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Sweet dare


Mary's fingers on my nipples woke me from a deep sleep, and for a moment I didn't know where I was - the window was in the wrong place, the mattress was softer than the one on my bed..and to complete the feeling of unreality, I had a warm, soft ,and emphatically female body tight against mine..

Slowly it all came back to me. Mary had invited herself over for tea and biscuits the previous afternoon, My wife was away for two days,on a course.

Mary lived five doors down the road, I'd known her for over twenty years,( her two daughters used to baby-sit our two boys.) I had lusted after Mary for as long as I'd known her, but the last four years had been purgatory.

My wife had announced out of the blue about 5 years ago that she didn't want sex any more, didn't even want to think about it.

I'd always had a high sex drive, and was constantly horny,and to make matters worse, I was taking a medication the side effect of which was hypersexuality.

Mary was about 5 foot six, dark blond hair,perfect breasts, and shapely legs.I mentally stripped her whenever we met, and her blatant sexuality and my short-circuited impulse control resulted in my dropping a bombshell by asking her, when we'd been eating biscuits and chatting yesterday,-

"Mary, are you in a relationship at the moment?"

Mary blushed. "No" she said,"why do you ask?

"Can I be absolutely explicit"? I said.

She nodded.

I said " You've been my masturbatory fantasy woman for 20 years ".

I was aware that I was on thin ice,- I felt lightheaded, and moved up on to the sofa next to Mary.

She didn't move away.

"Can I tell you some of my fantasies? I warn you,-they're very explicit" I said.

She nodded.

"Mary,,I'm burning my bridges, but I can't bear it any longer - I lie on my bed and wank myself to sleep thinking about us together, about three or four times a week...I've written books of erotic stories about you".

"When did you last have sex?" I asked.

"About eighteen months ago" she answered. "With my lover...We broke up last year"

I said "Mary, I've imagined you undressed hundreds of times - Please, my love, would you show me your breasts and nipples so that I can remember them when I take myself in hand..".

Mary sat very still for maybe 10 seconds, then stood and walked over to the front of the room and closed the curtains. She returned to the sofa but didn't turn on the lights.We sat,knees touching. Her hands went to the neck of her blouse, and she started to undo the buttons. Her hands were trembling, and I said "Can I help?", and reached over and undid the rest of the buttons. My hand brushed against the swell of her breast, and my heart was thundering in my chest.

I pulled the blouse out of her skirt exposing a white lace bra. her nipples were swollen, and I gasped," Oh! God! Mary, I want to suck your nipples"!

She was trembling, but nodded."I want you to" I she whispered.

"Mary, love, tease my nipples, Rub them and pinch them - it makes me so horny.." I shuddered with lust as Mary pulled my shirt out of my trousers and to my delighted amazement undid my zip and pulled the waistband of my trousers down, exposing my swollen glans, already oozing precum..

I pulled Mary towards me and lifted her bra.

God! Her swelling globes and deep pink nipples were irresistible -I took her tit into my mouth and ran my stiff tongue around her hard nipple.

"More explicit imaginings?" I gasped as she reciprocated, pinching my nipples.

She nodded, her hand moving to my cock.

I took her hands in mine -

............................................................ ......................................................

"All these years I've watched you walking to and from your house, and imagined us being lovers - in my fantasy, whenever I was alone in the house I would phone you and tell you in graphic detail what I'd like to do with you, knowing that I could be at your house in a couple of minutes, undressing you in the hall, kneeling and sucking your cunt as you held my face between your legs.

I'd lick your clit until your legs were like jelly, then follow you upstairs.

In your bedroom we'd finish undressing each other, then you throw yourself on the bed, legs spreadeagled, and I climbed up onto the bed and kneel between your spread thighs.

I thrust my fingers are deep inside you, and you raise your hips to synchronise with my finger-fucking..

"Darling"! I whisper, hoarse with lust," Brace yourself,- I'm going to give you a fucking that will have you walking bow-legged for a week!"

"Oh! Yes! I thought you'd never ask!" You laughed, your eyes closed as I rammed my insatiable prick between your hot, wet lips.

We shagged hard and your slit tightened on my shaft and you cried out:

"Oh! I'm going to cum! Oh! Push! Push!"

We're completely lost in each other, and you tighten your legs on my cock, sucking me deep into you.As we fucked, You gasped:

"Oh! Tim! I want your cock inside me every day..I want to phone you up and tell you what I'm doing,- I'll be fingering myself, you'll be able to hear the squishing as I get so wet.."

............................................................ .........................................................

Mary was leaning against me on the sofa, I could feel her heartbeat
and rapid breathing...

"I want to be your lover, Mary, I want to be deep inside you every day, I want to caress and suck every part of you, to gaze in wonderment at your nude body, to lie against each other on the sofa, the net curtains closed so the the passers-by can't see us, sucking and caressing each other until we cum together, and we lie tight in each other's arms, the hot cum seeping from your divine cunt..

I pulled slowly out of you, and kiss you deeply, twining my tongue with yours.

It's going to be a Happy Christmas!
Poster: Tim