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Sweet dare


An old friend
I was at the mall the other day in a town I used to live in about 20 years ago. My first wife had grown up in that town and we spent 10 years in our first house only blocks away from her parents.
I was walking along headed for a specialty shop when I looked to my left through a store door and spotted my first wife's girlfriend. They had grown up together and were best friends for many years until my wife had passed away 10 years ago. Jody saw me and she came out of the store and gave me a big hug. She asked me how I was doing. I told her I had remarried 5 years ago and We were doing great. I asked her how she was doing and she said OK but it wasn't the same without Carol and me. I asked her if the old gang still hung around and she said no. She told me Sam & Rachel had moved to another city, so there was just her and Willy.
I asked her if she had time for lunch and she said sure, so we found a restaurant and ordered. She started reminiscing about some of the fun times we used to have. She recalled the times we played strip poker and other games in each other's homes. Then she remarked about how much fun we had in the hot tub at my place. I noticed all the years hadn't taken any of her willingness to talk about nudity and sex. She asked me if I remembered all the fun we had doing those things. I told her yes, especially all the time she spent trying to get me to fuck her. She laughed that off and was silent for a bit, then asked me about my new wife. I told her she is a wonderful woman and we were a perfect match. Jody said "Even in the sex department?" I said, "Yes, we have what you would call a different sex life" Jody asked what I meant by different and I told her we were swingers. Her eyes went wide and she said, "What?" I said, "Swingers.....we have sex with other partners." Jody was quiet again for a few seconds, then she said, "All the time?" I told her we belonged to a club for swingers where members meet and party just like any other group of people except they have sex parties and they don't always go home with the person they came with. She said she had heard of swinger parties but had never been to one. She said she doubted Willy would go to one. We finished lunch and she asked me what I was doing for the afternoon. I said I was over here to pick up an item from a specialty shop and then I had nothing else to do.
She told me she had to get a few things here in the mall and take them home. Then she had to go to Walmart for something else. She said ,"Why don't you follow me home and ditch one of our vehicles, then go to Walmart for my other stuff and come back here and you can stay for dinner with Willy and me. I said, "Why not?" So, we drove to her place and dropped her car off and headed to Walmart in my Crew cab pickup. We pulled into the parking lot at Walmart and Jody said "Go to the far end of the lot and park in the first row by the trees. It's shady there and the truck won't get so hot while we're gone. I parked and we headed into the store. About half an hour later, we were coming out of the store and I said I would go to the liquor store next door and get some wine for dinner. She said "Give me the keys to your truck and I'll load this stuff in."
When I got back to the truck a few minutes later, there was no sign of her. The windows in the truck were all up and they are very darkly tinted so it's hard to see if anybody is in the truck. I tried the back door first. It wasn't locked. When I looked in the back seat, there was Jody, naked laying o the seat. I kind of hesitated and she said., "Hurry up and get in here before somebody sees my naked pussy waiting for you. I climbed in and shut the door. "What the fuck is going on?" I asked. She said, "The windows are dark enough that nobody is going to see us and you're finally going to give me the fuck I was trying to get over 20 years ago. I couldn't argue, so I got out of my pants and was about to climb on when she said, "I want to suck you first" So there I am like a teenager, getting a blow job in the back seat of my truck in broad daylight in the Walmart parking lot. And just like a teenager in that position, I was ready to cum in no time. I told her it was going to shoot and she mumbled, "As long as it's still hard enough to fuck me afterwards. I felt my balls tighten and release a good load of juice into her mouth. After I quit squirting, she kept licking and squeezing my cock and nursed it back to hardness. She then spread her legs and said, "Now fuck me like we should have fucked 20 years ago." I got on her and pumped for all I was worth and it stayed hard long enough for her to work on a great orgasm. After we rested, we got dressed and after a few strange looks we got getting out of the back seat, we went back to her place and had one more round before Willy got home from work.
Poster: Greywolf