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Sweet dare


Sister, Friends and the nightclub
In my first story I wrote about a party that I went to at a neighbor’s apartment and how one of the girls now works with me. Well one of the other girls , Darlene, was a friend of my sister. A she weeks after my sister asked me to be their designated driver for a group of her friends to go to a nightclub near or town. We went over to Darlene’s (that is where the party was) and there were 2 other girls there I didn’t know. Darlene asked my sister why I was there and was told I was their driver for the night. Darlene then took this opportunity to bring up what happened at the party when she said if we have to stay sober then you should get naked and without any argument or thinking that they can’t make me do that, I stripped and gave her my clothes. My sister then shared that it didn’t surprise her, as a few weeks earlier when we were it our bar (closed on Sunday) and parents were out of town, we went over and played a pinball game, (not sure what that is google it). She said that even though she was winning she asked me what we were playing for and I said the loser does whatever the winner wants. Well once I lost my sister told me to remove my pants, I took that as everything pants and underwear and as I removed them she didn’t stop me. So when we started playing a second game I took my shirt off as it wasn’t covering anything anyway. So I lost the second game and said that really didn’t matter as we didn’t bet anything and she said we didn’t change the bet, so she said being that I am already naked, I had to do a dare later. After I lost the next game I just mouthed off that I suppose that if the last game was worth 1 dare then this one must be worth 2. She just agreed and said you are up to 3 dares. Well what I didn’t know when she took my clothes back over to the living area of our house/business, she made a phone call and asked 2 girl friends to come over. Shortly after the last game while sitting around watching TV, there was a knock on the door and she said my first dare is to answer the door naked and not to cover anything up. After she explained everything to her friends my second dare was to take a walk outside. The third was I had to do a dare for each of our guest. After a second risky walk outside, the other girl said her dare was for me to masturbate for them but position myself so when I came it had the chance of hitting my open mouth or face, which it did. The girls were all surprised to hear about all of this and we got a call that the other girl we were waiting for was going to meet them at the club. So, we went to the car and about half way to the club, my sister told me to pull over. She then told me to get out and walk over to her side and met me outside and told me I should co-operate or things would be worse. She then told me to strip but didn’t say it loud enough for the girls in the back seat to hear so they thought I was just doing this on my own. She told me to put all my clothes in the trunk and get in the passenger side. She told me that when we get to the club, no matter what is going on I need to just hop right out and go to the trunk, get my clothes, no underwear. We got there and she saw the other girl’s car and parked beside it. What we didn’t know was they had just got there too so by me hopping out they all got to see me naked too. We went into the club and all the girls were around our tables needless to say my pants did not stay on long. The girls were on and off the dance floor all night, they made sure the waitress saw me, including me standing up a few times, which had me in view of the dance floor. The band was ready to finish playing and last call had already been given. Sometime during the night, Darlene had told the couple female lead singers about me so when they were playing their last song of the night and there were only about 10 other people not in our group left. The band called me out to the dance floor and needless to say the girls made sure I went out and now I am on display for everyone including guys which had never happened before. I was told that being that everyone was not on the dance floor that if I wanted my pants back I had to walk through the club saying hello to everyone there. What no one expected was that the last couple I saw were not happy to see me. He said that I should be penalized for walking around naked from the waist down. He then had his girl remove my shirt, shoes and socks. He told me to take this like a man and had me bend over one of the chairs and using my socks tied my hands to the chair. They then walked me out to the middle of the dance floor where he started the spanking and told anyone that wanted to that they could spank my ass. The two of them started it and stayed there until everyone was done, so that none of my friends would untie me. When they started to untie me, I said to him that you said take it like a man, he said yes. I said then that girls have asses too. He said alright then turn around and put your ass on the back of the chair, they retied my hands and he announced that he is now going to take it like a man and he and his girls started slapping my cock around and told anyone that wanted to join in they could. When I left, still naked, the girls I was with, including my sister were shocked, and I was very sore.
Poster: crazyjoe1073