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Sweet dare


yearly Physical, This one was different
I am a 56 year old male, Married ,kids are all moved out,Have had many injuries due to a very active life style, Rock climbing,Football,Dirt bikes,Karate and have had several work related injuries,I have some metal implants so that is why they call me Tin Man,Cyborg just seemed,well just did not like it, Okay So I Went for my yearly Physical with my Doctor. She is a small women, jet black shiny hair, dark brown almost black eyes, Not sure what race she is but very sexy, tiny waist firm medium breast a very nice round firm ass,lovely smile, with a very easy attitude.

Soft skin and the way she moves is very enticing.I have had a pace maker put in and have been on some pain meds for years. so i have had a little trouble lately getting a good erection. She put me on Testosterone and Viagra.

Wow what a combination, my cock stays rock hard for hours now and it takes me a long time to get off, My wife and i Fucked for 3 hours last week, until she said she was getting sore, she finished me off by going down on me. Man i love this stuff. Anyway ,I am sitting in the Patience,s room in my favorite paper shorts,with my wife, finally the Doc comes in and says all the usual stuff, how ya doing? what,s been going on? asked if anything has changed?No not really. well yes i have been doing alot better in the sex department.

My wife says oh I will say that it,s much better. My Doctor just smiled and said well good. She says well it,s time for your yearly Physical. I know nobody likes this part,About then My wife got up and said, well i am going out for this , you guy,s have fun and walked out.Then she tells me, we will start in the front so pull your shorts down.Now i don,t really like pulling my cock out for other women but this was my Doctor, right? she has seen everything, So I am semi hard already and hanging down with a fat cock sticking at her face, I shave my balls and cock area,just around the cock and thin the hair on my pubic mound.She just got a big smile then grabs my cock, and sticks her fingers up beside my balls and tells me to cough, three times then the other side, the whole time she is holding and squeezing my cock very gently, It is having an effect, i am getting harder by the second. I am no John Holmes but i have a good 8 inches and pretty thick,her fingers did not go around my cock. My wife,s fingers just barley do touch,but my doc has smaller hands, so she thought my cock was a giant.Even after she finished with the hernia check she still was squeezing my cock, Oh man it felt good,It was warm and soft even with the rubber gloves. my cock was sticking straight out now from under my T-Shirt. She asked me, so how long have you and your wife been married? I said 34 years, she said Wow thats a long time and still squeezing my cock, Then she said Okay turn around and bend over the table.She said you should be happy i have small fingers, I said well thats a blessing. She put some K-Y on my ass hole and then pushed her finger in as deep as she could get it and then pulled back a little then pushed it back in and did this a few times ,she asked is i had any pain, I said no not really, then she shocked me and said well how does it feel, do you like it? I was getting turned on and was getting harder, My breathing was a little rapid and my voice lowered as i said yes it does feel good, I didnt really know how far she was taking this.she then reached under my ass between my legs and cupped my balls, she started massaging them while she fingered my ass, she said hows that feel? I managed to just say good, then she grabbed my cock and pulled it just a little backwards toward her and started stroking it with her blue rubber gloves on, she says now i know why your wife wanted to have sex more, you really do have a nice Dick.She said me and my husband don,t get to have sex much because he is always out of town on work. Then she pulled her finger back just a little and started wiggling it back and forth. Dam i almost shot a load right then but she stopped and pulled her finger out and stopped stroking my cock. She said okay and backed up, she handed me some tissue and said you can wipe the lube off if you want,but then i need you to get up on the table.she turned around to her computer as i stood with my cock sticking out and a small thin stream of pre-cum was running from the head of my cock.I wipe the K-Y from my ass and got on the table. My cock was laying back sticking up off my stomach about an inch just because it was so hard.I was so turned on i would have done anything at this point.She walked over to the table beside me ,her tit,s were right at my face, she said now tell me if you have any pain,She started pushing around on my stomach and asked if anything hurt? I said no, thats fine, then she ran her hand softly from the tip of my cock down to my shaved balls. she said i must say that i have never had a man that shaved his cock, It,s quite nice, My husband is very hairy, but i think i will ask him to shave. It looks sensual and feels good, I said ,yeah my wife like me to shave. then i let my arm fall down beside the table and push my hand against her pussy, I cupped my hand over her pussy and started squeezing it, I saw a look of sheer pleasure come on her face as she pushed her cunt into my hand. I could feel the heat through her pants. I said do you like that? Oh yes that feels good.she reached down and unzipped her pants and pushed them down enough to get my hand in, She was not wearing any panties, I did not feel much hair on her cunt, I said so you shave for him but he dosnt shave for you? she said no i shave for me. it feels better. I pushed two fingers just inside her soaking wet swollen lip,s and moved them in and out pulling her wetness to the outside, she moaned very softly. Oh god that feels good she said. I have not had sex for months, I let my fingers hit her hard clit,over and over, then started rubbing it in small circles, I got nervous and asked what if someone comes in? she said they wont. you were the last, so just the lady that answers the phone is here and your wife, I said yeah we have had sex with other people so it,s alright. she said you have an open relationship? yes kinda, we usually are with each other when we do it. do you want her to come back? She said I have never been with another women.I said i think you would enjoy her, she is very sensual and easy to be with, She said oh god i don,t know, I just, then i stopped her and said, how about next time/ you think about it and let us know, Ok she said. Then she kept beating my cock, I reached up ad put my hand on her cheek and pulled her down to kiss her, we kissed for a few minutes, then i whispered for her to suck my cock and pushed her head down toward my dick. she licked the head of my cock and then raised it up and took about half into her throat, then gagged just a little, she said i cant take any more than that, I said thats fine just suck it, she said i don,t usually do this with my husband,He just likes fucking in the regular way. You don,t know what your missing , I asked her, does he go down on you? No he has never done that, Oh my your going to enjoy this,I said will you let me? can i lick your beautiful pussy? She said ,yes but if i say to stop , I said i will not do anything you don,t want me to. I got up and helped her onto the bed and pulled her pants all the way off, She was a little nervous so i just gently caressed her body all over and pulled her shirt off, and took her bra off, I told her , You have a very sexy body, You are a beautiful Women, any man would want you. While i was talking to her i gently pushed her soft muscular legs apart and ran my hands up and down her smooth black thighs, I kissed her thighs from her knees down to her lovely pussy,I asked her if she had ever had an orgasm? She said No , I have gotten off kinda but never a orgasm, I lowered my head and spread her legs wide apart, i started by kissing her pussy all over the outside, then licking her lip,s one then the other, then parted her lips with my tongue licking and sucking one side then the other , then i pushed one finger inside her hot wet pussy, slowly getting deeper and deeper, then running it in and out as my tongue found get plump clit, She gasped and grabbed the side,s of the table,Then i sucked her clit into my mouth and released it,she moaned out kinda loud, then i found her G-Spot and started giving it small circles and pressing on it in between my circles, I got faster and faster with my tongue on her swollen clit. She started to scream out and then muffled her own mouth, I pulled her hand away looking up at her , I said let loose, just feel it. she started grinding her hips against my face so hard i thought i would smother,She then pulled my head down into her pussy and pushed back against my face at the same time as she went off,I can,t tell you everything she said but she loved it, Her pussy gushed with her juices, I kept licking pulling her hips back into my eager tongue, I wanted her to go off a 2nd time. so i held her by her hips and kept licking and sucking until she started grinding her hips again ,harder this time than the first, she was trying to push away because she was so sensitive, i did not turn loose until she came again. when we finished she just laid there with her legs parted wide and arms hanging off the sides. I did not go off this time because it was all about her pleasure, I wanted to make her know what a Orgasm was. I kissed her body from her pussy all the way up, her stomach,tit,s, neck and lip,s , her face and anywhere i could, I asked why her husband did not like anything else? She said he was just brought up that sex was something that a married couple did to have children and he was just old fashion. I never had sex before we married and never with anyone else, I have been wanting more lately for some reason, i don,t know why? I said ,something you might try is to tell him you want to shave him, It is a huge turn on to do that, he will have to put all his trust in you,You get him good and hard ,stroking his cock slowly and then start shaving , be careful with the clippers to thin it down before you shave him, Then we got dressed and walked out. it really did not take that long, maybe an hour, when i walked out my wife said ,that was a very long exam,I said yeah i will tell you about it at home, We were going to ask the women to get you but she said it would not take long, alright just fill me in later, We left and went home, later we had sex and told her what happened,My wife could not believe that she had never had an orgasm, I said i think it was due to a prearranged Marriage and their culture, she got married at 18 and never had sex with anyone else before or after. Oh and now your the scum that took her innocence? What do you mean scum? she said I am just kidding, But I hope it dosnt cause them trouble now, I hope it makes it better for both of them, I told her to ask him if she could shave him , because he is so hairy and she really does not like it, ok i hope he go,s for it, i think he will if she entices him.
Poster: Tin Man