”. “You wouldn’t be through with your first orgasm in a half hour” I replied as I tipped back my beer. Shelly looked at me with a glimmer in her eye and a slight smile on her face. My beautiful blonde pointed to Shelly and I and said, “you two would probably get into an argument while Dean and I are upstairs knocking pictures off the wall”. Dean sat blushing at that remark. I said “There’s no doubt you’re the best sex I’ll ever have babe but I sure would try to show Shelly how it’s done”. Shelly responded quickly, “Tonight only?” Everyone nodded. I quickly said,”Let’s do this!”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I decided I had better act quick before anyone changed their mind so I said, “Ok, 3hours, Shelly and I in the first floor bedroom and Dean and Dawn upstairs. But once we enter the rooms there’s no changing our minds. I don’t want to get 30 minutes into foreplay and have you 2 done upstairs changing your minds” Shelly looked at me with a smoldering look. I continued, “Baby, take it easy on Dean, his heart may not be as strong as mine”. We laughed and Dean swatted Dawn on the ass and she instantly blushed.
We walked back into the cabin, me with Shelly, Dean with Dawn. I said, “I will set my alarm for 2 hours and Dean and I will meet in the hallway and switch rooms back” Everyone nodded and we turned to go to our rooms. I hesitated and looked back at my wife. She and Dean were holding hands going up the stairs and my heart fluttered anxiously. Dean’s hand dropped down to here ass as they went out of view and I had a moment of regret. I turned and saw Shelly nervously standing in the first floor bedroom.
My hesitation left immediately as I walked into the room. I have ever been overly aggressive in the bedroom. My wife and I have always had a mutual gratification style of lovemaking, neither one overly aggressive or submissive. I decided instantly that I was going to be the one setting the tone tonight. As I reached Shelly I grabbed her by the waist a spun her around to face the wall.
I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I’m in charge tonight; I’m going to do all the things that I have fantasized about for years.” I heard hear take a quick breath in then she nodded her head. I reached down her body and ran my hands up the outside of her legs and continued all the way up her arms to her shoulders then to her neck. I held her head, tilted it to the side and kissed her neck. She took another quick breath. I ran my hands down her shoulders, her back, her ass and the back of her legs. I started running my hands up the inside of her legs and she spread her legs a little, widening her stance. As I stood behind her, my hands climbed up her calves to her thighs, she took another quick breath as my hands rounded her ass and made their way up to her shoulders. I moved her head to the other side and kissed the other side of her neck. She sighed. I leaned next to her ear and told her, “I’m in charge, you will do what you’re told like a good little sex kitten or I will have to discipline you. Understand?” She quietly replied, “Yes”. I smacked her ass and growled “Yes sir!” She quickly responded, “Yes Sir”. “Good job kitten” I whispered, “now walk your sexy ass over and face the wall”. She hesitated and I gave her another quick little smack on the ass. She jumped and walked to the wall. There were some hooks on the wall that held beach towels. I grabbed a towel, reached around her and bound her hands with it. I pulled her hands higher and wrapped the towel over the hooks. I walked over and grabbed a shirt off the bed and walked back and blindfolded her with it. I guessed that based on what I Had seen Shelly was not used to being submissive so I wanted to give her a new experience. Really it was a new experience for me also. She could have gotten out of her binds easily but I hoped she wanted this as much as I. As she stood against the wall, blindfolded with her hands bound and hanging on a hook I started running my hands all over her body, up and down and around but over top of the bra and panties. Her breathing was raspy and she started moaning quietly as I reached a hand to her left tit and my right to rub her panty covered pussy. She started tilting her head back as I rubbed her more aggressively. I stepped back for a few moments to let her mind wonder then I reached forward and ran my hands form her waist up to her tits. After a few minutes of working her body this way I reached around to open her bra and she held her breath. As her tits came free she arched her back slightly. Shelly has gorgeous tits, slightly bigger and fuller than my wife’s with large areolas. I lightly ran my hands around them and she arched her back again and leaned her head back. I played with her nipples, caressing them, circling them and lightly pinching them. Her breathing became raspy and she moaned again. “What wonderful tits you have Kitten” I whispered in her ear. I ran my hands down her sides and hooked each thumb in her panties. I slowly pulled them down over her ass and to the floor. They felt heavy with moisture. I ran my hands back up her legs over her bare ass and I started kneading each cheek of her ass. I asked her if she was enjoying our little play time and she moaned “Yes!” I smacked her ass again and pinched a nipple, “Yes sir! Kitten” “Yes sir!” she hissed. I started playing with her nipple and ran a hand down to lightly trace over her pussy. I ran my hand up and down her thin bush and she pushed her ass back against me. Though I still had underwear on she had to feel my cock in the crack of her ass. I continued running my hands all over her body. She could only guess where my hands would reach next. She was sighing and mewing whenever my hands ran across her pussy. I ran a finger up and down her wet slit and she loudly moaned.
It was at this point I heard the first noise from upstairs. I heard a moan that I knew very well. My wife was enjoying herself. It excited me. I knew we would all hear more because Dawn is a loud appreciative lover and it always turns me on.
At this point I started running my finger lightly from Shelly’s clit to her asshole. With all the slick juices coming from her sweet pussy my finger glided across her pussy from top to bottom. I then stopped over her clit, circled the slippery nub a few times than proceeded to her asshole and ran my finger around it. I continued this routine, back and forth for a couple minutes. She was bucking continuously against my hand. As I stood at her side, I slipped a finger in her pussy while I continued to run my other finger around her backdoor. I quickly inserted another finger into her slopping wet pussy. I was fingering her at a slow and steady pace and her continuous moans led me to believe she was approaching orgasm so I stopped, removed my hands and stood next to her heaving body for about 15 seconds. She bent her knees and groaned, “I was so close sir”. I stepped back to her side and said, “You cum when I tell you to cum Kitten, understand” “Yes” she said dejectedly. I pinched her nipple and said “Yes what?!” “Yes sir!” she squealed. I leaned into her back and started running my hands up and down her body while grinding my cock in her ass crack. I reached around her and lifted her hands off the wall hook, turned her around and walked her to the bed. As we got to the bed I helped her down, face first, onto the bed with her hands above her head. “What a wonderful plaything you are Kitten” I said as I ran my hands all over her body. She purred, “Thank you sir”. I continued caressing; stroking, massaging and kneading her body and would occasionally run a hand up to her pussy. I could tell she wanted attention on her pussy. I said,”Ok Kitten, it’s time for you to roll over”. She rolled over into the center of the bed and I immediately put my lips on her nipple. She groaned and pushed the nipple into my mouth.
I then started to hear the rhythmic creaking of bedsprings upstairs.It excited me knowing my wife would have her legs wrapped around Dean but I didn’t want Shelly to concentrate on the sound coming from upstairs so I trailed my tongue down her body, through her bush to her clit.
This brought an immediate loud groan. I circled my tongue around her pussy while massaging her nipple lightly. After several minutes she started to show signs that she was approaching orgasm and I stopped again. She groaned and I said, “Soon Kitten, soon”. I reached up, untied her hands, ran the towel through the headboard and bound her hands again. I lay on top of her and started tonguing her nipples and squeezing her tits. Her legs splayed open and I started grinding on her. I trailed kisses down her body to her pussy and started eating her sweet pussy. I spent several minutes slowly lapping at her sweet honey hole. Eventually I licked her up and down and inserted 2 fingers in her pussy. I didn’t move the fingers and continued eating her lightly. Slowly I started pressuring her clit more with my tongue and moving my fingers. I stopped for a second and said, “Time to cum for me Kitten”. I then started quickly licking her clit while moving my fingers faster. She started moaning louder and louder. When I was certain she was starting to cum I started stroking her g spot with my fingers using the come here motion. She went crazy, moaning and thrashing on the bed! I had a hard time staying on her but I held on, keeping it up until she stopped moving. She lay there whimpering as I slowly kissed her pussy and pulled my slick fingers from her open lips.
At this point I noticed that over the sounds of the upstairs bed creaking I could hear my wife moaning and Dean talking dirty to her. I never would have thought he had it in him but I clearly heard him telling her to, “Ride that dick Dawn, ride it!” It sounded like she was giving him the ride of his life!
I got up on my knees and started massaging Shelly’s body again. My touch was not light, I kneaded and stroked her body, pinching and rolling her nipples. At this point I got up and took a drink of beer. I needed the drink and wanted her wondering what was next. After a minute or so I pulled off my briefs and climbed on the bed. I straddled her chest and started rubbing my cock on her face. Her mouth opened and she circled her head around in an effort to engulf my prick. I grabbed her head and pushed my cock into her waiting mouth. I stood still for several moments to calm down. I wanted to play in her mouth but cum in her pussy. After I had slowed my excitement I started a slow fucking motion of her mouth. I wouldn’t say she’s as good as my wife at sucking dick but she may have done better if her hands had been untied. When my excitement started rising again I pulled my cock out of her mouth and started rubbing it’s leaking head across her tits. I took a few minutes to squeeze her beautiful boobs together and run my dick through them. I had never titty fucked anyone so I decided to try it. Although I enjoyed playing with her tits I wasn’t getting the feeling I knew I could get a little lower. I slid down Kitten’s body and started dragging the length of my cock up and down her slick pussy while lightly biting her tits. I continued a glide up and down her body. I held her face and realized that through all this I had not kissed her. I remembered Shelly saying one time that she did not care for kissing so she didn’t do it. I started kissing her lightly and quickly progressed to ravishing her mouth. At first she was slow to respond but just as quickly she was driving her tongue in my mouth and moaning. I stopped, leaned in close to her ear and said, “What do you want Kitten?” “I want your cock sir” she responded. “I’m not sure you deserve this cock Kitten, what do you want?” I told her. “I want you to fuck me sir!” As she said that I slid back and pushed my cock into her waiting pussy. She groaned! “OOHHH MMYY GGODD!” I stayed deep inside her for a moment again trying to control my excitement. Her pussy was so hot and I felt her clenching and unclenching in little spasms. I couldn’t help but give a little moan as I froze in her.
I could her Dawn upstairs yelling, “YES! YES! YES! But I was past paying attention to them. I wanted to make Shelly yell.
I started a very slow motion for a short while until she started to rock her hips. I then started moving faster and stopping almost completely out of her on every fourth stroke. I maintained this motion several minutes until I started feeling the cum building in my balls. At this point I pushed in all the way and stopped. I laid done on her and started ravishing her mouth again. We kissed for a little while until I had calmed down again. Pulled out of her, lifted her leg onto my shoulder and started fucking her scissors style. I lasted quite a while this way and she was making a constant low moaning sound.
I noticed that the pace of the creaking upstairs had sped up and there was a constant stream of “YES YES YES YES” coming out of my wife. “Give it to her good Dean” I thought.
At this point I decided to switch things up, with both of our chests heaving I reached up and untied Shelly’s hand, pulled the towel out of the headboard and bound her hands back together. “It’s time for you to do some riding” I said as I moved her over on the bed. She took the cue and turned around and straddled my waste with both hands on my chest. As she rose up I placed my cockhead at her entrance and she slowly lowered herself down. We both groaned as my cock penetrated her. She slowly started riding me and eventually came to a nice steady pace as her pussy juices leaked down on me. She rode for a while but eventually tired and slowed down.
The noise upstairs was at a peak with both Dean and Dawn loudly groaning and I imagined they were both in the throes of orgasm.
I smacked Shelly on the ass and said, “Get on your hands and knees my sexy Kitten”. “Yes sir”, she eagerly responded. As she climbed off me she quickly spun around and offered her ass to me. I slowly pushed my cock into her slick opening. Again she moaned. I grabbed both ass cheeks and held myself deep in her hot box. I let go of her ass and she started rocking back and forth. I let her set the motion and reached under her to rub her slippery clit. At this point she had a massive orgasm rocking and grinding against me she had the longest orgasm I’ve ever seen. When she stopped moving I pushed a couple times in and out and then stopped and let her breath for a couple moments. At this point I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock home as far as it would go, held it there for a couple seconds then started pounding her. I would like to tell you I lasted 30 minutes at this pace but it was really a couple before I felt my balls swelling up. I loudly said, ”Want my cum Kitten!” “YES, YES CUM IN ME SIR” she responded and I unloaded a huge load inside her. We were both moaning and groaning and I think she may have cum again.
I leaned and half fell on top of her. I placed hand on her hip and we lay there trying to catch our breath. There were no sounds from upstairs. I reached around and caressed her breast and she chuckled. “You just can’t get enough can you sir” she said smiling. “Give me a couple minutes and I’ll be back for more Kitten” I replied. She wriggled her ass against me and said,” I’m counting on it”
I untied her and we spent the next hour playing with each other like high school kids and I gave her my best massage. When the alarm went off I kissed her neck and told her, “Thanks my little kitten” She said with a smile, “Thank you sir”.
I met Dean in the hallway; we just smiled and gave each other a quiet passing high five. I climbed into bed with my beautiful bride who had a tired smile on her red face and a few little bite marks on her. We spooned and went to sleep.
The next day started with all of us acting a little sheepish but none of us said a word about the previous night. As the morning went on our conversations returned to normal and we were carrying on as if nothing had happened.
Dawn and I don’t talk about that night but every now and then one of us makes a wisecrack alluding to that experience. My wife once asked, “Did I hear her call you sir? What the hell was that?’ Maybe someday I will show her. If my wife is jealous she doesn’t show it and honestly I’m proud to know that Dean knows how wild she is in the sack.
We are still good friends with Dean and Shelly and I’m hoping they invite us out to their cabin again in the future.
Poster: Ralph Phillips